MA Cookie Settlement Scam Update – 2021

The MA Cookie Settlement Scam is creating a lot of buzz lately. People are searching right and left for information about it. As this incident took place so suddenly, many people are confused, to say the least. To clear the air, we can say that the entire lawsuit is legitimate and people that will take part in it will be entitled to compensation.

According to current data, each beneficiary might get around $100 if they submit the claim form within the deadline. Note that there are no guarantees made and the end amount one might receive depends upon a lot of factors.

Nonetheless, if this lawsuit concerns you, then you should be prepared, and hiring an attorney as always, is never a bad idea. To know more details about this case, the defendants, and the ground reality, continue reading.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the lead counsel. Alternatively, leave a comment below and we will do our best to answer your queries as quickly as possible. 

MA Cookie Settlement Scam Update

The MA Cookie Settlement Scam became trending on social media because of a lot of wrong reasons. For starters, the lawsuit itself is the real deal. However, as many people received this message, people assumed otherwise. On the other hand, scammers might also potentially take advantage of the situation and might set up phishing scams.

So, be careful and do not pay any amount or share sensitive details unless it is from official sources. Keep in mind that the lawsuit does not require victims to pay any amount and if anyone asks you for a payment, then you need to tread cautiously as it is probably a scam.

Always use the official website to get the latest updates and never share any information via third-party websites. After all, you cannot be too safe nowadays, right?

What is MA Cookie Settlement Scam All About?

MA Cookie Settlement alleges that the defendants i.e. Mass General Brigham Incorporated and their associated firms and health care providers installed cookies and collected data from people without their consent. The defendants have agreed to make a settlement of 18.4 million dollars to avoid further hassles and legal tassels.

At the time of publishing this post, people are already being notified and the deadline is approaching quickly. There is a dedicated website wherein you can find the claim form and all other associated things. If you have any questions about this case, then contacting the lead counsel is the only way to deal with it. 

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    Your Options

    A lot of people get confused whenever they are dealing with lawsuits which is why we encourage the public to hire an attorney. As far as this case is considered, your options are simple to understand. If you want to receive cash compensation, you have to submit a claim form by December 15th, 2021.

    If you have any objections, then you need to have proper eligibility and keep track of the date to present your stance. For any reason, if you do not want to be a part of this lawsuit, then you can do nothing, but you will not receive any cash compensation.

    Legal costs will be handled by the funders and victims do not have to pay any amount. After the hearing, there will be deductions made and the remaining amount will be distributed to the beneficiaries as soon as possible. 

    Settlement Amount

    The settlement amount is said to be around 18.4 million dollars. According to the calculation, each participant might roughly get around $100. Details regarding supported payment mechanisms are put up on the official website. Note that the end amount cannot be narrowed down until the final hearing takes place.

    Once you have filled out the form and have entered all the details, you do not have to worry about anything. If the attorneys win, the amount will get credited to your account within 1 month in most cases. 

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    As always, since this issue took the internet by storm, people are talking about it on Reddit. You can visit the thread by clicking here. People showcased mixed reactions, but the tone was educational which is what we love about the current era. Check out the following comments, isn’t it nice to see people working together?

    This feels shady to me as well! I am still struggling to understand though. I use mass General / Brigham for health providers etc.

    will be interesting to see how much everyone gets from that. it says they can get “up to $100, depending on how many people claim it”. i’m guessing that by the time everything is said and done with people will probably get $3-5 if that, just like any other class action settlement.

    Is MA Cookie Settlement Scam or Legit?

    MA Cookie Settlement is a real lawsuit that has solid grounds. Everything is taken care of by the team and people just have to submit a claim form to get all the benefits. Of course, just like with everything in life, there is a flip side.

    However, it is your choice whether to get the cash reward and give up your right to sue them or not. Regardless of what you decide, do talk to an attorney to know all the intricacies involved. More importantly, do not trust any sources unless you have solid evidence. 

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    MA Cookie Settlement Scam is just another lawsuit wherein the defendants have agreed to a settlement without admitting guilt. While no one can be sure of what has happened, it does pay to stay updated about it.

    Bookmark all the official websites and keep track of important days. Sooner or later, chances are you will receive cash from it. 

    Share your thoughts on MA Cookie Settlement Scam by gracing the thread below with a comment. 

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