Cash and Go Review – Scam or Legitimate Platform

Cash and Go is a new PTC type platform that is creating a lot of buzz in the online realm. They supposedly help people get paid for doing small tasks. Business model of this website is not a new concept, but many people are questioning it as they appear to make exaggerated claims. Making hundreds of dollars a day online is certainly possible, but it surely isn’t easy.

People that are aggressively promoting this funnel might end up making quick cash. However, you need to know that apart from being an affiliate, it is indeed hard to make big bucks with them. In other words, making money with them is certainly not a cake walk.

To know different aspects of this firm and the way they operate, stick with us till the end. If you have any doubts about a specific aspect of this business, then comment below and we will assist you at the earliest.

Cash and Go Review

Cash and Go Business Explained

Cash and Go platform as we mentioned before is a mixed breed of paid to click and referral operational model. In simple words, they connect people with advertisers for efficient costs which creates an environment wherein it will be a win-win situation for all the parties.

Of course, conflict of interest is present and there are few things shady about them. Nonetheless, during our investing so far, we have not found anything that paints them in a shady manner. Advertisers will get access to cheap traffic, people can make money by competing short surveys and promoters can get their commissions by introducing people to the platform.

While there is nothing fundamentally wrong with this type of websites, you need to be careful as they are most likely to use exaggerated claims to lure people in. 

Contact Information and Support

This firm claims to help people make a significant amount of money. Also, they display characteristics of a well established brand. We expected them to offer exceptional customer support, but the reality strongly suggested otherwise.

Cash and Go interacts with users and the public via email only. Of course, the working hours are mentioned, but as there is no dedicated telephone support, it is indeed a deal breaker for many.

If they really were that successful, then why aren’t they offering telephone support? The gaps in their narratives are evident which is why you need to be careful while dealing with them. 

Website Details

As this website created too much noise on search engines and social media platforms, we assumed that it would be an easy task to find the real owners. Sadly, that wasn’t the case and all the registrant information was hidden.

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    Due to the domain’s age, we cannot know for sure the kind of countries they are targeting and the kind of ad campaigns done by them. For the time being, using the whois platform we were able to find only the basic information.

    • Domain –
    • Registered on – 04/01/2022
    • Expiry – 04/01/2023
    • Global Rank – Unknown
    • Trust Score – Not applicable

    Cash and Go User Reviews

    Cash and Go showcases a ton of user testimonials and success stories on their platform. People supposedly have earned a significant amount of money by completing the tasks present on the platform or by being an affiliate for the firm.

    User comments without any doubts look promising, but if you notice the small details, there are huge gaps present in the story. For starters, social media handles of users are not put up by them. Most claims are almost impossible to verify or track.

    On third party forums, the general consensus is not huge and as this website is new, we do want to give them time before making any solid comments. All in all, the clarity is not present and the only option left for us is to wait until more data comes to the limelight. 

    Payment Proof

    There are few pictures and screenshots of payments displayed on their website. If you look at the photos, it becomes very clear that the details are too vague. Gimmicky photos are something usually scams employ and this platform for some reason is showcasing things that look similar to it.

    We are not saying that everything exhibited by them is fake, but most things do look shady and it acts like a red flag. Giving them the benefit of the doubt isn’t something we suggest. Try them out for a couple of days and if you get rewards that you find justifiable, then continue or else look elsewhere.

    Is Cash and Go Scam or Legit?

    Cash and Go does appear to be too shady to say the least. Transparency is not present. Customer support is too basic and there are too many dead ends in their narrative. User reviews also look too good to be true.

    Use e-wallets only if you are planning to proceed with them and apply for withdrawal as soon as the threshold is met. Never reveal too much information about yourself and do keep an eye on the nature of the tasks. Having a pessimistic view does help a lot.

    ZenGo Wallet Banner


    Cash and Go and similar apps always appear to exaggerate the kind of rewards they provide. So, never believe their claims blindly and always do proper research. Look for social proof and if it isn’t present, then wait for a couple of months for more user generated data to pop up and then take a call. 

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