Capital Growth Assets runs away with investors’ funds! (2023)

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The Complaint and Alleged Scam

On April 27, 2023, the following complaint was filed with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) by an Alberta, Canada, person who reported losing $60K to a cryptocurrency scam involving

I was asked on LinkedIn if I was interested in investing in Bitcoin, so I started with $5000, and the money grew by itself.

Every so often, the person managing the investment asked me to put in more money to increase my ROI, which I did.

This went on for a year until I decided to withdraw the money. However, I had to pay a 10% commission first, which amounted to $15,000.

After that, the money was sent to an escrow account because I did not pay within the first 21 days. I eventually got the money out, but had to pay an additional $10,000.


Then, I was told that I needed a certificate worth another $10,000 to take the money out of the country. I had to pay this within 21 days as well.

I then paid another $10,000 to have the check delivered to my house because it was too large to be sent by mail or transferred by other means.

Additionally, the money got stuck at the US border, and I had to pay another $10,000 to release it. Throughout the process, there were a number of other small fees that I had to pay.

Eventually, I realized that I should have been smarter and realized earlier that I was caught in a scam. It was hard to believe that I had been that foolish, especially when I had invested so much money.

The scammer’s phone number was reported to be (720) 295-5846, a Colorado, USA number. Review

Currently, the only thing that remains from is the copyright line:

Copyright © All rights reserved.

It appears to have been a website for a financial service provider that claims to offer investment services.

The domain was registered on January 16, 2023, for one year through

Interestingly, however, the homepage seems to have been indexed on Google since about two years ago.

There seems to have been another website hosted on this domain from the end of 2021 to the beginning of 2022.

The registrant’s identity is hidden by a privacy service provided by Domains By Proxy, LLC.

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    Leaseweb USA, Inc hosts it.

    There’s no traffic information about them, perhaps due to being a young domain, less than four months before it was shut down.

    Its Semrush Authority Score is 2%, with seven backlinks with five referring domains but none from trustworthy or legitimate websites.

    Way Back Machine still indexes the first version of this website from 2021-2022. appears to have been a digital asset trading platform that allowed international customers to invest in innovative tokens with instant trade execution. The platform claims to have been built on Bittrex’s cutting-edge technology and offers an easy-to-use personal wallet system to ensure users have control over their profits.

    The company also claimed to be committed to knowledge and education and offered regular seminars, workshops, and webinars in multiple languages. They claimed to have performance statistics checked by PWC, and their trades were protected by negative balance, providing ultimate security to the users’ funds. also offered a referral program, which allowed users to earn as much as 10% by getting friends and family to sign up using their referral link or code.

    The company claimed to be licensed and certified under the New UK Companies Office.

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    The website also included a contact form, address, phone number, and email address for customer support:

    • Address: 7 Tilia Court, Rackheath, Norwich, Norfolk, NR13 6SX, UK
    • Telephone number: +441618189207 (UK)
    • Email:

    The copyright line said: “Copyright 2020 Capital & Growth Assets All Rights Reserved.”

    Since the 2023 website is no longer available or indexed online, we cannot access additional information.

    We just found a tiny screenshot that contains the following text: “Put your Investing ideas into action.”

    Looking for other websites that contain this text, multiple cloned websites, such as:


    Whether or not the same people are responsible for the first website and clones as those for the second one, we do not know.

    Next, we look at reviews concerning

    Capital Growth Assets Reviews

    There are only a few mentions of this domain online besides the BBB review we opened this article with.

    According to the Scam Detector’s algorithm, ranks 58.7 out of 100, which suggests that the platform is active but mediocre and common. This is due to the website’s poor design and insufficient metadata information to improve its online presence. The website seems to be associated with the Investments sector, but there is inadequate information to determine the platform’s legitimacy. However, the website has a valid HTTPS connection and is not detected by any blacklist engine. The website’s proximity to suspicious websites is rated as 20/100, and the phishing score is 4/100. Users are advised to exercise caution while using the website.

    According to a review on ScamWatcher, CapitalGrowthAssets is an unregulated Investment Company that should be avoided at all costs. The review states that the problem with unregulated Investment Companies is that they are not reliable and abuse regulations. It also mentions that CapitalGrowthAssets withholds vital information from users and could go bankrupt from one day to another since there is no banking information about this Investment Company.

    Capital Growth Assets LLP is an investment management firm that offers customized investment solutions to institutional and individual investors, including wealth management, financial planning, real estate, and infrastructure services.

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    The company takes a personalized approach to developing asset management strategies based on an investor’s goals, risk tolerance, and return expectations. They prioritize responsible and ethical investment practices and consider ESG issues throughout the investment decision-making process.

    Capital Growth Assets LLP values diversity and inclusion and seeks to build world-class businesses that generate superior returns for their partners. They offer various investment products, including real estate, multi-asset, fixed income, equities, tangible assets, cannabis, and infrastructure.

    Capital Growth Assets LLP can be contacted by phone at +447418397608 or by email at Their address is 6 Broadmead Green, Thorpe End, Norwich, England, NR13 5DE.

    This address is a 7-minute drive from that of the first version of, which indicates there may be a connection between them.

    This domain was registered for one year on January 5, 2023, through PDR Ltd. d/b/a

    It appears to be a scam, but it is not mentioned online.

    This website belongs to Meta Capital Growth and offers various investment options such as real estate, oil and gas, cryptocurrency, and trading on hot stocks.

    Capital Growth Assets Review - Screenshot of

    They provide solutions to more than 750 multinational E&P businesses for oil analysis in the upstream oil and gas industry.

    The website also offers CFD trading, which carries a high level of risk and may not be suitable for all investors. was registered on March 20, 2023,

    Their contact information is as follows:

    • Telephone: 212-500-1159 (a New York City, NY, USA number)
    • Email:

    The domain does not currently exist, and it is not mentioned online.

    There is, however, a website at, belonging to Gemini Financial Investment, a cryptocurrency platform that offers trading in various financial products, including CFDs on stocks, forex, indices, and digital currencies.

    Capital Growth Assets Review - Screenshot of

    The platform provides secure deposit storage and low trading costs with fast trade execution. They offer flexible trading options for different trading styles and requirements. Gemini Financial Investment has other plans with weekly ROIs ranging from 5% to 10%. The platform supports a variety of popular digital currencies, and users can create an account, fund it, and start trading in a few minutes. The company is located in France, and its contact information is as follows:

    • Phone: +(204) 410-6613 (a Manitoba, Canada number) & + (44) 7441-442-572 (a UK number). There’s no French (+33) number.
    • Address: 2 Av. du Stade de Coubertin, 92100 Boulogne-Billancourt, France and appear to be scams, but there are no reviews about them currently.

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    The domain was registered in 2012.

    Capital Growth Assets Review - Screenshot of

    Capital Growth Holdings provides a contact form on its website where users can leave their name and email address to receive a response within 24 hours.

    However, there’s no information available about them or any other pages from this website indexed on Google.

    The website also provides an email address for direct contact with the company.

    The copyright for the company is listed as 2016.

    According to, Capital Growth Holdings Inc is an investment management company based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Its fundamental principle is Michael Liik, and it is involved in managing open-end management investment funds and other financial vehicles. The company is also known as The UPS Store #424.

    They are also not mentioned by any other websites online, leading us to leave it may also be a scam.


    In conclusion, appears to be a cryptocurrency scam that has defrauded at least one person out of $60,000.

    The website claimed to offer investment services and was registered in January 2023, but it has since been shut down.

    There are no positive reviews of the website, and it appears to have been associated with multiple other cloned websites.

    Meanwhile, other websites with similar names, such as Capital Growth Assets LLP and Capital Growth Holdings, do not appear to be associated with the scam. and also appear to be scams, but there are no reviews about them currently.

    If you have fallen victim to online scams, please comment below. If you have suffered a substantial financial loss, do not despair. We are here to assist you in recovering your funds!

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