A Scam Investment Platform with Red Flags

CryptoLuna ( is a website that offers investment opportunities in the cryptocurrency market. According to their website, they use traders’ experience and knowledge to establish a link between the price of individual digital coins and the cryptocurrency market.

They claim to use econometrics and statistical methods to enhance the predictive parts of their trading strategies, using data mining to ensure accuracy.

Based on the information and evidence present, it seems that may not be a trustworthy or legitimate investment platform. Although the website presents an attractive and seemingly genuine investment opportunity, there are reports of scamming associated with the website.

Cryptoluna Review

About the Company

Cryptoluna seems to target clients in Europe and the USA through unsolicited telephone calls and social media posts on platforms like Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram.

The owner of the website is hidden on WHOIS, and the registrar of this website doesn’t offer us much in terms of confidence. While the website does have a valid SSL certificate and has been checked for malware and phishing, these positives are outweighed by the negative factors.

When we checked the website, we could not find any information about the owners or team behind This lack of transparency can be a red flag for some investors, as it may be difficult to hold someone accountable if there are issues with the platform or investments. It is generally recommended to only invest in platforms that provide clear and transparent information about the owners and team members.

The website states that the company is a registered legal entity in Canada and it has provided an address in Vancouver, British Columbia. But do note that registration does not guarantee the legitimacy of an investment opportunity, 

Although Cryptoluna presents an attractive and seemingly genuine website, in reality it is nothing but a scam.

Contact Information

The contact information of the company as mentioned on their website are as follows:

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    Email address:

    Company Address: Suite 48, Blake Building, Vancouver, British Columbia

    It is important to note that the given contact information is not accurate or reliable.

    Investment plans

    BASIC PLAN: 25 %, After 24 Hours, Invest Min-Max Amount $ 20 – $ 199

    STANDARD PLAN: 35%, After 48 Hours, Invest Min-Max Amount $ 200 – $ 499

    PROFESSIONAL PLAN: 50%, After 24 Hours, Invest Min-Max Amount $ 500 – $ 999

    ULTRA PLAN: 70%, After 48 Hours, Invest Min-Max Amount $ 1,000 – $ 5,000

    MULTI PLAN: 100%, After 48 Hours, Invest Min-Max Amount $ 1,500 – $ 4,999

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    VIP PLAN: 200%, After 72 Hours, Invest Min-Max Amount $ 5,000 – $ Unlimited

    The investment plans offered by appear to promise high returns in a short amount of time, which is often a red flag. The plans promise high returns, ranging from 25% to 200%, in a short amount of time, ranging from 24 to 72 hours.

    These returns are significantly higher than what is typically offered by legitimate investment opportunities, and the short time frame is suspicious.

    Additionally, the investment plans require different minimum and maximum amounts to invest, ranging from $20 to unlimited amounts. The fact that there is no upper limit on the VIP plan is another potential red flag, as it suggests a lack of financial responsibility and transparency.

    Furthermore, the website claims that withdrawals are instant, which is not typical for legitimate investment companies. It is important to be cautious of investment plans that promise high returns with little to no risk, as these are often signs of a scam.

    Referral Program

    The referral program and multi-level marketing offered by Cryptoluna are also something to be carefully looked upon. While it is not uncommon for legitimate investment opportunities to offer referral programs, the promise of significant commissions at multiple levels can be a sign of a pyramid scheme or Ponzi scheme.

    In this particular case, the referral program offers six levels of commission, with the highest level offering a 10% commission for direct referrals. However, pyramid schemes and Ponzi schemes rely on the recruitment of new investors to pay returns to earlier investors, rather than generating actual profits from legitimate investments.

    These types of programs can be a way to lure in unsuspecting investors and perpetuate the scheme. As always, it is important to prioritize your own financial security and make informed decisions based on expert advice.

    Cryptoluna Reviews

    It is important to note that there aren’t many reviews from real customers on the website, which is shady. However, it is always recommended to conduct further research before investing in any online platform, especially if there are no reviews available.

    It is also worth checking external review websites and forums to see if there are any user experiences or feedback available about the platform.

    There are a lot of negative reviews of on other websites. It is important to take these negative reviews seriously and consider them before making any investment decisions. Negative reviews may indicate issues with the company, such as poor customer service, non-payment of profits, or fraudulent activities.

    For example, on March 30, 2023 a Florida, USA person filed a complaint with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) after being scammed for $1,000 by a cryptocurrency scammer, possibly from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, with the email They write:

    At first, Cryptoluna felt like a legitimate investment company, and I invested in their plans. After my plan ended, I withdrew my investment.

    However, they don’t have clear rules or guidelines on how their platform works. They inform you as you go along, and they don’t mention that your account will become suspended if you don’t deposit money every 7 days.

    They only notify you of the suspension after you deposit money into your account, and then they ask for an additional $800 to reactivate it, regardless of how much you have already invested. Moreover, when I asked to withdraw my deposit, they refused to do so.

    Based on this complaint, it seems that Cryptoluna is not a legitimate investment company and may be engaging in fraudulent activity. It is concerning that they do not have clear rules or guidelines and do not inform investors about important details such as account suspension. Additionally, the fact that they require an additional payment to reactivate an account and refuse to return deposits is highly suspicious.

    Overall, it is important to approach any investment opportunity with caution to minimize the risk of potential losses.

    Cryptoluna Red Flags

    There are several red flags that suggest may not be a legitimate investment opportunity:

    1. Lack of transparency: Cryptoluna does not provide information about its owners or team members on its website, which can be a cause for concern. Legitimate companies typically have information about their management and team members publicly available.
    2. Unrealistic returns: The investment plans offered by promise high returns within a short period of time, which is often a warning sign. It is important to remember that high returns always come with a higher risk, and that no investment can guarantee profits.
    3. Negative reviews: This platform has received negative reviews on several third-party websites, which raises concerns about the legitimacy of the platform.
    4. Lack of information about the deposit insurance policy: While this firm claims to have a deposit insurance policy that covers its clients, there is no information available about the details of the policy or the insurer. Legitimate investment companies typically provide clear information about their insurance policies.

    In summary, while may appear attractive with its high returns and professional website, it is definitely not authentic.

    Cryptoluna Conclusion

    Based on the available information and reviews, it is not advisable to invest in as there are concerns about its legitimacy and potential risks. It is important to always exercise due diligence and do thorough research before making any investment decisions. 

    If you have fallen victim to online scams, please comment below. If you have suffered a substantial financial loss, do not despair. We are here to assist you in recovering your funds!

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