Planet Crypt Review: Anatomy of a Crypto Scam

In the volatile realm of cryptocurrency investing, promises of astonishing rewards often mask deceitful intentions. Planet Crypt ( is a prime example, enticing users with the allure of exceptionally high returns via Ethereum mining pools and staking rewards.

However, beneath its polished facade lies an intricate scam designed to siphon users’ funds. This exposé unravels the intricate workings of the Planet Crypt scam and furnishes you with essential tips to shield yourself from becoming a victim.

Planet Crypt Review

Planet Crypt Initial Findings

At first blush, Planet Crypt presents itself as an astute cryptocurrency investment platform, seemingly offering tantalizing returns on Ethereum deposits ranging from 1% to 4% daily. The meticulously crafted website showcases compelling statistics:

  • An ostensible user base numbering in the hundreds of thousands
  • Alleged pooled assets exceeding a staggering $260 million
  • Promised daily mining rewards of significant proportions

Regrettably, these statistics serve as mere window dressing. Users have reported earning profits for a brief month before the platform’s operators clandestinely drained their wallets.

Digging deeper, it becomes evident that Planet Crypt is nothing but a sham company with no tangible mining operations to speak of. The website, its ostensible statistics, and purported partnerships with renowned entities are all part of an elaborate charade orchestrated to ensnare unsuspecting depositors. As losses mount, the anonymous perpetrators vanish into the digital ether, leaving a trail of financial devastation in their wake.

How does the scam work?

The Planet Crypt crypto scam employs various cunning social engineering tactics to establish trust before making off with victims’ hard-earned savings. The following is an overview of how this deception ensnares its prey:

  1. Gaining trust through social media: The scam initiates subtly, with supposed “users” participating in cryptocurrency forums and social media groups, posing as everyday investors reaping rewards from its services. Over the course of several weeks, they cultivate trust by offering assistance, sharing screenshots of their returns, and guiding others to the website. This insidiously plants the notion that the website is a tried-and-true, legitimate venture.
  2. Funneling Victims to a Deceptive Website: Once individuals express interest, the scammers direct them to the polished Planet Crypt website, replete with:
      • Impressive metrics pertaining to user counts, asset accumulation, and mining rewards.
      • Company pages that seemingly list reputable partners

With no apparent red flags, victims gain a false sense of security and proceed to deposit their funds.

  1. Providing Returns to Foster Trust: Once enrolled, victims do indeed receive regular mining rewards, seemingly in line with the advertised returns of 1% to 2% daily, confirming the platform’s legitimacy. Some even decide to invest more, unaware that the scam operators are on the brink of absconding with their funds.
  2. Depleting All Wallet Balances: Once a significant sum accumulates in user wallets, the perpetrators execute their endgame. Exploiting vulnerabilities, they pilfer the entire contents of victims’ connected wallets without consent. With complete control of the fraudulent website, they disable withdrawals and vanish, absconding with the stolen deposits.

This crafty long-con ensures maximum theft by painstakingly cultivating trust before decimating victims’ financial holdings.


Here are the key claims and features typically associated with Planet Crypt, as outlined on their website:

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    • High Returns: Planet Crypt promises exceptionally high and consistent daily returns on Ethereum deposits, ranging from 1% to 4% or more. These returns are significantly higher than legitimate cryptocurrency investment platforms typically offer.
    • Large User Base: The website boasts a purportedly substantial user base, suggesting that it has attracted hundreds of thousands of users actively participating in its investment programs.
    • Substantial Asset Pool: The company claims to manage a substantial amount of pooled assets, with figures often cited in the hundreds of millions of dollars. This is intended to give the impression of financial stability and success.
    • Daily Mining Rewards: Users are led to believe that they will receive daily mining rewards due to their deposits. These rewards are described as substantial and contribute to the high returns promised by the platform.
    • Professional Website: The website is presented in a professional and convincing manner, with polished graphics, charts, and statistics. It often includes pages that showcase partnerships with well-known companies or organizations in the cryptocurrency industry.
    • Investment Opportunities: Planet Crypt offers various investment packages or plans, allowing users to choose the amount they want to invest and the expected returns they wish to receive.

    Planet Crypt Red flags

    While Planet Crypt goes to great lengths to masquerade as a legitimate entity, astute investors can remain vigilant by recognizing these telltale signs:

    • Recently Registered Domain: The domain was registered as recently as June 22, 2023, a common hallmark of a scam website engineered to deceive customers briefly before vanishing.
    • Guaranteed High Returns: Consistently earning 1% to 4%+ daily returns is implausible, even for seasoned crypto miners and traders. Legitimate platforms cannot assure such consistently exorbitant rewards over the long term.
    • Anonymous Team: The site provides no verifiable information regarding the company’s team, founders, or owners, a glaring red flag.
    • No Specifics on Mining Operations: The site alleges that pooled funds are deployed for Ethereum mining and staking, yet it offers no pertinent details on mining equipment, hash rate, staking validation methods, or the sustainability of such lofty returns.
    • No Revenue Streams: Planet Crypt offers no products, such as mining equipment or staking services, to generate revenue to fund seemingly extravagant returns. This renders its business model wholly unsustainable.
    • Fabricated Partnerships: Including logos from esteemed brands like CoinGecko, Huobi, and is a ruse; these partnerships are fabricated, with no endorsements from the respective companies.
    • Lack of Company Ownership: Public records fail to link Planet Crypt to any genuine individuals or registered business entities, a stark departure from the transparency of legitimate companies.
    • Funds Vanishing: Reports from users detailing the illicit draining of their wallet funds without consent constitute undeniable proof. No authentic investment platform would surreptitiously seize deposits in such a manner.


    Stay vigilant for these unmistakable signs to shield yourself from the financial ruination wrought by the Planet Crypt scam. Remember the timeless adage: If it appears too good to be true, it almost always is.

    Protect your investments, remain cautious, and consult trusted sources before engaging with any cryptocurrency investment platform. Your financial well-being depends on it.

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