No Refunds, No Trust - Review is a platform that offers crypto trading courses for users looking to enhance their knowledge and skills in cryptocurrency trading. At first glance, the website appears to be a comprehensive resource for learning about various aspects of crypto trading.

However, a deeper investigation reveals significant user dissatisfaction with the courses provided by Many users have reported that the content does not meet their expectations or deliver the promised value. Furthermore, numerous complaints about the platform’s refusal to process refund requests raise customer service and business practices concerns.

We strongly recommend reading our detailed review if you consider purchasing a course from Our insights will help you make a more informed decision and avoid the potential pitfalls of this platform. Ensure you understand the benefits and drawbacks before purchasing on

Overview of, a platform offering crypto trading courses, was created on June 9, 2002, giving it the appearance of an established website. However, several red flags raise concerns about its credibility and the quality of its offerings.

One major issue is the website’s hidden ownership. There is no information about who owns or who created the courses. This lack of transparency can be problematic for users seeking reliable and trustworthy resources.

The site’s poorly designed user interface makes it difficult to navigate effectively. Additionally, no customer support is available, leaving users without assistance if they encounter problems or have questions.

A deeper investigation reveals that lacks an official email address and a clearly defined headquarters. Furthermore, the website provides no information about its CEO or team, leaving users wondering who is behind the platform.

Users report that all courses are text-based and lack practical explanations, which insufficiently provide hands-on experience in crypto trading. Given these issues, potential users should proceed cautiously and thoroughly research before purchasing any courses from

Red flags

  1. Negative Feedback: Many users have expressed dissatisfaction with the courses offered by Feedback often highlights that the course content does not meet expectations lacks depth, and fails to deliver practical, actionable knowledge. This widespread negative feedback raises concerns about the overall quality and value of the educational materials provided.
  2. Refusing Money Back: A significant red flag for is its refusal to issue refunds. Numerous users report unsuccessful attempts to get their money back after dissatisfaction with the courses. This rigid no-refund policy suggests potential issues with the platform’s customer service and commitment to user satisfaction, further eroding trust in the site.
  3. Unclear About Section: The website lacks a clear and informative “About” section. No information about the company’s mission, vision, or the team behind the courses is provided. This absence of transparency makes it difficult for users to trust the platform and understand its background.
  4. No Customer Support: does not offer any customer support channels. Users cannot get assistance with their issues or questions, which can be particularly frustrating and problematic when they need help with course materials or have concerns about their purchases.
  5. No Social Media Presence: The platform has no social media presence, which is unusual for a modern educational service. This lack of social media presence limits user engagement and makes it difficult to verify the platform’s legitimacy and reputation through independent reviews and community feedback.

CryptoCode Reviews

On April 21, 2024, the following complaint was filed with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) regarding a cryptocurrency scam at by a person who reported being scammed for $2,740:

The video pitch did not mention that fees were non-refundable for both the service and the necessary third-party service. They claimed that a beginner could use the service, but the training was complicated, and implementation was difficult, if not impossible. I could not implement the strategy to start the bot, and support only referred me back to the training. I don’t expect to get my money back, but I wanted to warn others.

CryptoCode Review Conclusion

A significant red flag for is its rigid no-refund policy. Numerous users report failing to get their money back after being dissatisfied with the courses. Users cannot secure a refund despite dissatisfaction and the platform’s failure to meet expectations. This refusal to issue refunds raises serious concerns about’s customer service practices and overall commitment to user satisfaction.

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    The inability to get a refund frustrates users and erodes trust in the platform. It suggests that may not prioritize its users’ needs and concerns, focusing instead on retaining payments regardless of the quality of the courses provided. This practice can significantly damage the platform’s reputation, as potential users may be wary of investing in courses without the assurance of a fair refund policy. Consequently, this red flag is a critical consideration for anyone contemplating a purchase on

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