Bxirt Wreaths Scam – Not a Genuine Vendor

Bxirt Wreaths is a website that is hardly 3 months old at the time of making this post public. This platform sells almost all kinds of wreaths and a few attractive home decor items.

Their offerings might capture your attention pretty quickly but do keep in mind that more than 30% of their website contains stolen images and that is not a good thing by any means. Owners of this platform have deliberately chosen to remain hidden and the office address they showcase is also a virtual one.

In other words, they act just like a shady firm and their way of doing business tells us a lot about them. Online shopping is something that has taken over our lives for the better.

However, before you decide to purchase from any new platform, you should be aware of the entirety of the situation. To learn about this firm and its peculiar characteristics, stay with us till the end.

Bxirt Wreaths Scam

The digital world and transparency are something that pretty much goes hand in hand. People always prefer to buy from firms that are open to them. Surprisingly, Bxirt Wreaths mentions a few interesting things in their bio and reveals a bit of information.

Things like owners, office addresses, and registration numbers are showcased. Any average internet user would take this information for granted and proceed with them, but that is not the way we work. After running a few tests, we found out that it is impossible to verify the owner’s identity.

Plus, the address shown by them is a virtual one. Simply put, they appear to be misleading people and are trying their best to pose like a big e-commerce company. Ask yourself, do you want to purchase from a new platform that bluffs about their whereabouts?

Customer Support

The only way to win in business is to give the utmost importance to customers. A firm needs to adapt to the needs of the users and make sure that the whole experience is something to cherish. Fraudulent firms usually do not care about the things mentioned above, but they do put up a lot of convincing narratives.

Bxirt Wreaths talks about its strengths and the importance they give to users on their website. However, the existing infrastructure says otherwise. If people face problems or issues, then the only way to contact staff is via email.

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    Note that even their email address appears questionable and it does not belong to the parent domain. Moreover, their address is a virtual one. Though they say that the response time is 24 hours, there is no way to verify that piece of information as well.

    The bottom line is that you should not expect any decent service from them. After all, if they were serious about building their brand, then they certainly would not operate in this manner, right?

    • Email – service@chenglaiy.com
    • Address – BeimacCompany Limited, 6-9 The Square, Stockley Park, Uxbridge, Middlesex, England, UB11 1FW.

    Items on Sale

    Wreaths, garden decor, and home decor items are available on this platform. From the moment you land on their website, a few images might appear familiar. While the items might appear genuine, know that there is a hidden catch involved. First of all, a lot of images used by them are stolen from Etsy creators.

    Plagiarism level present is high and the prices charged by them are way too competitive. The 50% discount might make your head spin, but think for a moment, isn’t it too good to be true? Moreover, there is no negative review or rating present on any of their web pages.

    Also, the traffic data is hard to find and at the end of the day, trusting them is a bad choice. As dangers are present literally at every turn, be very cautious even if you are just surfing through their interface. 

    Bxirt Wreaths Refunds and Exchanges

    The refund and exchange policy of this platform is twisted, to say the least. A generous period of 180 days is offered for returns. However, the associated terms and conditions are way too much and the process itself is poorly covered.

    The standard conditions such as no wear and tear on the item are justifiable, but the return shipping costs are laid on the customers. Plus, they have the final say in any matter, and at a moment’s notice, policies can be reworded.

    By chance, if they do honor the refund claim, then it might take up to 180 days to get your money back. Obviously, the time required by them is way too much, and at the end of the day, nothing about them instills trust. If you have faced any financial damage because of them, then do get in touch with us via the form below.

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    We will show you the way to dispute the transaction and utilize banking laws to your advantage. The best part is all of our services are free and we won’t stop until all the scams are put out of business. 

    Shipping policies

    Shipping charges are capped at roughly $7 for orders below $59. If the order amount is over the threshold amount, then free shipping is apparently provided. According to the data on the website, they process the orders within 2 days and shipping typically might take between 4 to 6 weeks.

    Needless to say, the time taken by them is way above the average in the sector and the tracking mechanics are also not decent. Note that they do not cater to over a dozen countries and the list containing the names is present on their platform. On top of paying for the items, there might be additional charges present.

    Bxirt Wreaths User Feedback

    This is a question that reveals a lot about this shady entity. Bxirt Wreaths is a term that is not found on many forums or social media platforms. The user feedback is hard to find and the available ones are impossible to verify.

    Given the fact that this website is literally 3 months old, there is no way to make any assumption based on the current metrics. If you see positive comments about them, then take it with a sack of salt and never be daring enough to trust them with your banking information.

    Remember, they have a low trust score and plagiarised content which means they are not trustworthy. 

    Is Bxirt Wreaths a Scam?

    Most probably yes, but only time can reveal the end result. Bxirt Wreaths is facing a lot of heat due to the way they are structured. The copied content did not do them any good and their policies worsened their image.

    With no clear resolution in sight, we urge all our readers to stay away from them. In case you have already suffered financially by using their platform, then feel free to reach out to us. We will guide you through the chargeback process and the formalities for free. 

    Bxirt Wreaths Verdict

    Bxirt Wreaths is an anonymous platform that features all the signs of a scam. Too good-to-be-true prices, unclear policies, hidden charges, and clauses are present. As the odds and risks are stacked against the end consumer, it is better not to get involved with them. 

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    5 thoughts on “Bxirt Wreaths Scam – Not a Genuine Vendor”

    1. Michael Bienvenu

      This website is definitely a scam, we purchased wreath’s from them and the product received is not even close to the picture of the wreath in their advertisements. STAY AWAY AND DO NOT PURCHASE FROM THIS COMPANY!!!!!

    2. This a scam!!! I ordered 3 wreaths, they do not look like the original picture at all and are at least 1/3rd of the size shown. On top of that these were sent from China not England!

    3. Verginia KUSCSIK BROWN

      I fell for this scam. They do put up a lovely front. My error should have ,as normally I do, checked . Love crafts especially this time of year? Just didn’t take my time. Fortunate it didn’t
      involve a large amount of money. But indeed ”SAD” . What a world we life in.

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