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Recently, we received the following complaint from one of our subscribers:

I have been scammed into paying $2500 with the promise of receiving $5000 on the website EliteInvestRis.com. I was instructed to make an initial payment of $2500 in cryptocurrency, with the assurance that I would receive $5000 back. Although my account was updated to show a balance of $5000, I am unable to withdraw these funds. Additionally, the payment history was cleared, and they claimed that no payment was made on my part.

I believed my payments were for transaction fees, miner’s fees, and other related costs. The scammer promised to assist me with $5000, which I urgently needed for my college fees. Instead, he took all the money and directed me to a different, fake platform where my account was supposedly loaded with $5000. He claimed to have deposited this amount into the platform’s account and then requested an additional $500 for “account synchronization.” After I pleaded with him, he lowered the amount to $100, promising that he would then request the company to release the funds to me.

The complainer provided the following information about the scammer:

  • Instagram account: robert_charles_3663
  • WhatsApp contact: +1 202-796-0425
  • Receiving cryptocurrency wallet address: bc1q2vctqtpzcz4q4nfrctssh8nsf4xftp48rqx52w

So what is EliteInvestris, and is it a SCAM?

EliteInvestris.com Review

Eliteinvestris.com was registered through OwnRegistrar on July 24, 2022, updated on August 4, 2023, and is currently set to expire on July 25, 2024. WhoisSecure protects it, and Hetzner Online hosts it.

On Google, four pages are indexed. There is the homepage titled “Eliteinvestris” with the description:

Eliteinvestris is an investment, multicurrency and multifunctional company which gives its clients all required guarantees, including confidentiality of data …

There are also Login pages and a Create an Account page.

EliteInvestRis.com claims to be a multifunctional investment company providing opportunities for users to invest in mining farms globally, promising a significant income.

The platform offers various investment plans with high rates of return, and it says it has been operating since 2020. However, as we’ve seen, the domain was registered in 2022.

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    The company’s purported features include a unique investment plan, an internal exchange, and an advanced security system.

    Their address is listed as 11 Wall St, New York, NY 10005, United States, the address of the US Stock Exchange. The only review they have on Google Maps was written by a “Local Guide,” by the name “WEN,科技就是神力,” who wrote a similar comment on 42 other places:

    God bless us, God bless the U.S. technology industry not to fall, children can have fun and don’t cry, every family lives happily without quarrels, the global economy can rely on the U.S. debt ceiling to increase smoothly, God bless us…

    They can be contacted via email at support@eliteinvestris.com.

    Some testimonials on the site sing praises of the platform, and the company claims to have more than 2315 members with substantial deposits and cashouts.

    Red Flags

    Several aspects of this website raise serious concerns.

    First, the promise of high returns on investments, especially in a volatile field like cryptocurrency, is always a red flag. Promised returns range from 20% to 80% based on the investment plans they offer, which is highly speculative and often an indicator of high risk or potentially fraudulent activity.

    The absence of key regulatory information is also a concern. The site mentions that it has been operating since 2020 but doesn’t provide any verifiable company registration information or regulatory oversight details.

    Secondly, the website claims to offer “world-wide arbitration” and an “advanced security system,” but these terms are vague and not explained in any detail. How the arbitration process works, or what the advanced security system entails, is not transparent, leaving room for skepticism.

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    Lastly, the testimonials seem to be generic and overly positive, lacking specific details that could lend them credibility. It’s also worth noting that the site indicates that someone from Ghana has recently withdrawn $350, which seems an odd and irrelevant detail to include. Why mention only one specific withdrawal without context?

    Overall, while the site attempts to present itself as a professional platform, it falls short in terms of transparency, regulatory compliance, and credibility, all of which are crucial factors for genuine investment platforms. Given these concerns, extreme caution is advised when considering an investment with EliteInvestRis.com.

    Elite Investrix Reviews

    As of September 2023, there are no reviews of Elite Investrix online, which makes ours the first!

    EliteInvestRis Review Conclusion

    EliteInvestRis.com presents multiple red flags that cannot be ignored, casting significant doubt on its credibility as a legitimate investment platform. From the promise of unrealistically high returns in an unstable field like cryptocurrency to the lack of essential regulatory information, the site raises several alarms. Vague statements about “world-wide arbitration” and an “advanced security system” do little to assuage concerns, as they are neither transparent nor detailed. Additionally, the testimonials on the site lack substance and specificity, further eroding its trustworthiness. The platform’s claim to have operated since 2020, despite a 2022 domain registration, exacerbates the skepticism.

    The absence of external reviews adds another layer of caution, and the report of a subscriber being scammed out of $2500 cannot be overlooked. While the site goes to great lengths to project a professional image, it fails to meet the critical factors necessary for a genuine and reliable investment platform—transparency, regulatory compliance, and verifiable credibility.

    Bottom Line

    Given all these concerns, our advice is to exercise extreme caution when considering any form of interaction or investment with EliteInvestRis.com. We strongly recommend conducting your own due diligence and consulting financial advisors before making any investment decisions.

    Please comment below this review if you have fallen victim to online scams. Did you suffer a substantial financial loss? Do not despair. We are here to assist you in recovering your funds!

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      1. I’m really sorry to hear that you’ve been scammed by this platform. If you’re comfortable sharing, could you please let us know how much you were scammed for? For significant amounts, we recommend getting a free consultation with a company that specializes in tracing cryptocurrency transactions. They may be able to help you recover your funds or provide more information on what steps to take next.

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