CPL One Scam Review – Fake Digital Agency

Affiliate marketing has been one of the most rewarding careers for almost a decade now. In theory, the job description of digital marketers sounds too easy and the public has shown immense interest in getting started in this specific field. CPL One is a self-proclaimed all-in-one digital marketing service that answers the needs of both marketers and publishers.

This platform claims to enable people from all over the world to make easy money via affiliate marketing. The kind of slogans they peddle and the taglines they employ are all too obvious and any experienced person who has reasonable understanding will never ever proceed with them. We couldn’t find any details about the owners of this platform, but we did find enough evidence that proves the connection between this platform with several other infamous scams in the sector. Unfortunately, there are a few websites that still give this platform positive reviews.

Though the connection between the website owners and the platform creators is speculative, the conflict of interest is crystal clear. If you have come across positive comments or exaggerated advertisement-type posts about this platform, then don’t be inclined towards investing with them. Crooks behind this platform are extremely skilled and the manipulative tactics they use are hard to find even for trained eyes.

So, never rush into any decision that involves money on their platform and if they create a sense of urgency or too-good-to-be-true offers, then turn away immediately. As this firm looted people from all around the world, even financial regulators have issued warnings against them and their platform will bite the dust soon.

In other words, their business is a sinking ship and everyone who has deposited with them will lose it all. Read this detailed report till the end to know all of their traits and the kind of ways you can employ to get back your funds from them.

CPL One Scam Review

CPL One software is said to be an all-in-one digital marketing solution that enables people with no experience to get started with running marketing campaigns just by clicking a few buttons. We know that the official explanation given by this firm is ridiculous and certainly things are not that easy in the digital space.

For starters, the trends in this sector are ever-changing and the only way to be profitable is to be updated about the latest happenings and by relying on new data generated by the users. There was a time wherein anyone could make boatloads of money just by running ads, but now the entire scenario is not that simple. The number of new firms and websites is exploding and the competition for traffic is immense and brutal, to say the least.

This platform is supposedly acting like a middle person between publishers and advertisers while also supporting various niche affiliate offers. They are trying to instill trust among the users by portraying themselves as some sort of authoritative figure in the sector. Nonetheless, you should know that everything they say contains manipulative narratives to a certain degree, and at the end of the day, they are not reliable or trustworthy entities by any means.

In theory, the explanation and imaginary stories provided by them might convince beginners in the sector. However, due to a lack of solid verifiable data and obvious loopholes in their business model, no one should dare to try them out or else they will lose money for sure. The internal metrics of the software are not made public and they never publish any reports of their previous performance.

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    In simple words, they intentionally haven’t provided any way for us to find out the real profitability and as such, they are not the one anyone should get tangled with. Moreover, the names of the brands they work with and their clients are also unknown. Given the lack of clarity and countless questionable tactics, it is clear that the software offers nothing of value to the customers and it certainly isn’t worth hundreds of dollars.

    Remember that though traffic is necessary to make money online, the targeting should be perfect or the desired results can never be achieved. Going after quality traffic and getting leads from specific groups of people is something that does involve a few trial and error attempts and anyone who says otherwise is either a master manipulator or God.

    Background and Transparency

    We live in a digital era, and though the personal interactions between humans have gone down certain aspects of psychology have not changed a bit. Generally speaking, any firm or organization that features details about their founders and other key members are received very well by the public. After all, who in the world doesn’t like to hear a story with a good ending?

    Big organizations know that one of the easiest ways to earn the public’s trust is by being transparent and cordial with them. While all the big firms have no problem publishing their audit records, latest updates, and events, the same thing cannot be said about fake platforms such as the one we are discussing in this post. CPL One is supposedly a disruptive platform that has helped thousands of people make money.

    Strangely, the owners behind this platform haven’t shared any details about their identity, and even the news outlets are not bothered about the existence of this company. Even the information regarding their employees is almost impossible to find or trace on the Internet. Their mysterious low profile model means that they are afraid of the consequences of their actions and they are just taking every step to prevent authorities from taking action against them.

    If this platform was truly legitimate, then why wouldn’t the founders want media attention? Wouldn’t they be the next world’s richest person? The answer to all the questions above is simple, these crooks have nothing to offer to the public apart from disappointments. While this scam didn’t post any information about the owners, some fake platforms do feature bogus details and imaginary tales. If you come across a good narrative along with social proof on any new platforms, always double-check the details shown by them.

    Remember, being safe is better than sorry and as long as money is involved, there shouldn’t be any margin of error left in the equation. As this firm doesn’t uphold transparency in any way, form, or manner, our suggestion to all of our audience is not to indulge with them for any reason. Note that the only way they can accomplish their goal is by looting their clients and they will do anything it takes to make you deposit with them.

    Contact Information

    In the following section, we have listed all the information about the website along with the contact information.

    ZenGo Wallet Banner
    • Phone – +44 203 519 4539
    • Email – info@cplone.com
    • Address – SAILORYX LTD, 71-75 Shelton Street Covent Garden, London WC2H 9JQ ENGLAND

    CPL One Advertisement Packages

    CPL One platform has 3 types of account types and the benefits vary depending upon the kind of package the client chooses. For starters, an individual needs at least $250 to get started with them and all they have to do to access the tool is register with it by submitting their email address and login to the dashboard. Once you are in, you can choose the type of ad campaign you want to run, plug in your affiliate link and pay the amount for running ads across multiple sites.

    Google, Facebook, and YouTube let people get started with online advertising for as low as $10 a day and they provide a lot of metrics to measure the performance and effectiveness of ads. If you have a keen eye, then you can find free vouchers or coupons to get started with them and as far as traffic quality goes, if you mention the right criteria, then chances are it will be flawless.

    Just because you have traffic doesn’t necessarily mean it is going to convert. Simply put, do not spend huge money on any ad campaign before seeing the results or having some kind of data to justify the expenditures. CPL One primarily is said to be focused on generating leads at competitive prices, but after seeing their packages we can assure you that there are a lot of better and cheaper options available in the marketplace.  To sum things up, this platform doesn’t provide any way of tracking the performance, charges high fees for running ads, and doesn’t offer any cutting edge forensic tools.

    Clearly, they lack in every key area and it does not make any sense to use their platform or services for any reason. If you are getting started with online advertising, then do not forget to limit your daily budget and stick to the top platforms only. At first, it might be difficult to gather enough details about the audience who are interested in the products or services you are selling.

    However, if you stick around for long, everything is going to become much easier and decisions can be purely data-driven. While there is no such thing as an ideal timeframe to see results, if you are consistent, then it shouldn’t take more than a couple of weeks to see drastic changes to your campaigns. 

    The Mechanics of Actual Affiliate Marketing

    Affiliate marketing has been around for decades now. The goal of affiliate marketers is to find good and reliable services, partner up with them and drive traffic to the very same online destination. On paper, all of the duties of the promoters will sound way too easy, but just like everything with life things aren’t that simple. The key aspects of this sector are as follows.

    Traffic – Traffic is the bloodline of every online business. Basically, there are two types of generating traffic. The first one is through organic methods and the other is via running paid marketing campaigns.

    Both ways of generating traffic have their own set of merits and demerits and at the end of the day, it all comes down to your goals and budget. Before opening your affiliate account, be mindful of the actions needed in order to succeed in the niche you are interested in, and then plan accordingly.

    Medium – There are different types and formats of content. For example, if you are a writer or are active in the news sector, then it might be beneficial for you to utilize both search engines and Youtube to reach your audience. On the other hand, if you are someone who has products like drop shippers offer, then social media platforms are the best bet for you.

    There are a few products that work exceptionally well on any platform, but the majority of offers available won’t be like that. So, choose the platform that suits your needs and then plan for the other steps associated with running the campaign.

    Trust – Have you ever noticed the kind of views or sales got by people who have Youtube Channels or websites that are around for a long period of time? Their statistics will be higher than the average because of the trust and credibility element. Nowadays, the barrier to getting started on the internet is very low and as a result, many scams are going on.

    One of the best ways to increase returns on ad spend is to be transparent with the public by putting out content for a long period of time. If there is one thing we can guarantee you about this sector, it is the fact that transparency is a much-appreciated aspect and people will reward that kind of behavior. 

    Domain Details

    We at Cyber Scam Review pay a lot of attention to the small details and always try our best in analysing the website structure of the crooks. Many times, we do find a lot of valuable clues which will eventually lead us to the kind of strategies exploited by them. The people who are behind CPL One are incredibly clever and it is evident by the way they have masked their details in the domain registration process.

    Many big firms also hide their details or mask them for privacy concerns. However, the fraud firms like the one we are exposing utilize privacy reasons to do their dirty deeds. Fortunately, as their website received a lot of traffic, there are heaps of data about the steps taken by them to date.

    They have focused heavily on getting traffic from Google and YouTube. Also, they have done a lot of paid ads via PTC sites as well. Take a look at the following table to know specific details about their targeting mechanism. 

    • Domain – Cplone.com
    • Registered On – 14/11/2019
    • Expiry – 14/11/2021
    • Alexa Global Rank – 48,994
    • Rank in Egypt – 4,906
    • Target Audience – Egypt, Indonesia, and Venezuela

    User Feedback

    Instant gratification is a curse that many people in the current generation have. Whenever we see a cool product or new money making opportunity, we are eager to try it out, right? While the basic tendencies of humans cannot be changed, we need to be rational while making decisions or else it will inflict a deep scar on our pockets. To gauge the reputation and reliability aspects of a firm, always check for customer feedback.

    Note that customer reviews can be manipulated to a certain extent so we cannot recommend you trust them blindly, but in most cases, it will give you the real form of the aspects mentioned above. CPL One doesn’t have much user generated content online and the reasons behind it are unknown.

    Thankfully, every platform is not vulnerable to attacks from this entity. Check out the comment made by users on Trustpilot and Cybertrace.com.au about this firm. They are both insightful and sad.

    Sooner or later there will be another name change and the trail of carnage will continue. Lloyd Turner, Jordan Grey, David Warner, David Fletcher, Mathhew Bennet, James Shaw, Chad Silver and Tristen are some of the names this pack of thieves use. Stay away from CPlone, if you already made a deposit and you were conned out of your money or you have a hard time making a withdrawal you can çontaçt PrivyCript to help you get it resolved. It is unlikely that anyone from cplone had association with Google in the past. They are simply cyber-enabled thieves.

    CPL one scammed me recently as well! Luckily they only got $200USD sign up fee. On my first call with them they pressured me into spending my entire savings – $3000 on this. Luckily I didn’t go through with it – red flag was that they were extremely insistent on spending as much as possible. Were very convincing, don’t be fooled! Their website looks quite legitimate too. And lady I spoke too was very convincing, telling me stories of other Aussies who have allegedly invested and been super successful. When I asked where she was from, she hesitated then said UK, so probably a lie and probably operate from many locations. And they always call from a private number – dodgy. Beware!

    Shady Promoters and Affiliates

    The role of promoters and marketers of this firm is beyond anyone’s imagination. In their initial days, this firm gave special attention to the marketing department and clearly, they did find a winning formula. In the online world, one of the most important aspects is perception.

    If people truly believe in a firm, then they will be more likely to invest more in it and stick around for a long period of time. Fake platforms like CPL One always offer fat commissions for affiliate marketers in order to grow their customer base at a rapid pace. The exact commission percentage is unknown but using history as a guide, it may be around as much as 15% to 20% of the revenue generated.

    Conflict of interest arises between the promoters and the public because of the money involved and at the end of the day, the public always gets hustled. So, don’t fall for the fake reviews and the enticing comments you might come across on the web with a referral link attached to it.  

    Recover Money from this Scam

    Day by day the number of fraudulent activities on the web is increasing. Millions of people are scammed or looted in one way or another other and sadly, most victims don’t know the ways of getting their funds back. To delay or avoid the easy tracking of transactions, the crooks have even expanded their operations to cryptocurrencies which provides them more room to breathe.

    Nonetheless, it doesn’t mean that they are invincible. In the initial days of the crypto boom, tracking was difficult. Now, thanks to many recovery agencies the scenario is entirely different and from tracking wire transfer, debit or credit card payments to cryptocurrencies, everything can be done. One of the quickest ways of recovering the funds back is by initiating a chargeback process if you have made the payment using credit cards.

    For other payment mechanisms, the process is different and a little complicated. If you need any assistance with the recovery process, get in touch with our experts. Just let us know the incident and few basic details and we will do the assessment for you free of cost. 

    CPL One linked to other Scams

    Ads Supply and CPL One are linked to various other scams in the sector which feature the same narratives, but use different brand and domain names. The names of the associated scams are mentioned below. All of the firms conning the people in the name of affiliate marketing appears to be owned by a single group of skilled scammers. They are tarnishing the name of legit organisations such as Click2sell.com and are mimicking their operational model too.

    If you ever land on their platform, there will be ad packages ranging from $200 all the way up to $25,000. The sales team of these firms are known to be aggressive and due to their commission structure, they will always encourage the clients to go with a costlier package. Regardless of the things they say, never fall into their trap, because if you do, then it is going to cost you a lot. 

    ZenGo Wallet Banner
    • Click2sell.eu
    • Click2sell.co

    Is CPL One a Scam?

    A big one. CPL One in simple terms is a make money online scam. Now because of the pandemic and ever-rising unemployment rate, many people are looking for ways to make money online. Thanks to the internet, it is possible to make more than enough money by running online stores, dropshipping, and other trendy online activities, but remember none of them are easy to crack at the beginning.

    A skill set is needed to climb up the ladder and the only way to learn the ropes is by doing it. Our advice to you is to start by selecting a niche you like and then focus on the value you can bring to the table. There may be few genuine courses that will help you but always say no to the ones which promise you easy results. Ad expenditure is also not always required and whether to spend money on it or not mainly depends upon your risk appetite and niche.

    If you have made up your mind to run ads then it is better to stick with the big guns like Google, Bing, YouTube, or Facebook as they are reliable and have been employed by a lot of big corporations. The key to profitable ads is quality data and metrics and as soon as you find your sweet spot, things will improve exponentially for you.

    Lastly, never go all in on any one ad campaign, instead start out by testing different approaches. Eventually, the time and results will show you the best ways of maintaining the campaign.


    CPL One is a fancy digital marketing tool that only benefits the creators and promoters. They have no extraordinary features and the amount of data provided by them to their users is vague and not sufficient by any means. Their packages are expensive and most of people have never received any positive ROI with them.

    Moreover, they display a lot of red flags and have clear connections with other scams in the industry. Given every fact about them, it will be a suicide mission if anyone deposits on their platform. So, turn down any offer these scammers might entice you with and spread the word by sharing this post with your social circle. 

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