Coindex Pro Scam Review: Uncovering Fraudulent Practices

Coindex Pro is a website that claims to be one of the world’s largest blockchain asset trading platforms. However, there is only little information about the site or the company behind it.

According to many sources the website has a low authoritative rank and is not popular among investors, which is questionable. The business model that they offer seems to be dubious. It lacks some of the key details or features that would help users access its legitimacy and understand its purpose.

Based on the information available to us we advise you to approach with caution before making any decisions or providing personal information. Read along to know more about the website and some of the alarming signs you need to be aware of.

Coindex Pro Review

Coindex Pro Owners and Certifications

One of the most concerning aspects of Coindex Pro is the lack of transparency around the site’s owners and the management behind it.

There is no information available on the site about who owns or operates it, and the fact the domain is still very new, can make it difficult to assess the legitimacy of the platform. When you cannot clearly identify the owners or the management team it will often raise concerns regarding its trustworthiness. 

It is important to exercise caution and use common sense when considering a website that lacks transparency and is showcasing red flags.

Contact information

The website provides no contact information which makes it very difficult to get in touch with the support team in case you need help with any issues. This can be a major concern, especially if you are considering using their services or providing personal information.

In situations like this, it is best to avoid sites such as and look for a better alternative.

Fake Narratives

Another red flag associated with Coindex Pro is the allegation that the numbers used on the site are fake. These include the numbers of users on the platform, the amount of assets under management, or the returns that the investors have received

You can try and verify the authenticity of any statistics or testimonials presented on the website by doing additional research and checking the credibility of the sources cited. When we looked deeply into the statistics we found inconsistencies and irregularities in the data presented.

It is indeed fake numbers which is a fraudulent tactic used by the website. Hence avoid using their services and to report the website to relevant authorities. 

Coindex Pro Investment Plans

It is uncommon for investment websites to require users to create an account and log in before accessing their investment plans or other features. Coindex Pro does not let users access investment schemes without logging into their website, which is indeed very shady.

Fraudsters trick people into logging in and giving them sensitive details only to steal their identity or infect the computer with malware. Therefore, before creating an account thoroughly research the website and look for any signs of potential fraud. Additionally be wary of any investment plans that promise unrealistic returns or require large upfront investments.

If you have doubts or concerns about the website’s investment plans, it is always best to err on the side of caution and avoid investing with them.

Lack of Customer Service

The absence of a help center on the website can be another potential red flag that indicates disregard for user support. A help center or customer support section is typically included on reputable websites as a resource for users to access if they have questions, concerns or need assistance.

Coindex Pro does not have any specific number or an email address listed which makes it difficult for users to get the help they need. This creates a negative user experience and damages the website’s reputation.

Coindex Pro User Reviews

Another thing to watch out for is that the website does not contain any reviews or feedback from users online. A reputable company should have some sort of online presence where users can leave reviews about their experiences with the company.

However, a quick search for on popular review sites such as Trustpilot reveals no result. This is highly suspicious and suggests that the company may be trying to hide something.

On the Better Business Bureau (BBB) there’s just one complaint from March 27, 2023 posted by a Davis County, Utah, USA person who claims they were scammed for $2,833,286 by a cryptocurrency scam found at

Coindex-PRO is a crypto trading platform that claims to be fully operational. I have been trading on it for almost six months and have accumulated a balance of nearly 3,000,000 USDT in my account.


However, when I tried to withdraw 300,000 USDT, I was prevented from doing so and told that the US Department of Justice (DOJ) was holding the funds. I have not been directly contacted by the DOJ, so I suspect that it is Coindex-PRO that is withholding my money.


Coindex-PRO has also demanded that I add 6% of my profits (approximately $100K) to my account to verify that I am not involved in insider trading and to release the funds. This demand makes no sense to me.

If these claims are accurate, it is a serious issue and needs to be addressed immediately.

The relative lack of reviews makes it difficult for potential customers to gauge the legitimacy of the company and its services. Reviews can provide valuable insight into the quality of the services offered and other important factors that can influence a person’s decision to proceed with a particular website.

Without many reviews, it is impossible to know if Coindex Pro is a trustworthy platform to trade cryptocurrencies or if it is a scam.

Coindex Pro Red Flags

  1. No clear purpose: A legitimate website will usually have a clear purpose or mission that outlines what they do and how they aim to make users experience better. But Coindex Pro lacks this type of information, which is a warning sign.
  2. Lack of contact information: The website does not mention any clear contact information such as email address, phone number, or physically address which typically will be provided by a reputable website
  3. New domain name: The domain name for is relatively new, which raises concerns about its authenticity.
  4. Suspicious investment plans: As already mentioned, the investment plans on the website are not accessible until logged in, which could be a giveaway that it is a scam. Also note that the numbers displayed on the website’s homepage are fake.


Investing in cryptocurrencies and blockchain assets can be a risky proposition, even when dealing with legitimate platforms. However, when dealing with a site like, the risks may even be higher.

As there is little information about the company and no recourse if something goes wrong, users may be taking a significant risk by investing their money on the platform.

In conclusion, Coindex Pro is a website that is highly suspicious and fraudulent. Therefore it is important to remain vigilant and approach with extreme caution.

If you have been scammed by them, please share your experience with us by leaving a comment below. 

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