Scam Review – Sketchy Store is a platform that is around 7 months old at the time of publishing this post. They sell shoes at a huge discount which is simply way too good to be true. On their platform, we found a lot of plagiarised content and plenty of other issues that raise serious concerns.

Moreover, customer reviews are not present and even the contact information showcased by them appear to be fake. Simply put, they use a ton of gimmicks to attract the people, but if you notice the small things, they are full of grave flaws. Owners are unknown and the shipping and returns policies enforced by them is full of hidden twists.

Thankfully, they are not too popular which works out in the favor of the public. In order to understand the real motives of this firm, you need to go over the following paragraphs. If you need help with recovering money from this portal or any other type of online scams, reach out to us via the form provided below. Scam Review

Contact Information and Support

One of the first things we do whenever we are looking at a new platform is checkout their contact details. Transparency is a big lament that often reveals the characteristics of a firm. On their platform, there are few details provided, but do not get fooled by it. We personally checkout their address and it is a residential property.

In other words, they have featured a wrong address and the kind of misleading done by them tells us everything we need to know about them. Support team is apparently professional, but as there isn’t enough data to support the theory, we aren’t inclined towards believing it. Do not expect quality treatment or service from them and read the fine print before signing any document. Items and Pricing sells shoes primarily. The leather products appear good and the items are something that are definitely eye-catching. Prices are way too low and the kind of discounts they provide are almost unparalleled. Whenever you spot something for dirt cheap prices, never get impulsive.

Remember, no business can survive for long if they do not have healthy margins. Sketchy platforms use pricing gimmicks to attract the customer. However, when it comes to maintaining their promises, they will never do what is necessary. So, do not let their plagiarized content and pricing fool you. 

Shipping, Returns and Refunds

Return address is not present on their website and the way the tracking works is also not explained. Shipping rates vary and the uncertainty present in the underlying mechanisms is beyond frustrating to say the least.

There are a lot of terms and conditions present and things are not as straightforward as you might expect. Policies are designed to protect their interests and the customer does not have much of a say in it. Getting a refund from them will be nothing short of a daunting task and a miracle. 

Customer Reviews

There aren’t any customer reviews present on their website. On niche related review sites and platforms, user inputs are too scarce. The kind of ratings they have earned is also too low.

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    As more elements are missing in terms of social proof, do not be naive enough to give them a try. Ordering items from this type of site is too risky and given the number of alternatives, it does not make any sense to proceed with them. 

    Is Scam or Not? is most likely a scam. Most of their traits are gimmicky and kind of easy to see through. Regardless of the kind of discounts they offer, we would never dare to purchase anything from them. Avoid entertaining this type of platform and deal with well known players in the sector.

    Remember, reliability, quality and assurance are the main things we need to look for in a vendor. If you are having a tough time getting funds from this company or any other online entity, reach out to us.

    Once we analyze your case, our team will use a combination of tracking, legal tackling and other methods to retrieve your money. Note that we do not charge for any of our services and that is how we have been operating for a long period of time.


    Online scams are becoming a headache and there are millions of them. So, be on high alert especially when dealing with new websites that have little to no traffic. The goal is to put safety at the top.

    If you have lost money because of the Scam, leave a comment below and share your story with our community. 

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