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This year the price of Bitcoin reached above $40,000 and created a new all time high in the market. The price swings it witnessed were steep and many people made incredible returns. As a result, the public’s interest in this sector is also growing rapidly and it unfortunately has opened a lot of room for mere speculation which never ends well. is a new trading software that promises to help it’s clients earn a minimum of $1,300 daily through trading.

The narrative we found on their website was vague and at certain times, it is also contradictory. On their homepage, we did see a lot of images about alleged users and their comments, but in reality, they are nothing more than stock photos. Obviously, this software is bogus and the logic behind this firm becomes very clear once you take a look at their business model.

Before you deposit with them or indulge with them in any way and risk your money, go through this post which will answer all your questions. Also, don’t forget that this platform is unregulated and they don’t even have third party audits. In other words, the fact that they are liars is evident and as such, you should never believe anything they say or show. Scam Review

How does Work? claims to be the magic pill to all your money needs. According to them, all you have to do is use their so-called free application, deposit $250 minimum and collect the profits. If making money was that easy, then everyone on this planet would be rich, right? Sadly, the world doesn’t operate in that manner and any experienced trader would be able to notice all of their flaws.

First and foremost, this platform is not under the radar of any financial regulatory body which means they aren’t answerable to anyone. Moving on to the brokers they work with, though they claim to be trustworthy firms, for the most part they are all unregulated. Just to put things into perspective, if you deal with them, then they won’t ensure fair treatment or trading conditions.

Moreover, in case of broker bankruptcy or other issues which forces the firm to close down, the clients funds are not insured. During our investigation, we couldn’t find any details about the trading algorithm used by this application. For example, we are not aware of the risk management protocols it has, the kind of risk tolerance it advocates to the users or any other parameters.

Oddly enough, they haven’t shared trading history as well and as far as technical indicators go, we don’t know the ones used by it. With so many unanswered questions, certainly it is not worth it to invest with them, because if you do, then chances of making money are zero.

At the end of the day, there is no clear explanation about the way the program works and judging by their poor presentation, we strongly believe that people behind this platform have no idea about the real markets. Their only goal is to convince the public and to earn their trust, they are making exaggerated claims.

Creators and Background

Trust is a very important factor in every business and in the world of finance, it is of paramount importance too. Brokers have realised that one of the easiest ways to retail clients and attract new ones in a pocket friendly manner is by being transparent about their model and by adding value.

To enhance their marketing efforts and to maintain positive PR, almost all of the genuine firms and services feature the details of their owners and employees. Furthermore, they even link out to their social media profiles to make communications easier. After all, a customer is always a king, right? On the other hand, scam platforms follow the opposite script and their intention is to maintain a low profile in order to hide from law agencies.

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    Nowadays, as the crooks are getting smarter, they might use random stock images on their websites. Nonetheless, know that their attempts are nothing more than cheap gimmicks and their narratives should never be trusted. Coming to this specific platform, apart from few testimonials from bogus accounts, there are no details showcased about the founders or employees.

    Even in their “About Us” section, we weren’t able to find any relevant information about their whereabouts. They do feature certain contact details, but phone numbers are not included. Looks like, this firm wasn’t even able to afford support staff for a few days to mimic their legitimate counterparts.

    Address – 66 Great Saffolk, London, United Kingdom, SE1 0BL

    Email – Real Business Model software acts like a funnel that attracts the retail traders and pushes them towards depositing with unregulated brokers. Their main intention is to get commissions from the unregulated brokers and supply them with access to new users at pocket friendly prices.

    Once the brokers have access to funds of the new users, they can and will manipulate the trading environment to an extreme degree which will always be favorable to them and loot the clients. As the entities are all located offshore, customers won’t be able to take any legal action against them. So, be cautious and understand that there is no easy way to make millions in trading.

    The creators of trading applications always have no liability clause and this one is also no exception. If you didn’t see the fine print and already lost money to them, then get in touch with our team and let us know certain basic information about the transaction. We will assess the situation and suggest the best recovery methods for free.

    Fake Testimonials

    On the homepage of, there are a lot of extremely pleasing positive testimonials which are said to be posted from early users. There are also pictures of the user’s attached right next to their statements. To a lot of newbies, this might be seen as the ultimate sign of social proof, but sorry to burst your bubble that is not the case.

    ZenGo Wallet Banner Fake profiles

    The comments are from bogus profiles and all of the images used are stock photos which means they are lying about their own performance. No reputable firm would employ such cheap tactics and that kind of cheap behaviour should tell you a lot about them.

    If their software really helped people make thousands of dollars every day just by clicking a few buttons, then they would have tons of user reviews on the web, but that is also not the case. Clearly, everything they say is either partial or fully incorrect. 

    Is a Scam?

    Without any hesitation we can say that is a scam. From their explanation to their motives, most of their activities are illegal and criminal in nature. On their website, they even claim to be recognised by popular media outlets such as Forbes, CNN and Times, but there is no record about this firm anywhere.

    The fact that they are bluffing about their real nature and are maintaining a false image is undeniable. If they were really able to generate positive results, then why in the world are they not offering the demo accounts or free trials to the users?

    Most of the reputable platforms always provide value first and then charge the clients for the services. However, this platform on the other hand has nothing valuable to bring to the table and after taking an in-depth look at their operations, it becomes crystal clear. 

    Verdict is a bogus trading software which is affiliated with a lot of unregulated brokers. They don’t feature any proven metrics or showcase any verifiable trading history. If anyone proceeds with them, then their money will be lost sooner or later. Save yourself from a ton of hassles and walk away from this platform and any other firm that promises you easy results with no efforts. 

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