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Ehsd.Org Text Scam Review – Trap

Ehsd.Org Text Scam became a hot keyword in the search engine at an exponential phase. The organizations the scammers had mimicked had a good reputation and as a result, many people fell for it. The real EHSD(Employment and Human Services) organization is indeed an entity that has a noble cause.

Sadly, the cyber criminals have tarnished their name and according to some estimates, they might have earned themselves a small fortune as well. While many people are clueless about the whole situation, it is strange to see an overwhelming amount of false information present on the web regarding this incident.

If you want to know everything associated with this phishing scam along with the ways of recovering your funds, then the following content is exactly what you need to go through. Always remember, things like sensitive information is something which no firm will demand especially via a plain text message.

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    So, if you ever get any requests or orders to hand in the data, you should never proceed with it. 

    Ehsd.Org Text Scam Review

    Ehsd.Org Text Scam Explained

    Many people that had Ehsd card and were associated with this firm in one way or another are getting text messages which ask for their banking details and other sensitive information. As expected, the actual organization had nothing to do with the incident.

    The scammers were milking out the information and were pretending to be working for the firm mentioned above. As the number of receivers were more, this event triggered multiple queries and it has a sense of mysteriousness around it. Thankfully, people communicated with each other via forums such as Reddit and Facebook.

    Plus, the authorities did not take long to respond to the situation. We do not have any reliable metric to know whether the scammers caused any major harm.

    Want to be kept updated regarding similar scams?

    Get instant emails when we publish new scam warnings!

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    However, looking at the search volume, the amount lost does seem to be significant. Our goal is to help people know about the recovery process so that, instead of feeling helpless, they will know exactly what to do. 

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    Services offered by Ehsd

    Ehsd.Org as we mentioned before is a humanitarian service and it covers many types of welfare services as well. From looking after people in foster care to unemployment services, they are involved with a lot of things. If we were to narrow things down, they can be described as an organization that focuses more on children services more than anything else.

    Note that the eligibility criteria differs from one program to another even though they might belong to the same niche. In other words, sit down for counseling before making any decision to be on the safer side. Over the years, they have partnered up with a lot of other groups and they have come up with a lot of creative solutions to age old problems.

    Regardless of whether you might need their programs or not, check out their website. They do accept a helping hand and are in need of volunteers for a lot of projects. Depending upon your location, the projects might be something that you might be able to get involved with. 

    Eligibility Criteria

    From placing a kid in a kinship care program to helping a child find a nice foster home, there are a lot of verticals to this firm. One one hand, the legalities involved are too much. On the flip side, they do offer things like protection programs and mental health services. Clearly, there is no one size fits all approach present with them.

    Due to the number of things being carried out by them, we advise you to talk to an attorney or a lawyer before proceeding with them. Also, they have a lot of detailed posts about the requirement aspect.

    Plus, all of their contact details are listed and to get in touch with them is an easy task. As a general rule, keep your identification documents handy and make sure your finances are up to date. After all, we should do everything to speed up the process from our end, right?

    Ehsd.Org Text Scam Trap

    Ehsd.Org Text Scam is an event that specifically wanted to go after the victim’s data. The pure driving factor was to get hands on sensitive information which can easily be sold for thousands of dollars eventually.

    Cyber criminals love phishing scams as they are easy to monetise and in most cases, detection is merely impossible until the disaster strikes. So, the only way to take a defensive position and neutralize the threat is by spreading the word as soon as possible.

    Now, as you understand the risk involved, be attentive and look for signs. Few scammers might be skilled, but they will always leave clues behind and we just have to be patient enough to look for the signs. 

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    Precautionary Measures

    The best precautionary steps one can take to avoid phishing scams is to follow safe browsing practices. At the core of the model, people just have to stop or avoid messing around with things they do not recognise.

    For example, if you are asked to input banking information, you shouldn’t comply unless you have talked with the official support team. For any reason, if you are suspicious, dial the law enforcement authorities and even if the crooks succeeded, do not give up.

    Thanks to the latest forensic tools, tracing and tracking is easier than ever before. If you have lost money to any kind of online attack or a scam, fill out the form below. Our team will provide an actionable plan for you and cater to your needs for free. Note that we are literally one click away from finding solutions to your problems. 


    It is sad to see scammers tarnish the names of the welfare programs. Ehsd.Org Text Scam is dead at the time of publishing this post.

    However, that does not mean that the phishing attempts are eradicated. So, keep an open eye and look for small details whenever you are navigating a new platform. 

    Have you received any SMS recently that fits the description of Ehsd.Org Text Scam? If yes, share your experience by commenting below.

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