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On October 5, 2023, one of our partners received the following complaint from a person who reported being scammed for $3800:

Hi there, I’m having difficulty determining if is a scam. Can you assist? I attempted to withdraw $1,000, but they’re asking me to deposit an additional $3,000 to upgrade to a higher plan, supposedly allowing me to withdraw. This seems suspicious. Can you offer some insight?

So, what is And is it a SCAM? Review was registered for one year on April 15, 2023, through NameSilo. protects it, while OVH SAS hosts it.

SimilarWeb ranked them at 6,319,620 globally and 92,849 in Egypt. In September 2023, they received 3.4K visits, probably many of which were from Egypt.

They currently have only one backlink from a web directory at

On Google, ten pages of the site are currently indexed, including the homepage, Contact Us page, Affiliate Programme page, log in, forgot password, and register pages, Terns & Conditions, About US page (two versions are indexed), and an FAQ page.

Content Analysis presents itself as an online investment platform that offers private transactions to its members and individuals personally invited by them. Every deposit made on the site is considered private, and the platform claims exemption from various US financial regulations, such as the US Securities Act of 1933 and others. It specifically states it’s not FDIC insured, nor is it a licensed bank or security firm.

The website emphasizes confidentiality, insisting that all information and communications from the platform remain private and are not to be regarded as solicitations for investments in jurisdictions where such offers might be deemed illegal. Furthermore, members’ data is pledged to be kept private, with the platform disclaiming any responsibility for data loss.

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    Members are urged not to post negative votes on public forums or rating sites without contacting the site’s administrators first. Additionally, the platform strictly prohibits SPAM, with violators facing immediate removal.

    The site’s frequently asked questions (FAQ) section provides basic information about account creation, investments, and withdrawals. The platform claims to be managed by a team of investment experts and states that funds are usually available within 12 business hours after withdrawal requests. also shares an email for support, ``, and an address: 79 Whatlington Road, Cothall, United Kingdom.

    Red Flags Indicative of a Scam

    1. Exemption from US Regulations: The platform’s claim to be exempt from multiple US financial regulations is a cause for concern, particularly for US-based investors. Such exemptions can leave investors without recourse in cases of fraud or misconduct.
    2. Lack of Licensing: Admitting openly that they aren’t FDIC-insured or affiliated with any licensed bank or security firm can be alarming. Such affiliations are often seen as a sign of trustworthiness in the investment world.
    3. Emphasis on Confidentiality: The strong emphasis on confidentiality and warnings against sharing negative experiences on public forums might be an attempt to suppress negative feedback or testimonials.
    4. Generic Statements: Phrases like “investment experts” without clear backgrounds or qualifications can indicate a lack of transparency about who’s managing the funds.
    5. Address Validity: The given address, 79 Whatlington Road, Cothall, United Kingdom, appears to be fake since it cannot be found on Google Maps.

    In conclusion, while presents itself as a convenient and lucrative investment opportunity, several red flags emerge from its content. Potential investors should approach cautiously, conduct thorough research, and possibly seek advice from financial professionals before making any commitments.

    Crypt Earn Reviews

    On Google, there are several results about, but none provide any clear indications of whether it is a scam.

    The only Crypt-Earn review is by Scamadviser, a platform designed to assess the legitimacy and safety of online websites.

    For, Scamadviser’s trust score is a mere 1 out of 100.

    The website’s description states that is a cryptocurrency trading and assets management company headquartered in the United Kingdom. They claim to provide a platform to invest money and earn daily profits.

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    Red Flags Pointed by Scamadviser

    Here are some of the red flags they point out:

    1. Low Traffic: Scamadviser has noted that the website doesn’t attract many visitors. Low traffic can be expected for new or niche websites, but if a site claims to be a significant player in its field, such low engagement is concerning.
    2. Shared Hosting with Low-rated Sites: The website is hosted on a server that contains many other low-rated websites. Sharing a server with potentially harmful sites can indicate lax oversight and pose security risks.
    3. Cryptocurrency Services: offers cryptocurrency-related information, products, and services. Given the number of fraudulent activities in the crypto sector, such services are deemed high-risk by Scamadviser.
    4. Domain Age: The website has only been around for about 5 months. Short-lived domains can signify scams, as fraudsters often set up temporary sites to trap victims and then shut them down.
    5. Data Security Concerns: The site offers data-sensitive services but is hosted on a shared server. This type of arrangement can pose significant security risks, as one compromised site on the server might give malicious actors access to all other sites hosted there.
    6. Registrar’s Reputation: The domain registrar facilitating has a history of hosting websites with low to very low review scores. This may suggest weak “Know Your Customer” processes.
    7. Low-level SSL Certification: Although the site has a valid SSL certificate (essential for data encryption), it’s a Domain Validated Certificate (DV SSL) provided by Let’s Encrypt, which is the most basic type. This level of certification doesn’t provide insights into the legitimacy of the organization behind the website.

    Considering the low trust score and the points highlighted above, it would be prudent to exercise extreme caution when interacting with or considering any investments on

    Crypt Earn Review Conclusion

    In light of the comprehensive evaluation presented above, raises many unsettling red flags. The platform’s legitimacy is deeply suspect, from hiding behind the veil of anonymity and touting questionable exemptions from US financial regulations to glaring inconsistencies in their presented information and warnings against public feedback.

    Their short domain lifespan shared hosting with dubious sites, and lack of transparent company details further cement these concerns. The alarmingly low trust score from Scamadviser, combined with the site’s low engagement, should not be overlooked.

    Bottom Line

    Due diligence is paramount in the ever-evolving world of cryptocurrency and online investments. Potential investors must prioritize their safety and financial well-being above all, and in this instance, it is advisable to proceed with heightened caution and skepticism.

    Before entrusting any platform with funds, always ensure rigorous research and consultation with financial professionals. Given the findings on, caution and circumspection cannot be stressed enough.

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