Sharkalgo Review

Sharkalgo ( is an online trading platform offering a range of trading tools, indicators, and strategies to help traders make better investment decisions. The website claims to use advanced algorithms and machine learning to analyze market data and provide real-time trading signals to its users.

It also supposedly offers access to a community of traders who share their insights and strategies.

In this article, we will look closely at Sharkalgo to see what it offers, its pros and cons, and whether it is a reliable platform for traders.

Sharkalgo Review

Company Background

One of the critical aspects of evaluating a website is to assess its background information, such as the company’s owners, registration details, and social media presence. Unfortunately, Sharkalgo does not provide any information about its owners or founders on its website, which can cause concern.

The absence of an “About Us” section is problematic as it deprives users of crucial information about the company, such as its mission, values, and history. Without these details, it is difficult for users to evaluate the credibility and trustworthiness of the website.

Moreover, we could not find any registration details for Sharkalgo on its website or any other official regulatory body’s website. This can also be a warning sign as legitimate trading platforms must register with regulatory bodies and disclose ownership details.

Regarding social media presence, Sharkalgo has linked to various social media profiles on its website, but most do not seem to be working or have not been updated in a while.

This can indicate that the website may not be actively engaged with its users or customers. In addition, broken links or incorrect links could also suggest that the website is not being maintained properly, which could raise questions about the overall reliability and professionalism of the company.

Sharkalgo Investment Plans

Sharkalgo offers several investment plans for its users, which are as follows:

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    Monthly Plan: This plan costs $67 per month, and users get access to all features and tools of the platform.

    Quarterly Plan: This plan costs $149 per quarter, and users can save up to 26% compared to the monthly plan. Users get access to all features and tools of the platform.

    Yearly Plan: This plan costs $489 per year, and users can save up to 39% compared to the monthly plan. Users get access to all features and tools of the platform.

    Lifetime Plan: This plan costs a one-time payment of $998, and users get lifetime access to all features and tools of the platform.

    The website claims that its investment plans offer great value and benefits to users. However, given the lack of transparency and fake statistics on the website, it is advisable to exercise caution before investing in the platform.

    Fake User Testimonials

    A significant cause for concern on Sharkalgo is the user testimonials displayed on their website. These testimonials appear to be entirely positive and are attributed to satisfied customers. However, there is no way to verify the authenticity of these testimonials, and they may be fake.

    Suppose the reviews are overly optimistic and lack any criticism. In that case, it may suggest that the website selectively displays reviews to present a false sense of perfection or use gimmicks to manipulate reviews or ratings. Without genuine user reviews, it is challenging to know whether Sharkalgo is a trustworthy platform or not.

    Furthermore, authentic reviews typically include specific details and personal experiences, both positive and negative. If all the reviews have the same tone and lack particular information, it could suggest that they were written by a bot rather than by genuine customers.

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    Sharkalgo Fake Statistics

    Another issue with Sharkalgo is the presence of fake statistics on its homepage. These statistics are displayed to create a sense of trust and attract potential customers, but they are not based on verifiable data.

    As a result, customers may be misled into thinking that Sharkalgo is a legit and more successful company than it is and ends up investing their hard-earned money with them. This is exactly what the scammers would want and will loot the funds of unsuspecting individuals.

    Contact Information

    Sharkalgo also lacks clear and comprehensive customer support options. The website does not provide any phone number or physical address to contact them. This is a significant concern for anyone looking to invest in their services or even get the company with questions or concerns.

    A legitimate business always provides a way for customers to contact them, whether through a phone number, email address, or physical address. The absence of any contact information on Sharkalgo raises suspicions about the reliability of their services.

    Sharkalgo Reviews

    On April 18, 2023, the following review was done with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) by a New York, USA person, who claims to have been scammed for $135 by this cryptocurrency scam with an email of is another email found on the website I emailed them the cancellation request on 3/20/23, they said that they wanted to go through the settings, I asked them if they wanted to login remotely to attempt a fix but they said I had to send them screenshots and I was not interested because their product looked faulty.

    I emailed them again on 4/14/23 to cancel and then they delayed again by offering a lifetime membership to which I said I wasn’t interested then they charged me again on 4/15/23 then when I inquired on 4/18/23, theyre saying that I needed to provide a customer code which they didnt mention on any of their correspondences.

    Theyre claiming that I held up the cancellation but my intent to cancel the subscription was made twice and I did not make any mention of reinstating.


    In conclusion, while Sharkalgo may appear to offer attractive investment plans and live-streaming services, several red flags should give potential users pause.

    Generally, being wary of websites that make bold claims or use exaggerated statistics to promote their services is always a good idea.

    If you have fallen victim to online scams, please inform us by commenting below. If you have suffered a substantial financial loss, do not despair. We are here to assist you in recovering your funds!

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