DMV Rebate Scam Exposed – 2021

For the past few months, a new hustle called DMV Rebate Scam is getting popular. The fraudulent chain of messages were such a hit that even officials had to come out with a clear cut clarification.

At the time of writing this post, we do not have any estimates about the damages incurred by the public. However, it is reasonable to assume that the victims have lost a big chunk of money to them. Moreover, data breaches have also occurred.

After analysing the way the crooks behind this attack work, they seem to be particularly targeting people from Canada. As always the scammers have made the text message both exciting and enticing, but you should never fall into their trap.

To learn about their motives and the kind of cheap tricks they use to collect your personal information, go through all the content below. Also, share this post with your loved ones and help us raise awareness. 

DMV Rebate Scam Exposed


Refund scams are not entirely a new concept. In the past many cyber criminals have come up with fake narratives and have made a fortune as they use big brand names.

While seeing bold claims and free money might capture your attention, you should not enter any information unless you can verify the source perfectly well. Crooks are smart nowadays so they might even pretend to be someone working for the government or related entities.

So, next time you encounter any thing which is suspicious, directly talk to the official sources and never ever share any information before verifying the facts. Government bodies and other legitimate businesses will never ask for your sensitive information. More importantly, they are not blunt in their approach and they definitely would not pester you about anything. 

What is the DMV Rebate Scam?

People are getting text messages that claim to allow users to get upto $950 refund from DMV. DMV Rebate Scam messages unlike other fraudulent chains was a huge hit because of the way it was perpetuated.

The text content was appealing and the huge promises made by the criminals made many people click the links attached. Once the user put in the details asked by the survey page, all of the information was compromised.

It goes without mentioning that none of the participants received any reward because the whole thing was just a trap. Personal information goes for big bucks on the dark web.

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    As the demand is more for sensitive information which can be used for a lot of sinister purposes, the people working on the opposite side of the equation do make a lot of money. Due to heights of conflict of interest, you need to be careful and you should never share certain information regardless of how good the narratives are. 

    How to stay safe from DMV Rebate Scam?

    DMV Rebate Scam is unfortunately not something that can be eradicated overnight. The internet and other associated services have made it easy for phishing scams. Basically, anyone can open up a new site or start shooting bulk messages.

    As the problem cannot be addressed, the best way of fighting it is by raising awareness. For starters, know that any government body will never demand personal information from you over phone, text or email. Moreover, they will always remain transparent and they will provide you ample amount of time to respond as well.

    Secondly, make sure to update and backup all your devices from time to time. If you notice any bold claims or too good to be true offers, always verify the authenticity and talk with the official sources only. Following safe browsing practises is the best thing you can do to address this situation.

    Public Reaction

    As the DMV Rebate Scam became popular, people started talking about it on the web. From social media sites to forums, information about this incident is dead easy to find.

    As people found out the real motives of the scammers relatively early, no significant damage was done. We could not find any reports of theft or data loss yet, but it is too early to jump into any kind of conclusions.

    All in all, we were pretty amazed to see the way things played out. People were kind to each other and more importantly, they worked together to help each other address the situation. 

    Lost Money Online?

    Losing money is painful both financially and emotionally. In the online era, sadly there aren’t that many firms that can help you retrieve the stolen funds. If you are a victim of any kind of online theft or fraud including cryptocurrency scams, then take action immediately.

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    DMV Rebate Scam Review Conclusion

    The DMV Rebate Scam is a thing of the past now. Unfortunately, the chances of actual culprits getting caught is low. Nonetheless, do raise a complaint against them on FTC as it will help the authorities detect the patterns.

    Also, never let your guard down online and more importantly, be conservative in almost every situation. 

    Did you receive DMV Rebate Scam Text Messages? Comment your take in the thread below. 

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