UK National Insurance Call Scam 2021

UK National Insurance Call Scam Update >> Earlier this year, Action Scam issued a public warning about a National Insurance scam that was sweeping the nation after receiving over 34,000 more calls in February than the previous year.

Everyone in the United Kingdom receives a National Insurance number shortly before their sixteenth birthday if their parents or guardians receive Child Benefit.

This number is used by HM Revenue and Customs, the Department for Work and Pensions, and Social Security Scotland to identify you on UK and Scottish Government systems.

UK National Insurance Call Scam Explained

However, an alarming rise in scams using National Insurance numbers has resulted in an increase in calls to Action Fraud, the UK’s national fraud and cybercrime reporting centre.

According to the victims, they received an automated phone call informing them of a breach of their “National Insurance number.”

The caller then instructed them to fix the situation and get a new phone number, as well as to “push one on their telephone to connect with the caller.”

Victims are forced into providing personal information in order to get a new National Insurance number after being connected to the “caller.”

In comparison, the victim has been identified as a suspect in a criminal case. Worryingly, the personal information may be used for fraudulent purposes.

Several victims of the scam have spoken out on social media to alert others.

Using the verified identity, one Twitter user remembered the conversation and reported it to Action Fraud.

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    “These Clowns Just Contacted Me To Inform Me That They Were The @NCAUK, That My National Insurance Number Had Been Suspended, and To Verify My Information,” they tweeted.

    Please be cautious of opportunistic phone calls. #Fraud @actionfrauduk “

    Action Fraud Alert!

    “Unfortunately, these calls are prevalent at this particular period,” Action Fraud said.

    I would recommend filing a complaint online at”

    “I got a phone call from this number stating that there was a problem with my National Insurance number,” another Twitter user said.

    Avoid being involved with it. #scam.”

    “I recently received a #scam call from an artificial voice stating that my NI number was going to be cancelled “Someone else said.

    “We are advising the public to be alert and suspicious of any automated calls referencing their National Insurance number that may have been compromised,” said Pauline Smith, Action Fraud’s Head of Fraud.

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    It’s important to remember that if you get an unexpected call requesting personal or financial information, it may be a scam.” Even verifying personal information like as your email address, date of birth, or mother’s maiden name could be used to perpetrate fraud.”

    If you have any concerns about the request, hang up: “No genuine organisation would hurry or pressure you.”

    If you get an automated call from what seems to be HMRC, immediately hang up and notify Police Scotland if you believe you have been a victim of this scam.

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