Crypto OnlineTrade Review – Scam Exposed

The internet is filled with amazing opportunities that can help people make any income relevant to the sectors they want to get into. However, if you take the wrong step, the scammers will bleed your bank account and cause immense damage. Today, we want to expose a scam that features not vague but irrelevant narratives, and the platform’s name is Crypto OnlineTrade (

This website is popular and gets a lot of traffic from all over the world. They mainly accept deposits via cryptocurrencies to ensure the maximum level of anonymity. Also, the management side of this platform is unknown, and once you go through the entire report, you will understand all of their motives. According to their explanation, they are said to be simultaneously involved with Paid to Click niche and the cryptocurrency trading sector.

Needless to say, there isn’t any evidence to back up any of the things they showcase on their website. Moreover, their policies regarding deposits and investment schemes are vague and highly biased too. We can guarantee that anyone who deposits with them will almost lose money. To know certain hidden secrets of this firm, continue reading; it will give you a complete perspective.

Crypto OnlineTrade Review

How does Crypto OnlineTrade Work?

There are two kinds of explanations provided by them. Funnily enough, both of them are vague and do not make any logical sense. First, they claim to be involved with the Paid to Click sector, but somehow, they moved on to crypto asset management.

Their explanation proves that the people running this hustle do not know anything about the aspects they are talking about, and their only goal is to loot innocent people. 


Paid-to-click platforms have been around for decades together, and the legitimate ones provide people an opportunity to make money with them. However, the income from those sites will never be high enough to replace your job, and that is just a fact. The connection or the link between the PTC segment and this firm is unknown, and as they haven’t given any information on the parties they are linked with, it is unwise to trust any of their statements.

If big brands and advertisers pay them, why are they hesitant to publicize the names? Wouldn’t the transparency part improve the trust score of this platform? They have not showcased any proof because all of their narratives are imaginary, and there is no denying that.

Cryptocurrency Trading

Cryptocurrencies have had a phenomenal year, and every day, the number of retail investors getting in onto the scene is increasing. While a few lucky early adopters and clever trading professionals made money, most retail clients have lost their funds. So, do not jump on to the fancy things in the financial sector without knowing the risk rewards ratios.

This firm claims to be involved in crypto trading, supposedly generating more than 550% returns after 14 days. They also claim to be in the UK and are supposedly regulated in the same region. To verify what they were peddling, we thoroughly checked, and the data proved that they were indeed bluffing. At the end of the day, do not believe anything you see on this platform, and even if something is appealing, understand that it is nothing more than a trap.

Is there any Proof?

Evidence is necessary in the field of finance. Everyone maintains a transparent record to further their cause, from investment banks to the top proprietary traders. While surfing this platform, we checked every nook and corner to find verifiable track records or details to back up their alleged accomplishments.

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    Usually, reputable account management services feature fund managers’ performance, trading records, and license details. On this website, we didn’t find any important legal documents. Moreover, there wasn’t anything that could have enhanced their credibility as well. For a firm that claims to generate as much as 500% in less than 14 days, it was unjustifiable not to feature any evidence, and that kind of behavior tells us a lot about them.

    The top investment banks get their books audited at least once yearly to adhere to the current set of laws. However, fake platforms like this do not care about the rules, so never mess around with them.

    Crypto OnlineTrade Background Checks

    While there is tons of information featured on their website, the surprising thing about them is that none of the information presented is verifiable. For starters, they have masked the details of their whereabouts in the domain registration process for obvious reasons. The founder’s identity is not revealed. Their registration number is unknown, and their regulatory status is a lie.

    With so many noticeable flaws at first glance, it is no wonder that they do not like transparency. Any investment platform that has the best interest of its clients in their mind will always do anything it takes to earn their trust. The legit platforms have a prominent social media presence, and they link out to the social media handles of their staff to boost their credibility.

    When looking at a new platform, try to assess its transparency factor, and if things do not add up, simply avoid them. After all, the fund recovery process does take some solid time and involves a lot of effort.

    Support Team

    There are quite a few contact information shown on their website. For any newbie, the available information might be convincing enough to go forward with them. However, you can easily spot flaws if you have a trained eye and curious nature. First and foremost, their phone number is not functional, and the only way to get a response is via email.

    Their communication is structured towards badgering people to invest with them, and they never reply to complaints or queries unless they are willing to make a deposit. If you ever get an email from them, do not click on any links. Also, do not give them access to any of your confidential information.

    The behavior of these crooks and the usage of high-pressure tactics clearly show that they have no regard for moral values. For any reason, if you want their contact information, then know that it will be listed below.

    ZenGo Wallet Banner
    • Address – 217 Summit Boulevard Birmingham, AL 35243
    • Phone – +1 (818) 927-0959

    MLM/Referral Scheme

    This platform has a very lucrative referral program, with more than 10 levels in the recruiting scheme. Any marketer promoting this investment scheme will make huge money without carrying any risk due to how the referral compensation is set up. Note that we are not against affiliate marketing, but whenever a Ponzi scheme is being marketed as a referral program, that is where we draw the line.

    Marketers of this bogus platform get 5% of the revenue they bring to the platform, and many additional benefits are provided to them in the form of bonuses and perks. The affiliates of this platform are the ones that create fake reviews about this platform, and the only motive is quick money. So, be very careful if you encounter any website or forum promoting them. After all, you cannot trust anyone with a clear conflict of interest, right?

    Hidden Fees and Conditions

    The policies regarding the deposits and withdrawals of this Ponzi scheme are outrageous. For example, if anyone wants to liquidate their holdings immediately, they must pay 20% of the total withdrawable amount as charges. Crypto OnlineTrade is a Ponzi scheme, and its cash flow highly depends on the number of new clients joining it.

    They will cease their operation once the number goes down and disappear with all the cash. Their flimsy policies will help them till they bite the dust and have created a perfect environment for them to flourish. Before investing with any platform, thoroughly review the policies and ensure you understand the risks involved.

    Sometimes, the concepts discussed will be complicated, and the fine details might confuse and overwhelm you. To be safer, always take advice from licensed financial advisers and never trust the things or claims you see online. 

    Crypto OnlineTrade User Feedback

    Crypto OnlineTrade has managed to keep a low profile despite the traffic they get. We do not know the methods they employ to erase information about themselves, but we strongly believe it will be borderline criminal. A few positive reviews are online, with a referral link attached.

    In other words, the crooks are twisting the general consensus in their favor, and you should be careful before trusting any random comment. You can go to Trustpilot to see the general opinion about this firm, which is as expected only. Many victims think there is no way to track the funds and make the crooks pay.

    However, the reality is a bit different, and thanks to many crypto-intelligence firms, tracking is now easier and faster. If you have lost funds to them, let our experts do all the work for you for free. Use the contact form featured on our website to contact them and tell us a few transaction details. We will start our investigation as soon as we have the data and regularly update you on the situation.

    On August 18, 2023, we received the following complaint:

    I’ve invested in your company for two years and have a profile. However, despite my inactivity for some time, I’ve been unable to withdraw my capital or collect my profit to reinvest. I am deeply upset about this situation.

    Crypto OnlineTrade Review Conclusion

    Crypto OnlineTrade is not a reward website or a crypto broker. This platform is a Ponzi program; they only exist to con people and make a fortune for themselves. As they say on their homepage, they have not paid 26 million dollars, but they might have lost a couple of millions from the public in the name of investments.

    Their agendas are filthy, and clients that stick with them for any duration are guaranteed to lose their money. Moreover, as the crooks behind the hustle are skilled, it might take a long period for the police to find them and make them suffer the consequences of their actions.

    So, do not get stuck with this fraud platform, especially when many legit ones are available. The returns might not be great on the regulated channels, but at the end of the day, reliability will be there, and security will be given the highest priority.

    Please comment below if you have fallen victim to online scams. If you have suffered a substantial financial loss, do not despair. We are here to assist you in recovering your funds!

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