Crypto Mining FX Review: Red Flags Uncovered

In general, the world of crypto mining and cryptocurrency has been littered with scams and get-rich-quick schemes that many people fall for. One of the biggest ones I can think of was the Bitconnect Scam of $2.4 billion in 2018. But don’t think that all scams happen on such a large scale. Many small sites sell crypto mining, trading, and investing while providing nothing to their consumers. In this Crypto Mining FX review, we’ll look at some of the factors that make the cryptocurrency investment site at appear scammy.

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Crypto Mining FX Overview is a cryptocurrency investment website that offers various investment strategies like crypto, forex, commodities, and stocks. According to the site, they are a proven online trading platform that allows you to invest in and trade several cryptocurrencies.

The company was founded in 2013 as a digital currency wallet where you can store your crypto, convert it, and buy and sell it.

Immediately, several inconsistencies arise. A search shows that the site was registered in 2023. Hence, it’s unlikely that the company started in 2013.

Red Flags of Crypto Mining FX

Here are some of the red flags that stood out:

Site Registered to High-Risk Country

According to, the site is registered to Plinth Tech, located in Benin City, Nigeria. This area is known for scams, and their primary “tech” website is likely a scam. Analytics Insight deems Nigeria one of the highest-risk countries for online scams.

Look at the primary Plinth Tech website. You’ll see that it’s a massive e-commerce website offering refurbished tech products like Samsung Galaxy phones at unusually low prices.

Likely, you never receive these products, or you do, and they are not the product you expected. While we’re unable to find any reviews stating that, the site itself has very few reviews which tells us that it may be a front for something else.

Extremely Slow Loading

Right away, I noticed the poor performance of the site. It took nearly 30 seconds for the main page to load. Regarding trading and investing websites, they’re always fast, functional, and easy to use because they need to be. As soon as you click through to this site, you immediately start losing trust in its performance.

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    Completely Fake “Meet The Team” Page

    Their About page appears to be fake, with fake profiles, duplicate names, and biographies that all say the same thing.

    Who loves or pursues desire obtain pain of itself, because it because occasionally occur which toil and procure.

    This is the biography for each person on the About Us page.

    You can tell that they found these photos somewhere and put them on the site to try and build trust, but anyone with a little bit of knowledge can tell they are stock photos.

    Fake Reviews on the Site

    According to the “About page,” Richard Antony is the founder of the company. He’s also left reviews of his company under his name on the website. Many of the reviews from other people appear to be clearly fake as well, providing very general feedback and using phrases like “freeing me from financial bondage.”

    Here is an example of a review from “Teena Venanda:”

    Must explain too you how ut mistaken idea denouncing sed pleasure & praising pain was and we will give all actual human

    Not to mention the fact that the image from the review is the alleged “owner” of the company.

    No Social Media Links

    This website’s social media links are broken, which is unusual. Even using a Google search, we could not find any real social media profiles for this company.

    Google Voice Phone Number

    We called the phone number listed on the website, and it connects to a Google Voice number which tells us it’s a private number and they don’t want to be tracked. An official crypto mining website would have a direct phone line and customer service options.

    ZenGo Wallet Banner

    After receiving a call from a different number, we used a reverse phone call lookup and were immediately hung up when we questioned the person who answered.

    No Traffic

    The site has very little traffic and doesn’t rank for any keywords. It’s very new and has a domain rating of 15, which is quite high, given the scammy nature of the website.

    According to Ahrefs research, the site has 13 backlinks and 8 referring domains and receives four visitors per month on average.

    Many of the referring domains are also questionable because they are low quality and do not have any traffic:


    Crypto Mining FX Reviews

    There are a handful of negative reviews online on, but even those reviews lack authenticity because they promote other platforms.

    One example from Damon J. on Sitejabber says:

    This is an illegitimate platform. It is nothing more than a hoax. It is built to cheat and fool people. There are genuine places like It is 100% safe and authentic.

    But, if we go to, it takes you to an expired domain, so it’s likely that this was not a reputable site either. Leaving reviews that promote other scammy websites can cause users to choose one over the other, further taking them down the rabbit hole and leading them into other scams.

    Using various scam-detecting tools, we picked up on a handful of reasons why this website is a scam:

    • Website located in a high-risk country
    • The server has other high-risk websites
    • Negative reviews
    • The website has too many reviews for being this young
    • The age of the site is very young
    • Lacking transparent ownership data
    • No real contact information

    Complaints We Received

    On September 13, a victim of Crypto Mining FX left the following reply on our partner’s Quedexlub Review:

    CryptominingFX scammed me for $12,500. These people still contact me even after I’ve blocked them on several platforms.

    Final Thoughts about Crypto Mining FX

    In a comprehensive evaluation of Crypto Mining FX, several alarming red flags come to the forefront, collectively suggesting a high likelihood of fraudulent activity. Firstly, the website’s registration to a company called Plinth Tech, located in Benin City, Nigeria, a region notorious for various scams, immediately casts doubt on its credibility.

    The site’s remarkably sluggish loading speed, taking nearly 30 seconds to access its main page, starkly contrasts with the typically fast and functional nature of legitimate trading and investing platforms, eroding trust in its reliability.

    Moreover, the “Meet The Team” page raises further concerns as it is replete with fabricated profiles featuring duplicate names and generic biographies that appear to be drawn from stock photos.

    This clear attempt to deceive visitors and instill a false sense of trust undermines the site’s integrity. The presence of fake reviews on the platform, including those purportedly written by the company’s founder, Richard Antony, and others that offer vague, overly positive feedback using phrases like “freeing me from financial bondage,” raises suspicions about the authenticity of user testimonials.

    Additionally, the absence of functional social media links on the website and the inability to locate any genuine social media profiles associated with the company are highly unusual and indicate a lack of transparency.

    Lastly, using a Google Voice phone number rather than a direct and traceable phone line further deepens the skepticism surrounding Crypto Mining FX. An official and reputable crypto mining website typically provides clear customer service options.

    Bottom Line

    Given these red flags and the complete absence of web traffic, it becomes evident that Crypto Mining FX lacks the legitimacy and transparency expected from a trustworthy investment platform.

    Protect yourself by constantly being aware of the red flags raised by Crypto Mining FX. Look for these signals on every website to determine whether or not it’s legit.

    About the Author – George Reeves is a passionate advocate for online security, dedicated to educating the public about digital threats. As a freelance writer, he shares valuable insights to help readers stay safe in the digital landscape.

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