Giveaway Blessings Scam – Suspicious Platform

In the online world, there is always something exciting going on. As more and more firms have realised the importance of online marketing, more promotional activities are going on and there are a ton of giveaways done on a regular basis. In this blog post, we are going to introduce you to a new platform called Giveaway Blessings which is gaining traction in the United States.

While it is undeniable that everyone likes free stuff, always remember that things are not always what they seem? So, you should always do proper research of the platform you are receiving the products from or else you will lose things more important than money.

As a rule of thumb, always be cautious while dealing with new websites as they are the ones which will use questionable tactics and make wild prize claims. Also, don’t input your sensitive information on these contests because legit companies will never ask for it and the ones which do will not have your best interest in their mind.

Giveaway Blessings Scam

Giveaway Blessings Platform

At the time of writing this review, Giveaway Blessings platform is not active and it doesn’t seem to have a valid SSL certificate too. The domain era of this website is less than a year old which means they haven’t got any credibility yet. Just like we mentioned before, it is not wise to share any data with this website as the information won’t be encrypted.

Strangely, this website has gained traffic only through emails and the way the marketers of this firm are working is weird to say the least. They reach out to people via emails and give specific links to click on with the instructions. At the end of the process, people are supposed to make a small payment to get their hands on the prize items they have apparently won and input their address as well.

Given the fact that they are new and as their platform doesn’t feature SSL layer, putting in your sensitive information will be a risky venture and it is not a wise move by any means. 

What is the Giveaway Blessings Scam?

Whenever something worth having is being offered for a bargain price, it is always wise to assume that it might be a potential scam. After all, no one will give something of value for free, right? Giveaway Blessings implies that the receivers of their emails are entitled for certain prizes and claim to ship it for a nominal fee. In normal circumstances, we could have taken a look at the official website and easily formed a conclusion based on available facts.

However, as their primary domain is down, we have no relevant information to work with. For starters, we do not know the way their shipping policies are structured, the costs involved, the returns and exchange policies are also unknown. In short, once the user has made the payment towards them, there is no way to track anything and there is no support team to assist them as well.

Due to the concerns mentioned above, many people do consider this platform as a scam and the theory holds true in reality too. We strongly advise our readers not to put your information at risk by clicking on the link and unless more information pops up about them, ignore the emails from them. 

Is this website trustworthy?

By now, we think most of you already know the answer and it is a big fat no. Online giveaways are not something new and many big brands do it on a regular basis. However, unlike this platform they never ask for any credit card information from the prize winners. Moreover, all the brands will maintain a social presence in order to communicate with the public better and to maintain a transparent model.

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    Since this platform has no positive traits which can add credibility to their statements, it is better to avoid trusting them with anything. It is basic human tendency to jump onto anything which is offered for free, but before impulsiveness takes over always evaluate the situation. In this particular instance, the evidence and facts are clear and no rational person would dare to put any details on their website.

    Customer Feedback

    In the online word, nothing and absolutely nothing can be hidden for long. On the flip side, it does take some considerable amount of time for the user feedback to pop up, but eventually it will be present without fail. We searched online to find any user feedback, but as this domain is newly registered, we didn’t come across any data which might have helped us to reach a firm decision.

    Given the amount of searches this firm has got on Google, it is indeed strange to see that they haven’t received any token of gratitude. So, for the time being we have to give them the benefit of the doubt.

    Domain Information

    We ran a search on this domain using and The registrant details are all masked by a service called Super Privacy Service Ltd. So, we still don’t have a clue about their real location or whereabouts. Furthermore, their website traffic isn’t big enough to obtain proper ideas about the demographics they are targeting. 

    • Domain –
    • Registered on – 09/01/2020
    • Expiry – 09/01/2022
    • Alexa Global Rank – 6,737,843
    • Demographics – No data yet


    In the end of the day, due to the lack of transparency and the amount of risk involved, we advise our audience not to trust Giveaway Blessings or even interact with it in any way. It might be a potential prize scam which might affect the victims in a significant manner. While turning down free things might be something which a few people might dislike, it is for the greater good and compared to your safety, it doesn’t amount to anything.

    Do you have anything to add to our Giveaway Blessings review? If yes, then please let us know in the thread below.

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