Etsy Rooms Scam Review – New Platform

People are searching for information on the Etsy Rooms Scam and the data on popular search engines speaks for itself. Etsy Rooms platform is new and they have a very low trust index. Moreover, customer feedback about them is hard to find and for the time being, it is impossible to verify.

While the platform itself looks good, they do display a lot of disturbing things such as way too aggressive pricing and plagiarised content. For obvious reasons people are hesitant to take any sort of risk with them.

Unfortunately, there are only a handful of portals talking about this new vendor which means it may be difficult for the public to decipher the true nature of this entity. To find answers to all your questions and learn more about the underlying firm, kindly read the following content.

In case you got cheated by them already then we will show you the ways of recovering funds from culprits as well.

Etsy Rooms Scam Review

Etsy Rooms Scam Background

Etsy Rooms is a platform that is not even one month old at the time of publishing this content. Their website is simple and attractive. However, if you carefully notice, plagiarism is present and all of the contact details are not published.

In other words, their way of running a business is concerning and they show all the typical traits of a potential fraud. For starters, the management side is not transparent. Revenue model does not appear to be legitimate.

Lack of social proof is also scaring off people and compared to other major competitors, they have no unique edge or selling point. On the positive side, they do have a valid SSL layer and they are not blacklisted by any search engine or browser.

At the end of the day, right from their inception, most people can sense that something is fishy about them. 

Website Description

According to the data on their platform, this website supposedly provides a lot of benefits to the customers. The listed factors include general things and there is nothing unique about the value proposition they offer. If you observe the narratives carefully, they talk about environmental concerns, quality assurance and much more.

However, when it comes to revealing any quantifiable or tangible data or information, they always go mute. So, ask yourself, would you buy from a stranger that outright refuses to talk about themselves? Moving on to their pricing strategy, it is very aggressive and fierce.

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    They claim to offer exclusive deals, but the pricing structure is simply way too good to be true. We do not have a clue about how they are able to sustain themselves with such low margins.

    After witnessing all the signs showcased by them, we would strongly suggest our readers to keep both of your eyes open while dealing with them. Remember, one wrong step might have a severe impact on your finances and the hassles present are unimaginable. 

    Returns and Refunds

    At first glance, all of the terms and conditions regarding returns and refunds look good. However, if you read the entire agreement, you will quickly find out that their rules are unreasonable and legally, they have more control over things than the customers.

    For example, returns are not applicable on custom orders and the reason behind it is not revealed. Think for a moment, why would they encourage people to add a personal touch to the wreaths and not accept the returns?

    Isn’t the fact that they are misleading the public obvious? Unrealistic conditions are a common strategy used by questionable platforms to maintain their edge over it’s users and this one also follows the same path.

    The refund process is also painful and apart from the customer support no one can fully outline the procedure. Simply put, getting money back from them is going to be a huge deal and chances are one might give up due to the ambiguity present. 

    Shipping and Payment Methods

    Time taken by them to deliver the product depends upon the location of the customers. On average, they might require anywhere between 8 to 18 days. Needless to say, the shipping time is too long and the cost for orders below $40 is also high. Standard shipping is offered, but the threshold amount is $39.99.

    Note that tracking mechanisms employed are not mentioned and with no dedicated support team available, things might take an ugly turn if you are not careful. Payment methods supported by them include credit cards, debit cards and PayPal.

    ZenGo Wallet Banner

    As this platform is too new, it is better to use the e-wallet option because that shields you from any potential disaster. 

    Etsy Rooms Scam or Not?

    If you are facing trouble when it comes to getting a refund from this firm, then do not wait anymore. Use the contact form on our website and get in touch with our experts.

    We will guide you through the options available that are applicable to your specific case and help you in getting the funds back for free. Also, help us spread the word by sharing this post with your loved ones.

    Customer Feedback on Etsy Rooms Scam

    We searched for hours and went to extreme lengths to find any user input on Etsy Rooms Scam. Sadly, we failed in our quest and we could not even find one customer review that can be classified as verified and genuine.

    Due to their young domain age, we think it is wise to give them more time. However, that does not mean that you should let your guard down while you are interacting with them. So, keep your eyes on top forums in this niche and eventually, truth will find its way to the top and reveal everything about the situation. 


    Etsy Rooms Scam is a term that is coined by the public and the confusion around the underlying business explains why people are worried about the entire thing. Currently, we advise people not to share banking information with them.

    Lastly, remember only time can reveal their true face and until a few months pass, we cannot possibly suggest anyone to even indulge with them. Taking  conservative approach might appear frustrating, but compared to the risks present, it is indeed a wise thing to do. 

    Kindly share your thoughts on Etsy Rooms Scam by gracing us with a comment in the thread below.

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