Festival Present Scam – Trending Trap

Festival Present Scam is a trending concept and scammers use this trick to hustle the newbies, especially around the holiday season. Covid Pandemic without a doubt has affected our lives deeply. People prefer online shopping as it is relatively easy and tension free.

However, not all the portals are trustworthy and the number of fraudulent vendors present is simply way too many. Things like free gift cards and sales offers are common during this period, but before you give your information, think twice and do a detailed investigation.

The number of phishing sites that run fancy ads and offers is growing and as an end consumer, we must do due diligence before proceeding with any portal. Online scams are certainly not something that can be eradicated overnight, but if awareness is created, this entire sector will be a thing of the past.

Glance over the following content to understand more about the gimmicks used by these types of scammers and crooks.

Holiday Season

Christmas and New Year translate into the gifting season for many. People buy presents for their loved ones and online portals appear to be their preferred way. Big companies also offer discounts and promotional events during this period as it results in a win-win situation.

While most top brands make this time of the year special, scammers are also trying to take advantage of the rush. During the holiday season, many cybercriminals set up fake portals and create enticing offers to lure the public.

Once the user is hooked and inputs his or her information, then the underlying website will ask for banking details and that is what they are after. It goes without mentioning that the data entered into the fake websites are recorded and nothing good can emerge from it. 

What is a Festival Present Scam?

Festival Present Scam is the collective name given to all the fraudulent shops that run obvious hustles. Half of the population is clever enough to see through the lies.

Unfortunately, a large portion of the public still falls for the huge discount trap and they pay heavily for their mistake. We are not suggesting that all promotional offers and free gift card providers are a scam, but most of them are.

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    Next time you encounter any offer that appears out of the ordinary, do not act on it impulsively. Remember, if it appears to be a steal, then most likely there will be a catch involved. The plot twist might not be easy to notice at first. However, if you dig deep, you can always spot things going astray. 

    Owner and Contact Information

    Almost all of legitimate brands make it a point to stay transparent with the public. Any website that shares details about its owners and employees is more likely to be reliable. In this digital era, false profiles are easy to create, but at the same time, it is easy to detect as well.

    So, paying attention and being cautious will help you beyond imagination. Also, look for all the contact information before you order anything online. Big and genuine brands often spend a lot of money on building infrastructure and they give a lot of weightage to customer support.

    For any reason, if the platform you want to indulge with isn’t offering you support and are refusing to share contact information, then it is better to stay away from them. After all, you cannot trust strangers with your sensitive information, right?

    Safety Tips

    The majority of the time following basic safe browsing practices will save you from Festival Present Scam and similar hustles. Always make sure the site you are dealing with is encrypted. More importantly, look into customer reviews and trust ratings to get a complete picture.

    With a simple Google search, you can find user feedback and ratings given by earlier clients. Sadly, it is possible to artificially enhance the reputation so, you should not believe everything you encounter online. All in all, small steps are more than enough to keep you safe. Also, buy good antivirus software for the best results. 

    Festival Present Scam Dangers

    Festival Present Scam poses two main threats and they are identity theft and financial loss. Identity theft is a big problem and sometimes it takes a lot of effort to undo the damage. Financial loss is bound to happen once your data is compromised and needless to say, it is going to affect you drastically.

    Recently, the number of scams is going up and people are losing billions of dollars collectively. If you have lost money to any kind of scam, then you can recover it fully only if you act quickly.

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    Festival Present Scam

    Bottom Line

    Fraudulent portals and offers have existed for decades. Festival Present Scam is just another form that got trendy recently, but it won’t ever fully die. Thankfully, the threat can be neutralized by educating the public and that is our end goal. 

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