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Census 2021 Scam Text Report >> Individuals are advised to click on a link included in a phishing SMS message to avoid being fined £1,000 by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Residents of England and Wales have been advised to be vigilant for a fraudulent text message about the 2021 Census.

In March 2021, millions of families will be invited to participate in the national survey, which is conducted every ten years across the home countries.

Authorities are collecting massive quantities of data in order to improve communities and services such as transportation, education, and healthcare for future generations.

Residents of England and Wales have been advised to be vigilant for a fraudulent text message about the 2021 Census.

On the other hand, scammers are trying to swindle millions of people via the census process.

Census 2021 Scam Text

What is Census 2021 Scam text?

Every household in England and Wales is required by law to complete a Census 2021 form, or face a £1,000 fine.

On the other side, scammers are attempting to frighten millions of people into clicking on a fake link in order to avoid the astronomical fee.

The phishing letter says that their Census form is missing information or that their submission is incorrect, however it has been shown to be a fake.

One example of a Census scam SMS says, “CENSUS: Your Census application is lacking information.” To avoid a £1,000 penalty, please modify your application at www.onsgb.backtrack-submissions.com.”

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    Action Fraud, the UK’s national reporting centre for fraud and cyber crime, has contested the information and said that a court hearing is required before any punishment is issued. “What to Look for in a Text Described as a Census Fraud

    The amount of false messages, automated phone calls, and questionable emails has risen significantly since the Covid pandemic began in March 2020.

    As more individuals interact through digital devices, there has been an increase in reliance on technology such as mobile phones.

    This seems to have sparked a fresh wave of phishing scams claiming to cover anything from “Amazon delivery expenses” to “HMRC tax refunds” and “Royal Mail shipping charges.”

    The Census scam text seems to be similar, with a random text message appearing in your inbox with what appears to be a genuine URL but is almost certainly a fake.

    These links are intended to collect data and perhaps money from anybody who clicks on them.

    “In order to apply a penalty, your case for non-compliance with the census must be heard in court,” an Action Fraud representative said. By text message, phone call, email, or social media, you will not be notified of a fine. 

    There will be no penalty if you make an error on your census. The ONS has a Cyber Intelligence Team charged with eradicating fake Census-related websites. Avoid engaging with suspicious websites or text messages that include links to websites seeking donations for the census. ”

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    What should I do if I get a Scam text?

    By following the procedures described below, you may protect yourself and others from similar frauds.

    According to Action Fraud, anybody who has received a Census scam SMS should contact the Census 2021 Contact Centre in England at 0800 141 2021 or in Wales at 0800 169 2021.

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