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Recently, one of our partners received several complaints regarding

The first complainer was scammed for $167. They write:

Good day. Someone sent me a friend request on Facebook, and I later discovered she is a trade management advisor at She messaged me, saying I had to pay a registration fee of 1,000 Philippine pesos to open a trading account. After that, Kryptoapex FX sent an email instructing me to pay an additional 8,500 Philippine pesos to upgrade my trading account to “classical.”

A few hours later, the trade advisor asked me to check my dashboard to see if my trading account looked correct. She then guided me on how to withdraw funds, assuring me that the money would be directly sent to my GCash account number, but this didn’t happen. Instead, Kryptoapex FX sent another email demanding a payment of 25,000 Philippine pesos to release the supposed profits of 198,000 Philippine pesos.

I haven’t made this payment because it seems suspicious. I have already spent a total of 9,500 Philippine pesos, and I hope to recover this lost money.

The second complainer reported losing $152:

I became a new member of Krypto Apex Fx last week, introduced to the business by Mrs. Alyssa from Instagram. She identified herself as a Trading Consultant based in Utah, USA, offering to assist me in making profits on the platform in exchange for a 10% commission. According to the Krypto Apex Fx dashboard, I earned a profit of 200 USD. Unfortunately, I’ve been unable to withdraw it, even when attempting to withdraw only my initial deposit. Mrs. Alyssa informed me that to withdraw the money, an additional deposit of 300 USD is required by the system.

Currently, something feels off. I have tried reaching out to Krypto Apex Fx via email, WhatsApp, and their Chat Services, but have received no responses. My only communication has been with Mrs. Alyssa. Honestly, I urgently need my deposit returned as my family and I are in significant need of the money.

So what is Krypto Apex Fx, and is really a SCAM? Review was registered on June 2, 2021, through NameCheap. A Privacy service provided by Withheld for Privacy ehf protects it.

It has a 2% SEMrush Authority Score with 2 backlinks: one from and one from a web directory.

On Google, the homepage, Login page, Registration page, About Us page, FAQ page, T&C page, Contact Us page, Payment Policy page, AML Policy page, and Privacy Policy page are indexed. Let’s delve deeper into each one of them to learn more about Krypto Apex FX.

Content Analysis

Kryptoapexfx presents itself as an international investment company that specializes in cryptocurrency trading, mining, and related financial services. Officially registered in the United States, the company claims to have been operational since October 2016, with substantial industry experience and professional traders and miners around the globe.

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    However, as we’ve seen, their domain was registered in 2021, not 2016.

    The company boasts a significant clientele, mentioning high client satisfaction and substantial funds under their management.

    The website emphasizes the security of transactions and client information, asserting the implementation of robust encryption methods and powerful financial backing from world-renowned financial institutions. Their services are portrayed as innovative and comprehensive, providing powerful tools and real-time market data across desktop, web, and mobile platforms to empower investors and traders.

    Kryptoapexfx clarifies that it is not a bank, nor does it operate like a High Yield Investment Program (HYIP). It provides detailed information regarding its payment policies, stipulating responsibilities, payment methods, processing times, and the associated risks and liabilities concerning deposits and withdrawals. Contact details, such as

    • a phone number (+18122030938) – an Indiana number
    • an email address (
    • as well as a physical address (6595 Boles Road, Johns Creek, GA 3009) – according to Google Maps, this looks like a residential address

    are listed on the website.

    Red Flags

    Despite the professional portrayal, additional red flags raise concerns regarding the legitimacy of Kryptoapexfx. The website content is marred with inconsistencies, poor grammar, and spelling errors, which is atypical of a professional financial institution. The absence of explicit regulatory information, licenses, or associations with regulatory bodies also questions their credibility and adherence to standard financial regulations and consumer protections.

    Another point of concern is the lack of transparency regarding the investment’s exact nature and operational specifics, leaving potential investors without a clear understanding of the risks and strategies involved. Moreover, the explicit disclaimer emphasizing the company’s detachment from responsibility in various scenarios, such as technical errors, payment delays, and third-party actions, appears to protect the company more than the client.

    In conclusion, while Kryptoapexfx attempts to project a strong, secure, and innovative investment platform, critical analysis suggests a need for caution due to the absence of regulatory information, lack of operational transparency, and various content-related inconsistencies and disclaimers that seem more self-serving than client-protective.

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    Additional Red Flags

    1. Absence of Specific Team Details: There’s a lack of detailed information about the team or the professional traders and miners they claim to have worldwide. Legitimate companies usually provide information about their team, experience, and professional backgrounds, lending credibility to their operations.
    2. Unverifiable Claims: The company makes numerous claims about its experience, security, and capabilities, but there is no way to verify these independently. The claimed partnerships or backing from “world-renowned” financial institutions are not specified or substantiated.
    3. Unclear Business Model: The business model and strategy remain vague, as the website does not detail how profits are generated. It’s a major red flag when a financial company does not clearly outline how it operates and makes profits.
    4. Pressure Tactics: The website seems to employ pressure tactics such as asserting its offer is a “limited time opportunity,” pushing potential investors to make hasty decisions based on urgency rather than careful consideration.
    5. Unrealistic Promises: Offering guaranteed profits and daily remittances raises alarms, as investments always come with some level of risk. Such promises can be indicative of Ponzi schemes or other fraudulent activities.
    6. Website Quality: The website’s overall quality, including its design, user interface, and content presentation, seems below par compared to legitimate investment companies, raising questions about its professionalism and seriousness.

    Considering these red flags, exercising extreme caution and conducting thorough due diligence before engaging with Kryptoapexfx or similar entities is highly advised to avoid potential scams or fraudulent activities.

    Krypto Apex Fx Reviews

    The Google search results for “” display a limited number of relevant links, indicating a low online presence and potentially reflecting a lack of credibility or established reputation.

    Scam Detector

    One of the notable entries is from Scam Detector, a platform that assesses the legitimacy of various online services and websites. They appear to have reviewed to determine its legitimacy, which could be insightful in assessing the website’s trustworthiness.

    The review from Scam Detector raises several concerns about the legitimacy and operational integrity of The website scored 47.7 out of 100 in Scam Detector’s ranking, positioning it as a medium-risk website and urging caution for potential investors or users. The score indicates several underlying risks associated with the website, as identified through a comprehensive algorithm analyzing various influential factors within the investment industry.

    Notably, the “Proximity to Suspicious Websites” score is a crucial metric that reflects the website’s association with potentially malicious online entities.’s proximity score wasn’t considered highly dangerous, but it still signals a level of risk. This is due to associations, possibly unintentional, with servers, IP addresses, or connections linked to flagged or dubious sites, which can cause concern.

    Furthermore, the website’s operational and technical aspects, such as Threat profile, Phishing profile, Malware, and Spam scores, indicate risks pertaining to security and potential harm to users. These metrics, derived from the website’s internal elements and associations, show the potential presence of malicious elements such as malware, or associations with reported spam activities, which could pose user risks.

    The overall low score, coupled with specific risk factors highlighted in the review, casts doubts over the website’s trustworthiness and safety, recommending caution and thorough evaluation before engaging with In conclusion, potential users and investors are advised to exercise caution, considering the website’s doubtful reputation and the presence of multiple risk factors, as per the Scam Detector’s review.


    There are also references to the website on Facebook, linked with user profiles and pages such as “Mohammed Kelsey” and “Crowd 1 investment,” which might indicate some user interactions or promotional activity on social media platforms.

    The Facebook page of Mohammed Kelsey shows an association with, as mentioned in the user’s intro and workplace. The user’s posts seem repetitive and inconclusive, primarily consisting of dates, non-descriptive content, and multiple “Learn More” links without clear context or information. No substantial content or detailed information is provided in the visible posts to derive any significant insights or conclusions regarding the user or The repetitive nature and lack of clarity in the posts could be a point of caution, suggesting the possibility of it being automated or non-authentic activity.

    The Facebook page “Crowd 1 investment” is associated with and describes itself as an investment service where participants can win various prizes like cars and houses. However, a lack of substantial content or reviews on the page makes it challenging to assess its legitimacy or effectiveness. The page has limited engagement, with only 15 likes and followers, and the posts available are cryptic and non-informative, which might raise doubts about the page’s credibility and the nature of the investment it promotes.

    Another listing comes from, providing website information, whois records, and more analytical data about, which could be useful for technical analysis of the website’s background, ownership, and operational details.

    Lastly, a result from Web Paranoid indicates that there might be associated scam risks, mentioning that has one or more scam website neighbors, raising questions about its association or proximity to potentially dubious online entities.

    Complaints We Received

    On November 30, 2023, we received the following complaint regarding a website at

    Someone sent me a friend request on Facebook under the name Miss Williams Jessica. She introduced herself as the CEO of and as a trader. She mentioned that I needed to pay 2,000 Philippine Pesos to create an account and start investing. Later, she asked for an additional payment of 5,000 Philippine Pesos, promising that I could withdraw my profits within three days. However, I was unable to make a withdrawal. Instead, she instructed me to send more money via GCash to top up my account, which eventually totaled 250,000.00 Philippine Pesos. Until now, I have not been able to make a withdrawal. They continually offer various excuses, including one from a person named Mr. Smith David.

    Krypto Apex FX Review Conclusion

    In the unraveling tapestry of, threads of inconsistency and ambiguity are alarmingly prominent. While initially captivating, the virtual facades of professionalism and security seem to deteriorate under scrutiny, revealing a backdrop marked by regulatory voids, content discrepancies, and a haze of operational opacity.

    The individuals entwined in their narratives, marked by a painful interplay of hope and disillusionment, paint a troubling portrait. Though independently trodden, their paths converge at the crossroads of unfulfilled promises and obstructed withdrawals, fostering a landscape ripe with skepticism. The unsettling silence from the official channels of Kryptoapexfx further amplifies the echoes of uncertainty, leaving the seekers in a tumultuous limbo of questions and losses.

    Navigating the digital footprints of Kryptoapexfx unveils a terrain marked by red flags and cautionary tales. The unverified claims, mired by the shadows of unrealistic promises and pressure tactics, tend to blur the lines between genuine offerings and potentially deceptive landscapes. In this case, the realms of social media, often a mirror reflecting the multi-dimensional aspects of entities, seem to amplify the ambiguities, marked by profiles and pages that seem more like cryptic canvases rather than transparent windows into business ethos.

    The Bottom Line regarding Krypto Apex FX

    Our analytical odyssey through the realms of Kryptoapexfx leaves us on thresholds of caution. The journey, marked by explorations of reviews, user experiences, and web analyses, seems to steer the compass toward vigilance subtly.

    In the echoing silences, the cryptic communications, and the labyrinth of unverified claims, the seekers of financial prosperity may find the maps of due diligence and critical evaluation to be their most steadfast allies. Thus, in the theater of investments, where the acts of integrity and deception unfold on the diverse stages of opportunity, the discerning eyes of inquiry may well be the guardians of financial well-being.

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