– Worth the Risk? An In-Depth Review -Review presents itself as a regulated trading platform, but our investigation reveals that it is unregulated. This misrepresentation misleads users, giving them a false sense of security about the platform’s legitimacy and safety. Additionally, lacks an “About” section, which makes it difficult for users to learn about the company’s background, mission, and team. The platform also fails to provide proper customer support, leaving users without the assistance they need when encountering issues.

If you are considering starting to trade on, we strongly recommend reading our comprehensive review. Our findings will help you make an informed decision and understand the potential risks of using this platform.

Morocoin Review, launched on December 7, 2023, claims to operate as a licensed trading platform. However, our investigation has uncovered that it is, in fact, unregulated and does not display any form of trading license. This lack of regulation is a significant red flag, suggesting the platform does not adhere to legal and financial standards to protect users.

The registration process on requires a referral code, which restricts account creation to only those who have been invited. This practice can indicate a premeditated scam, limiting access and creating an illusion of exclusivity while potentially trapping unsuspecting users.

Customer support on is virtually non-existent. The chat function fails to respond to user inquiries, and no phone number is available for direct contact. This lack of accessible support can leave users stranded and helpless when issues arise.

Moreover, the website interface appears incomplete, with several non-functional links. Key sections such as social media links, legal notices, and user agreements are either missing or not operational. This lack of essential information and functionality further undermines the platform’s credibility and usability.

Given these serious concerns, we strongly recommend that potential users read our detailed review before considering any involvement with Understanding the risks and issues associated with this platform is crucial for making an informed decision.

Red Flags

  1. Fake Claim: claims to be a licensed and regulated trading platform. However, our investigation reveals that it is unregulated and does not display any legitimate trading license. This false claim misleads users into believing the platform is safe and trustworthy when, in fact, it lacks the necessary oversight.
  2. Poor Customer Service: The platform’s customer service is severely lacking. The chat function does not respond to user inquiries, and no phone number is available for direct contact. This lack of proper customer support leaves users without assistance, which can be especially problematic when dealing with financial matters.
  3. Referral Code Requirement: requires a referral code to create an account. This restricts access to the platform, allowing only those with an invitation to sign up. Such a practice can indicate a scam, creating an illusion of exclusivity while potentially entrapping users.
  4. App Availability Misrepresentation: claims that its app is available on both the Google Play and App Store. However, upon verification, it is often found that the app is either not listed or not functional on these platforms. This misrepresentation further undermines the platform’s credibility.
  5. No Social Media Presence: The platform lacks a social media presence, which is unusual for a modern trading service. This absence makes it difficult for users to find independent reviews or verify the platform’s authenticity through community feedback. A robust social media presence often helps build trust and transparency, which fails to provide.

Given these red flags, potential users should exercise extreme caution and thoroughly research before engaging with the platform.

Referral Code Requirement

One significant red flag associated with is the requirement for a referral code to create an account. This restrictive practice limits access to the platform, allowing only those invited to sign up. Such a requirement can indicate a premeditated scam designed to create an illusion of exclusivity and credibility while potentially trapping unsuspecting users.

The need for a referral code raises concerns about the platform’s transparency and intentions. Legitimate trading platforms typically allow open registration to attract a broad user base and foster trust. By contrast,’s approach restricts access, making it harder for potential users to verify the platform’s legitimacy through broader user experiences and reviews.

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    This referral-only model can also lead to a lack of accountability, as new users are more likely to trust the platform based on the recommendations of existing members without independently verifying its credibility. This practice underscores the importance of exercising caution and conducting thorough research before engaging with

    Morocoin Review Conclusion

    After thorough investigation, it is evident that presents numerous red flags that strongly suggest it is not a legitimate trading platform. Its claim of being regulated is outright false, and the absence of essential features like a transparent “About” section and functional customer support further undermine its credibility. The necessity of a referral code for account creation adds a layer of suspicion, suggesting an attempt to create a false sense of exclusivity while potentially entrapping users.

    The platform’s lack of proper regulation, coupled with its misrepresentation and lack of transparency, leaves users vulnerable and unprotected. These issues are compounded by the website’s non-functional aspects, such as broken links and missing legal information, which are critical for establishing trust and reliability.

    Considering these significant concerns, potential users must approach cautiously. The evidence points to a platform that fails to meet the basic standards of a legitimate trading site and engages in practices typical of scams. It is advisable to avoid and seek out more transparent, regulated, and reputable trading platforms to ensure safety and peace of mind in your trading activities.

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