Review – Ponzi Scam with a Twist

2020-21 is a year that has worked out very well for all of the top cryptocurrencies. Though many people missed the perfect entry on Bitcoin, they are trying their best to capture the gains in other altcoins that cost considerably small capital compared to Bitcoin. portrays themselves like a cloud mining solution that primarily mines Ethereum.

They have all the telltale signs of a ponzi scheme and the fact becomes obvious once you take a look at their profit claims. There are a couple of registration details featured by them, but upon close inspection, the certificates turned out to be nothing more than a well designed trap to lure in the newbies. Clearly, the activities they are conducting is illegal and anyone that sends money to them is highly likely to lose it all.

The digital currency sector is still young and as a result, it is experiencing a tremendous amount of incoming volume and volatility. Things like mining or trading top coins are not that easy and if you get started with it without knowing the risks, things might turn into a nightmare soon.

So, treat the trading instruments with utmost care and if you do not have a solid hedging plan, then it might be better to walk away from the markets. As far as this firm goes, uncover their actual goals and intentions by reading the information below. Review

Is Really Regulated? features a certificate of incorporation in the United Kingdom on their website. They also claim to be regulated in the United States, but there isn’t any supporting evidence attached with their statements. Thanks to the way the regulatory bodies work, it wasn’t hard to verify their actual status and the end results were something that is heartbreaking for all the clients that deposited with them without knowing the truth.

This platform is an unregulated entity and it is using questionable marketing tactics along with an outright criminal operational model to make immense returns. Things like segregated bank accounts, third party audits or trading history are not something this firm adores.

At the end of the day, the creators are working only for their selfish needs and once the situation creates too much tension, the whole platform will disappear overnight. The dangers of dealing with offshore or unlicensed firms are immeasurable and as such, you should never dare to test your luck with them. 

Support and Contact Details

One thing that is well appreciated by the public especially in the realm of online investing is the customer support aspect. Quite often, many newbies have various questions and it does feel nice to have the issues at hand resolved immediately. Most regulated brokers offer multilingual support along with other options such as Live Chat and email support in order to improve the user experience.

This mining platform features certain contact details and claims to be located in two countries. However, during our investigation, we were unable to reach them or get a reply back from them. The kind of treatment we received proves that they are unreliable and if you face any trouble, they will not even care to reply.

Remember, their platform is active only to benefit them and for customers it is always going to be a highly risky venture. Let us know in the comments section below about your thoughts on the way their platform is structured. 

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    • Address(UK) – 31 Beaufort Road, London, United Kingdom, W5 3EB
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    Mining and Trading Process

    Ethereum mining like Bitcoin mining is a complicated strategy and day by day, the difficulty is going higher. Comparatively speaking, the entry barrier might be lower, but the risk present is way above normal and most retail investors wouldn’t be comfortable with that kind of exposure. The rising cost along with wear and tear charges have made it almost impossible for the little guys to make money and unless you have a huge capital, it is not worth the hassles to bother with it.

    This firm claims to make the mining process easier and they are said to be involved with trading as well. However, there is no evidence that suggests that they have any involvement with any of the activities mentioned above. For starters, their mining farms and the equipment configurations are not revealed. The profits they supposedly generate is above 200% on a weekly basis which is ridiculous. Moreover, their involvement with the trading activity is also unverifiable.

    Along with all the uncertainties highlighted, the transparency aspect is also absent and the number of concerns just keeps going up. Trading altcoins is no joke and as they haven’t revealed any of their previous positions, it is impossible to gauge their performance. Undeniably, the kind of characteristics they feature is uncomfortable to say the least and that kind of strange attitude towards the public should give you a glimpse of their ugly agendas. Profit Targets

    Crypto markets are new and compared to the traditional instruments, the market cap size is almost negligible. As the whole sector is new, the volatility is high and it reacts very aggressively to news events. The surge in volatility is being used by a lot of expert day traders to make hundreds of thousands of dollars in a short period of time.

    While it is true that some professionals are making huge returns, it doesn’t mean that everyone can pull the task off. This platform promises returns that range between 20% daily to 100% after 72 hours. The numbers shown are certainly stunning, but any rational person would never be enticed by that because he or she already knows that the entire narrative is fake.

    Doubling your capital twice on a weekly basis is an impossible task and anyone that encourages this perspective does not know anything about the reality of the markets. Ignore their fancy claims and instead understand that the only way to create wealth is to play for the long term horizon. Also risk management is an important topic to learn and once you understand the power of a balanced portfolio, then you can easily use the markets to reach your goals.

    Partnership Programs and many other ponzi schemes get a ton of web traffic and the reason behind that is the affiliate program. The marketers that drive traffic to bogus platforms like these are paid handsomely for their task and they all will make money at the expense of gullible new investors.

    Promoters are said to be paid between 7% to 13% of the revenue amount and that’s a huge number. Since this whole business model is illegal, the kind of networks they use to market their firms are also shady. So, if you come across any manipulative content that speaks good about them, then for your own safety click away from it.

    ZenGo Wallet Banner

    From email marketing to social media platforms, the crooks have breached every mode of communication and sadly, the trend is still going strong. Don’t forget to block them if they ever take the first step towards you and if you are feeling pressurised, then immediately report them to the appropriate authorities. 

    How does Make Money? in simple words is a ponzi program. By nature, they are designed in such a way that it has to bite the dust for sure and the end will come once their user base has reached the saturation point. In other words, timing is a crucial part for fake platforms like these and they have a very limited lifespan. So, to make the best out of the existing situation, they have to ask fast and that’s where the ponzi model comes in.

    They are creating cash flow by using the money brought in by the new investor to pay out the other participants. The typical pyramid structure does pay well for the founders and the promoters as they are skimming at each transaction. However, for the majority of the users that have joined late, the results are going to be not only risky, but also almost guaranteed to fail.

    The equation used by this platform is not a complicated one, but sadly most people will never be able to control the temptations and they will fall prey to the greed aspect. To make the whole scheme work more efficiently and anonymously, they take deposits from the people only in the form of cryptocurrencies. 

    Get your Money back from Scam 

    Scammers are clearly evolving with time and the internet has made it easier than ever before for them to achieve their goals. From fake shopping websites to all kinds of sectors, almost every field is targeted by crooks and the government hasn’t been able to handle the situation well. On the bright side, the banks have understood the intensity and the domino effect of the problem and as a result, they have come up with few quick solutions.

    The consumer protection laws are being implemented more efficiently and for any kind of transactions done through credit cards, the chargeback process will easily fix the situation. This platform is relatively complicated compared to other scams in the industry. They accept cryptocurrencies only, but thankfully the transactions can be traced and in time, the culprits can be pointed out.

    The crypto forensic tools available at the disposal of many recovery agencies are solid and in less than a couple of weeks, the entire flow can be gathered. However, do not delay when it comes to taking action because the more time you give the crooks, the easier it will be for them to escape from the crime scene. If you are a victim of this platform or if you have lost money to any fraudulent website online, get in touch with our team for a free consultation via the contact form below.

    Verdict is not involved with any reputable crypto exchanges. Their mining claims and accomplishments are fake and the creators are still unknown. The legal certificates featured by them are all fabricated pieces of information flaunted by them to mislead the public. More importantly, note that they do not have any real source of income or cash flow.

    The ponzi model is statistically flawed and even if they could remain afloat for a while. Ultimately, the end will be cruel for the majority of the participants and that is a fact. So, never fall victim to their aggressive marketing campaigns and sales team. The double digit or triple digit returns might look good on paper, but unless you have a real skill set it is impossible to sustain them over the long run. 

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