Azescb Scam Review – Cooler Fraud Exposed!

Azescb is a platform that sells coolers. The price range is decent and the number of designs present is certainly something which might attract a lot of people. However, before you buy anything from them, you need to know about their flaws.

The kind of traits they display is concerning and the policies enforced by them contain a lot of loopholes wherein the end consumer is forced to take on an unreal amount of risk. During our time on their platform, we uncovered a lot of dirty secrets about the way they function.

Finding the product we need at dirt cheap prices might convince you to buy on the spot. Sadly, due to the number of scams present, no one should act impulsively.

To know why many people hate this firm and the sneaky gimmicks they use to manipulate the public, gaze through the following content.

Azescb Scam Review

Azescb Weird About Us Section

Azescb has filled their About Us section with vague information. The points they present are not extraordinary. In fact, the things they mention are something we expect from a genuine platform in the first place.

Anyone who gives attention to small details will easily tell you that the main thing i.e,. Transparency is missing from the entire segment. Apart from an email address, there is no data about them anywhere on the web.

Phone numbers are not shared and the worse part is they have not even mentioned the details about their whereabouts. Clearly, the people running this platform do not want to get recognised.

So, the only question we need to ask ourselves is why? The answer will become obvious by the time you finish reading this post. 

What does Azescb com Sell?

This portal sells all kinds of coolers. Though the product line up is narrow, the collections are great and the creators have done a good job on the marketing side. Layouts are apt and the entire thing looks professional. Moving on to price, things become too absurd here.

For example, almost every item is offered at a discount. The price cuts are huge and it is not possible for any genuine vendor to sell items at such low rates without ruining their entire business. None of the items listed has a review section and as expected, user reviews are not found anywhere.

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    Payment methods supported by them are credit/debit cards and PayPal. Note that we couldn’t verify or test all of the mechanisms supported by them. Nonetheless, we do not encourage anyone to try them out.

    After all, you cannot possibly compromise your account details just to save a few bucks, right?

    Weird Returns and Refund Policies

    On their homepage, Azescb mentions that they offer a 60 day trial period and free shipping along with 3 years warranty. On the same platform, they also say that the returns cannot be accepted if it has been over 7 days from accepting the delivery.

    The confusion present is something that is impossible to get clarity on. As always, the policies support the house and the final decision is always taken by them. Also, they openly say that they deserve the right to change the rules at any point without giving notice to anyone.

    In other words, users do not have much control and the shady owners can bend rules whenever they want. If the product is accepted for exchange or refunds, then the claims are said to be processed within 7 days.

    Note that there are tons of conditions for both returns and refund processes. All in all, it is easy to see why people hate this platform from its inception. 

    Got scammed by Azescb?

    If you have entered your banking information with them and have suffered a loss or if you are just unable to get a refund from them, then get in touch with us immediately. We will show you the ways of using the consumer protection laws and banking related stuff like chargebacks to your advantage.

    In other words, our team will assist you in every way possible and we won’t rest until the culprits pay up. To know everything about the recovery process, use the contact form below and input the details of the incident you have encountered. Once the data is gathered, we will get back to you at the earliest. 

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    Azescb Customer Support

    This platform does not like to be open with the customers. Transparency is something they have not embraced in any way. The only contact information we could find was an email address and even that is not associated with their primary domain.

    Working hours are specified, but response time appears to be questionable. Social media links are put up, but guess what? None of them work.

    We would be genuinely surprised if anyone gets a reply from the support team because that is how pathetic the entire situation is. Clearly, if you need assistance, then you will be left high and dry on their interface. 

    Vague Shipping Terms

    Over the years, we have reviewed a lot of online portals, but we haven’t seen a vague one like Azescb. Their shipping policies are all full of loopholes and they never commit to anything. For starters, the exact time period is not even mentioned by them.

    After the orders are processed, the tracking mechanisms employed are not explained. In other words, after making payment, you will have zero clue about when it might reach you.

    Shipping costs are also not discussed, but due to the way the policies are structured, do not be surprised if you are asked to pay additional fees. Looks like the people behind this firm have no intention of keeping the customers informed. 

    Azescb Review Conclusion

    Azescb is not the kind of online store you want to indulge with. Trusting them with your credit card details or banking information is risky.

    No factor about them is worth any attention and clearly, they look like a flyby fraudulent store which is becoming increasingly common on the internet. So, walk away from them and stick with known brands such as Aldi or Amazon. 

    If you are a victim of the Azescb Scam, then take action against them immediately. Also, voice your opinion below.

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