Orbeegelgun.com Scam Review – Don’t Buy

Orbeegelgun.com is a platform that is popular, but not for any good reason. They have no social media presence. Oddly enough, despite the kind of traffic they get, there are no user reviews about them. Policies are vague and details about refunds and shipping isn’t exactly precise.

In other words, the firm has too much control over the customers and that is not a good thing. They accept credit and debit cards. However, the processing time and information regarding other fees are not revealed upfront. Simply put, you need to be too careful around them or else you will face a lot of financial damage.

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Orbeegelgun.com Scam Review

What does Orbeegelgun.com Offer?

Orbeegelgun.com offers fun toys. It basically targets people in the western hemisphere. Given the nature of things they sell, they are targeting kids, but that does not mean that other age groups won’t enjoy what they have to offer.

Water guns and related products can be found on their platform. In the summer, these toys certainly bring joy to kids and they appear to be well built too. At the time of making this post public, this website is down which means we did not get a clear look at the pricing.

We suggest our readers analyze the competitors in the sector and buy from established brands that are offering goods at a reasonable price. In the end, safety and pocket-friendly outlets should be the ones we hunt for. 


When it comes to buying things online, you should always be confident about the portal that you employ. In other words, one needs to be aware of the history and other characteristics of the firm. Orbeegelgun.com is a new platform.

It does not have significant domain authority. The Alexa rank of this platform is also not considerable. Web registrant information isn’t public as well.

Clearly, people behind this firm do not want to associate themselves with the brand in any way. Due to the scarce amount of information and questionable traits present all over, it is better to look in the opposite direction. 

Contact Details

We did find a few information about the ways of contacting this firm. Note that this firm does not provide any telephone number. To put things in a simple manner, they interact with the people via email only which is too inconvenient.

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    Customer support is not professional and personally, we would never trust anything they say blindly. If you want to gather their contact details for any reason, take a look at the section below.

    • Email address – orbeegelgun@gmail.com
    • Address- 2170 Kendra Drive, Kannapolis NC 28081, United States

    Orbeegelgun.com Refund and Exchange Policies

    Orbeegelgun.com has weird returns, exchange and refund policies. Shipping time is also not specified clearly. The Return address is not provided. On top of all the confusion, the telephone number is also missing. Undoubtedly, it will be nothing short of a miracle to get money back from an entity like this one.

    Legitimate platforms always equip customers with everything they need to know about the product and the policies beforehand. If any firm refuses to share details about their business model or includes hidden catches, then it is a telltale sign of a scam.

    This platform is too silent on important policies which means they are not the ones you should get tangled with.

    User Reviews

    This platform did gain recognition within a short period of time. However, there isn’t considerable amount of user reviews about them which is unusual to say the least. The absolute lack of testimonials is a concerning thing and this factor alone acts like a dealbreaker for many. Even if you are inclined towards trusting them or taking chances with them, we suggest you wait till more data pops up.

    Remember, one wrong move in the online space might have severe effects and this type of platforms are not worth the hassles involved. So, have a cautious approach and unless data supports your theory, do not pull any trigger. 

    Is Orbeegelgun.com Scam or Legit?

    Orbeegelgun.com does appear to be a questionable firm. From their management side to policies, there are too many odd things about them that act like a deterrent. Do not proceed with any of their offers regardless of how good it might sound on paper.

    If you are facing a tough time and are struggling to get back funds from them, then reach out to us. We will assess the details, collect evidence and help you in the retrieval process in the shortest time frame. Do provide us basic details about the incident and see how effectively our team works. 

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    Orbeegelgun.com is a firm that does not have a bright future. It is slowly crumbling to death and anyone that deals with them is likely to get crushed financially. So, do not buy anything from them. 

    Do you trust Orbeegelgun.com? Let us know your opinion via comment’s section. 

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