Browsing History Text Scam – 2022

The Browsing History Text Scam is yet another new type of hustle that is getting viral for all the wrong reasons. Cybercriminals have created a new narrative to trick people and redirect them to phishing websites. Though this scam might sound foreign to some, we can assure you that it is not a new threat, instead, it’s the same old trap with a few minor tweaks.

Unfortunately, the culprits behind this attack are still not found. However, it does not mean that the authorities will stop searching for them. In case you have suffered any kind of damage from them, do report the incident to your local law enforcement authorities.

Stick with us till the end to know about the recovery methods that you use to get your funds back. More importantly, do glance over all the concepts because it will help you stay safe in this digital era. After all, being safe is always better, right? 

Browsing History Text Scam

Many people are receiving texts from unknown numbers. The Text warns people about the virus which was installed on their device via the unsecured website the user visited.

In the bottom section, the scammers have linked out to a phishing site and needless to mention, they encourage people to click on it. The entire plot becomes easy to see once you figure out their end goal.

Cybercriminals running this hustle are behind users’ data and they are ready to go to any level to get it. Creating panic is indeed one of the best weapons they have and looking at the way their attempt has unfolded, it appears to have worked well. 

Phishing Page and Cyber Criminals

For almost a decade, phishing pages have existed and caused immense damage to the public. Due to the way the internet works, it is impossible to prevent this kind of trap and sadly, people still fall for it.

Phishing pages capture the user’s data and send it to the perpetrators immediately. The main goal of setting up this scam is to sell users’ data to the highest bidder. It does not matter who the end buyer of data is because he or she will never use it for any noble cause.

From committing financial fraud to tainting the credit score forever, the consequence of losing data is severe. As the stakes are high, we advise people to be alert and never mess around with any platform that they fully do not understand.

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    Also, do basic checks online before using new websites, and take a conservative approach is the best way to deal with the situation. 

    How to stay safe from Browsing History Text Scams?

    Browsing History Text Scam or any other phishing scam can only affect the users if they click on the malicious links. You can save yourself from a ton of hassles just by not clicking on the links and deleting the messages as soon as possible.

    While certain trojans might be dangerous, it is better to use antivirus software. Remember, no software can fully protect your device.

    However, having the latest version of OS and software will enhance the security to the maximum degree possible. In other words, things will be hard for cyber criminals and it will give you some time to react as well. 

    Have you Lost Money?

    Losing hard-earned money to any scam stings beyond imagination. Though the government is doing the best it can, there are still no dedicated organizations to assist victims of online scams.

    To address the issue and help the public, our firm provides free consultation to everyone. If you have lost money to any scam, then get in touch with us. We will take a look at your specific case and provide you with actionable guidance and unparalleled support.

    We intend to help people learn more about the way the recovery process works. The entire thing might seem overwhelming at first, but with little guidance, the odds can quickly change in your favor. 

    Bottom Line

    The Browsing History Text Scam got many people’s attention and bit the dust swiftly. While this scam might have died, it does not necessarily mean that phishing scams are eradicated. So, consider this incident as a learning experience and never take anything for granted.

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    Always do background checks and do not shy away from voicing your opinion or raising a complaint whenever you feel it is necessary. Social media and forums are quick to react when it comes to revealing the true nature of a new platform or service.

    All in all, caution is advised and the more conservative you are, the harder it is going to be for the crooks to access your data. Undoubtedly, the slow and steady approach works best in this setup. 

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