StoxDC Scam Review – Trap

StoxDC is a new brokerage service that appears professional at first glance. They offer different account types and lay emphasis on educating the clients. For newbies, it will be nothing short of a daunting task to see their real nature.

We did a detailed investigation of this platform and found a lot of horrifying things. For starters, they are unregulated. Information about their parent firm is also not adequate. Policies enforced by them are questionable and guess what? Traders are required to invest a minimum of 1000 EUR to get started with them. Obviously, the capital requirement is way above the industry’s standards.

User testimonials might appear to be positive, but we cannot believe them blindly for a couple of reasons. We urge our readers to withdraw funds from this platform immediately. If you need any assistance with retrieving funds, then feel free to contact us via the form below. 

StoxDC Scam Review

Online trading is always in demand because technology has made it easier for the retail side to take advantage of the hot products in the financial sector. While accessibility is improved, one needs to be too careful when it comes to choosing a broker or else he or she might lose a lot of money.

One of the best things you can do to find a reliable platform is to look at the regulatory status of the underlying portal. Remember, regulated brokers should always be your go-to platform as they give utmost importance to the safety of funds. StoxDC is owned by Heimdall Developments Ltd, the parent firm located in the Commonwealth of Dominica.

Apart from the basic information, everything about them is mysterious and the lack of transparency is a scary sign. Anyone that blindly trusts them is taking huge risks and it goes without saying that the entire thing is unjustifiable. 

Trading Platforms

StoxDC claims to support MetaTrader software which is hands down one of the most reputed trading solutions. Personally, we only tested out their web-based interface so, we cannot say much about the kind of vitality they provide. There isn’t much information available about automated and copy trading methods.

Spreads are on the higher side and scalpers would have a tough time navigating this kind of environment. Leverage is capped at 1:100, but it also changes from one asset class to another. The default interface is basic and it does not offer anything that makes it a must-have.

Trading instruments are plenty, but due to the different conditions present, it might be an overwhelming thing to keep up with them. If you are determined to test them out, then open a demo account. Markets are tricky and you need to know a lot of parameters before you open a position the best way to practice your strategy is via backtesting and demo accounts. 

Get in touch with our affiliated Cryptocurrency Forensic Specialists at CNC Intelligence for free by filling out the form below.

    Educational Outlet

    This firm uses a lot of fancy words and claims to equip users with educational content. The hidden catch is that the educational material is not shared on their homepage. One has to open an account with them to get a glimpse of the materials and undoubtedly, it is not worth the hassles involved.

    The Internet has made a lot of educational programs and seminars redundant because now, anyone can learn without spending thousands of dollars. All we need to excel is a modern device, an active internet connection, and a strong will. 

    StoxDC User Reviews

    StoxDC has over 100 reviews on Trustpilot. The ratings look way too positive and there is something unnatural happening behind the scenes. Note that there isn’t any way to verify whether the comments are from a real user or not.

    Moreover, even the narratives put up by them are hard to prove. We have gathered a couple of comments below. Don’t you find the comments to be overly positive? Isn’t the user inputs way too good to be true?

    The best brokerage company out there. I am trading with Lucas Veratti. Profits are great and I recommend everybody who wants to make money out of their savings to open account with them.

    I want to share my experience with STOXDC and my personal advisor Daniel Leich. I am very happy to work with this company and i really like Daniel’s service.

    Strongly recommend!

    Recover Money from StoxDC Scam

    If you are unable to recover your money from StoxDC, then get in touch with us immediately. Our team will help you analyze the situation and get started with the formalities.

    Thanks to decades of experience, the funds will most likely be recovered in a matter of weeks. The best part is, it does not cost you anything as all of our services are free. 

    Deposit and Withdrawal

    The minimum deposit required to open an account is 1000 EUR. Starting capital required by this platform by far is above the industry’s average and there is nothing about them that justifies the cost.

    Information regarding fees and processing time is not stated clearly. Inactivity fees are also not revealed. Customers have to complete KYC before withdrawing the funds. Given the way they operate, do you still trust them?

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    Bottom Line

    StoxDC is an offshore broker that is looking for ways to make money quickly. They do a lot of gimmicks to attract the clients and the kind of service they offer isn’t unique as well. To safeguard your money and peace of mind, avoid organizations like this one. 

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