Cotopaxi Outlet Scam Review – Nov 2020

Cotopaxi Outlet Scam became a trending word on the web for the wrong reasons. The official Cotopaxi platform is popular in the United States. Recently, a lot of scammers have been targeting this brand and are opening shady websites with similar domain names to fool the public.

As the number of people who fell for this scam was way too high, Cotopaxi even created a team to address the situation. While scam websites impersonating this brand are being shut down, many of them are still active and you need to be careful around them.

If anyone falls for fake phishing sites, then the following things are always going to be awful and sometimes it may be almost impossible to reverse the damage. To know more about this brand and the numerous phishing sites that mimic it, read the following paragraphs.

Cotopaxi Outlet Scam Review

Cotopaxi is an online portal that sells a variety of things ranging from travel bags to clothing. Their product lineup is indeed big and they are the perfect one-stop shop for all your travel needs.

This platform has been around for a while now and it has earned pretty good ratings. Though they flaunt all the contact information and details, there are a few crucial things missing. For example, the physical address is not mentioned.

The owners are unknown and their policies are weird, to say the least. On the bright side, they do support e-wallets, but as information about the operational model is not that clear, this firm is not something we would recommend to anyone. 

Cotopaxi Outlet Scam Explained

Cotopaxi Outlet Scam is the term we use to describe all the fake websites that impersonate the official Cotopaxi platform. As the official platform gained credibility, reputation, and popularity, scammers jumped in on the trend and are trying to make money by fooling the public.

By choosing domains with incorrect or closely resembling letters and spellings, criminals are making a fortune. If you notice any fraudulent firms using this brand name, then report them to the relevant authorities immediately.

More importantly, as a rule of thumb, never buy anything from a platform that gives too many discounts, and always pay attention to the small stuff. Also, follow safe browsing practices at all times. 

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    Official Platform and Terms

    The official platform looks good. Their collections are trendy and the price is also very reasonable. Offers and discounts are given from time to time. If you carefully go over their website, the main issue is not the product, their policies are something that is bothering us. For starters, their shipping terms appear to be reasonable.

    However, the entire thing is not precise enough which gives them a lot of room to slip under. The returns policy is not clear and as they have refused to address the situation in a detailed manner, they are not our first choice.

    We are not saying that they are something you should avoid. Nonetheless, the kind of traits they are showcasing is not exactly desirable. So, be cautious while dealing with them and read the fine print before ordering any item. After all, it does not hurt to be overly careful, right?

    Cotopaxi Outlet Payment Methods

    This firm supports PayPal and G-Pay. The lack of support for other traditional payment methods might be troublesome for a few, but it is not a dealbreaker in any way. While processing time is not mentioned, we strongly believe that the transaction is going to go through instantly.

    If you notice any kind of delay or server errors, then get in touch with the support team immediately. In case you are not happy with the purchase, then you can return the item within the predetermined time period.

    For any reason, if you are having a tough time getting your money back, then get in touch with us via the contact form below. We will assist you with the recovery process for free. 

    User Feedback

    As this brand was popular, with just a few clicks, we could find a lot of data about them. Social proof about them is abundant and people in general have nothing, but good things to say about them. They have also received their fair share of criticism.

    However, the complaints are not that concerning and at the end of the day, it is normal for a firm to have minor issues like that. Note that due to obvious limitations, we could not find any verified stories from the users.

    ZenGo Wallet Banner

    Nonetheless, keeping in mind every other factor we have encountered with them, they do deserve the benefit of the doubt. Customer feedback is something that you should always check before proceeding with any service. Remember, smart crooks might mislead the public by creating false narratives, but eventually, apart from truth, nothing will last for long. 

    Is this a legitimate brand?

    If we shift the focus to the Cotopaxi brand, then we have nothing to worry about. Their platform is well-designed and contains a lot of good deals and items. E-wallet support is also a good thing.

    There are a few hassles with the policies, but overall, they appear to have built a solid reputation. If you want to proceed with them, then do so, but with caution. Also, as there are boatloads of impersonating websites, do keep an open eye.

    Check the spelling and URLs carefully and if you notice anything strange, report the incident to the authorities at the earliest. Lastly, never reveal any sensitive information without doing proper research. 


    Cotopaxi Outlet Scam is not the first of its kind. Sadly, there is no way to tackle this problem and the only way to minimize the damage is to spread the word. Share this post with your social circle and help us raise awareness about incidents like this one. 

    Kindly share your opinion with us about the Cotopaxi Outlet Scam by commenting below.

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