Daxiron Review – Daxiron.com Scam Exposed

Daxiron is a crypto brokerage firm that existed for a short period of time. They did have an aggressive sales team and the number of clients they earned during their existence was indeed huge. Sadly, the clients did not have a good experience and most people lost their hard-earned money.

The issue was too severe and even regulatory bodies started to issue warnings against them. They clearly were offering investment services without proper authorization which means their activities are outside the boundaries of the law. Also, just like we expected, the founders and the real owners of the platform are unknown.

As they mainly accept cryptocurrencies, it will be a challenging task to narrow down all the parties involved. By now, you should know that this firm is not the one you should trust for any reason. To know more about all the aspects of their business model, continue reading.

Daxiron Review

Daxiron impersonates licensed brokers and their website is not that flashy. However, if you ignore the buzz and focus on the small details, your perception will change quickly. For starters, they offer high-risk investment opportunities to retail clients which requires them to be regulated.

On the database of the FCA, there is zero information about them. Simply put, they have no reputation, they are unregulated and the chances of making money with them are zero and that is a fact.

Even FCA has issued warnings against them and that kind of move certainly provides all the information we will ever need in order to make an informed decision. Due to obvious facts and plots, you should avoid indulging with them or else they will do a traditional rug pull sooner or later. 

Daxiron Trading Platform

Daxiron claims to support the popular MetaTrader software. However, if you sign up with them, you will be redirected to a basic web-based trading interface. The default platform has few indicators and drawing tools. Regardless of which way you look at it, it is a deal breaker for many people and functionality is mediocre at best.

Custom indicators are not supported. Social trading and copy trading functions are not explained well. If you are someone that relies on automated ways of trading, then you will not be able to get the most from this platform. Fees present per translation are also on the higher side of the spectrum.

We have no clue about their spreads, but we suggest you take a look at them before opening a position. Remember, trading costs do make a difference, and depending upon your trading strategy, it is an aspect that can make or break your account. 

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    Contact Details

    Customer support of this firm is known to be very aggressive. They encourage people to invest more money because of the conflict of interest and the commission structure. If you are ever pressured to invest more, then do not add funds instead walk away.

    Keep in mind that trading is extremely risky and the chances of losing your money are indeed significant. Also, talk to a licensed financial planner before funding your account.

    Talking with the professionals will help and they will help you get the best out of the markets. All of the contact information of this firm is listed below. 

    Address: 8 Copthall, Roseau Valley, Commonwealth of Dominica, DOMINICA, 00152

    Telephone: 02081577287, 07520234721, 07561606396

    Email: support@daxiron.com

    Customer Testimonials

    Daxiron has got a lot of reviews on trading-related forums and Trustpilot. There are over 200 plus user reviews, but the first half looks too robo-like. The latter half looks realistic and is filled with complaints. Note that there isn’t any way to verify most allegations and claims, but it surely does help us gauge them precisely.

    The number of complaints is clearly more and the frustration expressed by clients is painful to watch. The user testimonials section is a reliable metric and when it points south, you should not entertain the underlying thing regardless of how tempting it might be. 

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    Is Daxiron a Scam?

    This platform is certainly a scam. They are offering high-risk opportunities without proper licenses. Transaction fees are present and policies are skewed in their favor. Key information and details are hidden from the public. Basically, once they have access to your funds, it is game over. So, do not let them anywhere near you.

    If you are facing issues with the withdrawal process, then get in touch with us. By employing advanced tools, we will help you follow the flow of funds and get your money back in record time. Note that we do not charge fees for any reason and all of our offerings come with no strings attached.


    Daxiron Scam managed to swindle a lot of retail investors. The kind of damage caused by offshore entities is always big and this one followed the same exact footsteps. From now on, do not forget to check the regulatory status of a broker before signing up with them. 

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