Domain Networks Scam Review – April 2022

Domain Networks is a new online directory that offers listing services to businesses. As they are new, many people are questioning their legitimacy and some are already labeling them a scam. While it is too early to take a hard stance on the matter, we have done a thorough investigation which will help you make better decisions.

Remember, transparency and client testimonials are the best parameters to look at when it comes to gauging new firms. For any reason, if uncertainties along with vague policies are present, then do not give them the benefit of the doubt instead walk away from them.

To know more about this platform, continue reading. If you need any assistance with recovering money from this firm or any other online hustle, then get in touch with us via the contact form. 

Domain Networks Scam Review


Domain Networks Business Model

Domain Networks in simple words is just an online directory that lists top websites around the world. The kind of exact parameters and metrics they use is not revealed. Their business model itself appears to be very basic and the information provided by them is inadequate, to say the least.

They have no social media presence and guess what? The management side is not transparent with the public. This firm claims to help you rank higher on search engines.

However, as there is no solid evidence to back up their claim, we are forced to believe them blindly and that is not a good sign. Anonymity, insufficient data, and lack of clarity are the things that puzzle the most about them. Moreover, even the fees they charge are not revealed upfront. 

Fake Registration Services

In the past many fraudulent firms have charged business owners for so-called premium listings. Obviously, there was no such thing and innocent victims unknowingly paid for a service that did not even exist. Naturally, people are hesitant to trust firms in this niche and whenever there are too many red flags present, it does pay to be cautious, right?

If anyone makes the mistake of trusting a fake listing service, then their data and finances will be ruined. So, handle your websites and associated services with care and hire a professional if needed. Never entertain cold calls without doing research and if you notice any odd patterns like gimmicks and high-pressure sales tricks, then walk away. 

Costs Involved

Every business owner should pay special attention to the costs involved. Comparing competitors will give you a clear idea about the prices and the more you know, the better the odds are going to be for you. Domain Networks talks about the merits they bring to the table. Sadly, they have not mentioned the price they charge.

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    Apparently, the only way to get a clear idea is by talking to customer support. If you are planning to hire this agency, then we suggest you go through all the terms and conditions carefully.

    Also, compare the prices and move forward only if you feel the offer is reasonable. The exact reason for not revealing the fees is unknown. 

    Contact Details

    Anyone that comes across this platform will have plenty of questions. If you want to reach out to this firm, then the following details will be useful to you.

    Due to scarce user input, we do not know the way they handle the clients. Our advice is to be conservative and regardless of what you encounter, do not take any impulsive action. 

    Address – Domain Networks, 530-B Harkle Road Ste 100 Santa Fe, NM 87505

    Phone – (505) 510-7300

    Email –

    Domain Networks User Reviews

    Domain Networks is a new firm that is less than one year old which means social proof about them at this point is scarce and unreliable. There are few mentions about them and user feedback gives mixed signals. As the number of inputs is not statistically significant, we cannot lean on any side of the equation.

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    Unless there are more than 100 plus reviews about them on niche-related forums or on social media, it is better to not indulge with them. After all, we cannot take chances blindly, right? Time always gives us all the answers we need, all we have to do is wait patiently for the truth to come out. 

    Is Domain Networks Scam or Not?

    Domain Networks may or may not be a scam and it is too early to label them. They do display a lot of questionable traits and they are not particularly a fan of transparency. Undoubtedly, there are a lot of borderline unethical practices they follow. One should be extremely careful while navigating their platform.

    If you are having a tough time with them and are struggling to get your money back, then contact us. We will go over all the details and guide you through the entire recovery process for free. If you have any questions, comment below and we will answer it at the earliest. 


    Services like Domain Networks are becoming common and one needs to do proper research before sending funds. While researching things might be a daunting task, it will be worth it in the end. 

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    6 thoughts on “Domain Networks Scam Review – April 2022”

      1. You are absolutely right. They are trying to make money by simply making it appear that they are a renewal service for your domain listing. What a scam!

    1. This company sent my company a bill for $289 for domain services! WTF?!?! They DO NOT handle our domain. That’s how shady they are. It’s all a SCAM do not pay your bill if you receive one in the mailbox.

    2. Gary Boisseau

      Domain Networks is definitely a scam company. They mailers they send out are misleading and most definitely look like a bill that you are supposed to pay.
      Anyone who is older or not tech savvy would fall for their nonsense in a heartbeat. I complained to the BBB about what Domain Networks sent me, and basically
      nothing happened. The company replied back they are legitimate. I asked them why their font size was so small, stating that their garbage wasn’t a bill, and they
      never replied. BBB closed my complaint with absolutely nothing constructive happening. Absolutely infuriating.

      1. yes, and they say it’s for network listing…what network listing would we be missing out on? especially if they say your site is listed through your service provider that is GoDaddy that you’ve never used!? stay clear from them as was obvious enough for me to do!

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