Overcharged for Chicken Scam Explained – 2021

Overcharged for Chicken Lawsuit is turning a lot of heads in the United States. As this lawsuit demands a huge settlement payment, many people are confused about the entire scenario and some are even calling them a scam.

After doing a thorough analysis, we can assure you that the entire thing involving this lawsuit is legitimate and chances are you might make money from it. If you are located in the United States and have been buying Chicken from big retailers in the last decade, then chances are you are eligible for compensation.

However, before you get your hands on the money, there are a lot of things you need to know about. To get a clear idea about the proceedings, important dates, and other related information, continue reading.

Some of the bits presented below might be technical, if you are not able to understand, then hire an attorney. By the time you have finished this article, if you still have questions, leave them below and we will do our best to assist you. 

Overcharged for Chicken Scam

Food shortages are something the world has seen more than a few times in the last few decades. While few entities always profit from the crisis, the entire thing is not just unethical, but outright criminal in nature.

There are several allegations against the big players in the food industry as they are believed to be engaged in price manipulation by controlling the supply. While all of the firms involved have denied all the accusations, they have agreed to a settlement and the total amount is over 180 million dollars.

The eligibility criteria are quite basic. Basically, anyone that has purchased chicken from 2009 to 2021 from the places and organizations listed below is eligible for the compensation. To get money from this lawsuit, the clients do not have to pay anything, instead, all they have to do is follow simple steps and enter correct details.

Once the final hearing is held, the amount will be finalized, and based on the calculations, everyone will get a fair share of the pot. Note that, it is hard to come up with a number that each member might get at this point as there are tons of variables involved.


  • California
  • District of Columbia
  • Florida
  • Hawaii
  • Illinois
  • Iowa
  • Kansas(For the entire list of states, visit the official website)

Non Settling Defendants

  • Claxton Poultry Farms, Inc.
  • Foster Farms, LLC 
  • Foster Poultry Farms
  • Harrison Poultry, Inc
  • House of Raeford Farms, Inc
  • JCG Foods of Alabama
  • JCG Foods of Georgia
  • LLC, Koch Foods, Inc

As the list of firms involved is long, we have not listed them all here. For the full list of entities involved, kindly visit the official website.

Overcharged for Chicken Lawsuit

If you are looking for a pin-to-pin explanation involving the vocabulary of an attorney, then the designated website is something you might want to visit. However, if you prefer plain English and are interested in knowing the key things only, then continue reading.

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    The main issue at the core of the lawsuit is price manipulation. This class action lawsuit is called In re: Broiler Chicken Antitrust Litigation. End-user Consumer Plaintiffs have alleged that the defendants have engaged in various practices that determined the price of chicken unlawfully.

    Defendants have also allegedly breached Antitrust laws. Just like we mentioned before, clarity on any of the accusations and the response from the concerned parties are hard to gather. However, it is true that both the parties have agreed to a settlement and the court will intervene somewhere around December. 

    How to Exclude Yourself from the Lawsuit

    Though class action lawsuits are pretty self-explanatory, some people might not be willing to give up certain rights. You may or may not be satisfied by the way things are handled by the claim’s administrator or you might disagree with something in the agreement.

    To exclude yourself from the lawsuit, you have to mail in the form consisting of your full name, address, objections (if applicable), and other relevant things. By staying silent, you will give up the right to sue the defendants in the future.

    Note that unless you have submitted the claims form, you won’t be eligible for compensation. In case you have any objection, then do not exclude yourself from the settlement as it will forbid you from raising any questions.

    In order to object one needs to hold their active position, submit a letter to claims administrator, and Notice of Intention if one wants to speak at the Fairness hearing. The process by itself is straightforward. However, one might need help with organizing the relevant documents (if any) and submitting them in a formal way. 

    Overcharged for Chicken Contact Details

    As there are multiple parties involved in connection to this settlement, it might be hard for you to trace their contact details on your own.

    To make things simpler for you, we have gathered relevant information on your behalf. For best results, always visit the official website and do not trust any data from unverified sources. 

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    Broiler Chicken Consumer Litigation

    c/o A.B. Data, Ltd.

    P.O. Box 173045

    Milwaukee, WI 53217

    Shana E. Scarlett


    715 Hearst Avenue, Suite 202

    Berkeley, CA 94710

    Brent W. Johnson


    1100 New York Ave. NW

    Fifth Floor

    Washington, DC 20005


    United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois, Courtroom 1441, 219 South Dearborn Street, Chicago, IL 60604. 

    How to submit the form?

    People can submit the form online or through the traditional postal system. The claim form must contain all the necessary documents and it should be sent within the deadline or else, it won’t be honored.

    Note that if you do not send the claim form by the deadline, then you won’t be able to get any compensation, but still, you will be bound by the ruling. For information on deadlines, refer to the paragraph titled – “Important Dates”.

    On the documents part or anything associated with the form, you can find answers to all your questions on the FAQ section of the Claims administrator’s website. 

    Do you have to pay anything?

    Every lawsuit is going to incur a cost. It goes without mentioning that court costs and attorney’s fees are not cheap and they rack up thousands of dollars in a small period of time. When it comes to class action lawsuits, the legal costs are going to be taken directly from the settlement amount.

    Though the lawyers might ask for a certain pay, the court has the ultimate say in the matter and that is how the system functions. Overcharged for Chicken settlement consists of over 180 million dollars. The legal costs cannot be more than 33% of the entire amount.

    Moreover, the plaintiffs will get paid only if the settlement amount is sanctioned. Regardless of the outcome of the lawsuit, class action members do not have to pay for anything. If anyone is demanding payment from you with regard to this case, then most likely it is a scam. So, be careful and report suspicious activities at the earliest. 

    Overcharged for Chicken Payment

    The burning question every person has is – How much will I get at the end of the day? Though we cannot possibly estimate any number yet, the only way to find it out is by waiting for the final hearing.

    In fact, the information on payment is so bleak, the official sources have not even talked about ways of encashing it. So, it is too early to focus on the end number because of the uncertainties present and the huge time window ahead of us. 

    Important Dates

    • Claim Period Inception – 11/09/2021
    • Exclusion and Objection Deadline – 10/11/2021
    • Final Approval Hearing – 20/12/2021
    • Claim Period End – 31/12/2022

    Overcharged for Chicken Bottom Line

    Overcharged for Chicken lawsuit is one of the big things that has unfolded in the food industry. The accusations are something that is intense and it makes people wonder about their daily choices.

    If you are someone that satisfies all of the eligibility criteria, then make the most of the situation by submitting the form as quickly as possible and sit back. Eventually, you will get an update on the situation from one source or the other. 

    Have anything to say about Overcharged for Chicken Lawsuit? If yes, feel free to comment below. 

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    1. This is crazy! 181 Million is nothing when you consider this spans a period of 12yrs. Lets just say that 181 million people bought raw chicken in that time period (I submit that its many times more than that). But lets just say its 181 million. The suit is paying out 181 million which leaves 1 dollar for each class member. Take out attys fees and you are left with 66 cents! Is it worth the trouble at that point? The only thing that would affect the payout is if you have to provide your receipts of the purchases. Very few people keep grocery receipts, so the class could be reduced significantly, leaving higher payout potential.

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