Review – Guaranteed Fraud is apparently a firm that is involved with the forex markets. Any experienced trader would find this platform hilarious because of the promises they make to the investors. According to their claims, they can help anyone earn as much as 100% in 72 hours. Obviously, they do not have any proof to justify making the exaggerated statements and trading records are intentionally hidden as well.

There are few documents featured by them to manipulate the retail audience, but at the end of the day it is not a one of a kind attempt pulled by the crooks. Anyone that invests money with them is guaranteed to lose and we can literally explain their entire operational model along with their flaws in a few simple words.

Needless to say, one should never even interact with this firm for any reason and know that they pose risk not only to your bank account, but to other aspects as well. Forex is a trillion dollar market and the liquidity it has is unlike any other.

Leverage provided by exchanges are high and the possibilities are limitless. However, nothing can be guaranteed in this sector and the risk factor is immense unless you are hedged. To know the true colors of this platform and all of their dirty secrets continue reading this report. Review

Does Follow Industry Regulation?

On their About Us section, they say that their investors are in safe hands as they follow every standard protocol in the industry. In other words, they want people to perceive them as a major brokerage in the sector. Beginners and other new participants in the market might get fooled by the fake claims and certificates featured by them.

Nonetheless, their flaws will be too obvious for the mature half of the equation. Offering investment advice is not something anyone can start without having a proper infrastructure along with legal certificates. Note that even licensed financial advisers do not peddle risk free narratives because markets cannot be predicted with 100% accuracy all the time. is not monitored by any regulatory body around the world, though they accept deposits from everyone. It is clear that their legal status is non-existent and their future is bleak at best. After taking a close look at them from every possible angle, they do seem to be professional frauds which means the likelihood of them getting caught is low and as a result, clients might have a hard time when it comes to recovering the funds. 

Company and Contact Details showcases a ASIC license and claims to be located in Australia. For any person that is just beginning their career, it might be hard to spot the difference. If you couldn’t find any flaws in their presentation, then do not worry as we will expose it all in this post.

First of all, the document they have presented is a sample registration certificate. The ASIC database does not have any records about this firm and that means their application was never honoured by the authorities for the right reasons. Undeniably, this firm is misrepresenting details about themselves for selfish reasons.

Next time whenever you are checking for details and the situation is too picture perfect, always cross verify the details and it will always be worth the effort. The information about their support team is very hard to find as there is no actual user feedback about them on the web yet.

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    Just like a traditional ponzi scam, there is no telephone number published by them and all the interactions are done via email only. Their working hours is not mentioned and the response time is a surprise for all of us as well. You might get a reply back from the staff if you display interest in depositing with them. However, do not expect to hear back from them if you need assistance or are facing any withdrawal related issues. 

    • Address – Level 1, 8 Beulah Road Norwood SA 5067 Australia
    • Email –

    Trading Process and Strategy

    As a general rule, any organisation or firm that offers financial services has to publish annual records and have to get audited by third party firms in order to ensure smooth functioning. All of the top hedge funds and investment banks strictly adhere to the law and they changed according to the needs of both the government and the markets.

    The people behind this firm appear to be least bothered about the standard protocols and it goes without mentioning that they are not bothered about the user experience or fund’s safety. They never share any specific detail about their personal way of taking on the markets. We do not know whether they are active in the derivatives market.

    Moreover, audited reports about their performance are not provided. We really do not want to bore you with all the little details, but we do want you to know the nasty things about them so we have handpicked a few dangerous stunts done by them. Moving on to the transparency aspect, it is a no brainer that they score zero, but still somehow they have the audacity to guarantee profits to their clients.

    Trusting them with your money is like blind leading a blind, it will never end well for the crowd. Lack of data is a very crucial red flag and it should never be taken lightly. All in all, their explanation clearly displays the fact that they have no idea about actual trading parameters and activities. 

    Profits Guaranteed by

    In the world of finance if anyone makes guaranteed profit claims, then generally it is better to stay away from them. After all, there is no sureshot approach in the markets, right? This firm offers four different plans wherein the returns range from 10% per day to over 100% in less than 72 hours. We know that the numbers are flattering enough especially for the newbies.

    However, we can guarantee you that no legitimate trader or institution can sustain numbers like that. Making money overnight is a fantasy that only con people sell and usually it is directed at naive people. Theoretically, the numbers might be enticing, but at the end of the day the only people to get paid will be them and the entire risk will be transferred towards the clients.

    There might be few people that did phenomenally well in the markets in the short time horizon. Nonetheless, it just cannot be done on a regular basis and obviously, if you are managing a rounded portfolio, then the volatility is never going to be that high to justify the double or triple digit returns. The crooks are indeed selling people nothing more than a dream and considering the popularity they have received, it is sad to see many people lose money to them. 

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    Referral Program

    Scammers are always good when it comes to getting attention. Nowadays our entire lives completely revolve around the digital world. Literally everything imaginable can be brought online and the space is really unfortunately, rewarding to the cyber criminals. Fraudulent firms can set up an online store, sell anything they want, never deliver and flee away from the scene without any consequences.

    The real skill of the crooks is generating traffic and collaborating with other shady marketers to reach their end goal. This platform offers a multi-level referral commission structure for all of their affiliates. The promoter just has to redirect the traffic he generates and get paid a hefty sum for it. Also, note that there isn’t any kind of restriction placed on them.

    Moreover, as they are clearly on the wrong side of the law, they really do not care about the ethical factors at all. If you see any platform or channel promoting them directly or indirectly, then know that they do not have your best interest in their mind.

    Affiliates of this firm are utilising the grey area of the law and sadly, this kind of exploitation is not something that can be stopped at least for the foreseeable future. So, be attentive and if anyone gets pushy with the sales pitch, then the logical choice is to say no regardless of how good the offer might be. Agendas

    Looking at the way their platform, marketing funnels and narratives are structured, it is no wonder that they are an illegal entity. The way they are spreading misinformation about themselves shows that they are active in the sector for a considerable amount of time and clearly they have skills. Unfortunately, the people that get caught up in the lies will suffer the most and chances are they will never see their money back unless they take proper action. is a ponzi scheme that depends upon people to fund their activities. They usually start out by paying members at the top, but once the saturation point has reached, then they do not have any other choice than to shut down. At the time of writing this post, this platform appears to have reached their peak and now, it is time for them to come crashing down like a house of cards.

    If you have funds stuck with them, then take immediate action and report them to your local law enforcement agencies. In case the situation is critical and you are feeling overwhelmed, then take advantage of our free consultation and get in touch with our team by filling the contact form.

    We will assess the case, collect enough evidence and assist you in recovering the funds at the earliest. It does not matter which payment method you have used, as long as you take action quickly, the current tools are enough to trace the real criminals and make them spew up the gobbled cash.

    Conclusion is not a firm that anyone should trust. They lie and cheat whenever and wherever they can and once they have received your money, do not expect to hear back from them. As they are not answerable to anyone and are fuelled by nothing more than greed, they can and will flee away sooner or later at their convenience.

    Trading for a living is a dream for many. However, before you think about achieving consistency focus on getting educated first and master the risk management aspect. Thanks to the internet, most of the resources are free and if you are lucky you might find a suitable mentor.

    Avoid taking any path that promises you seemingly easy money and never trust any unregulated entities you come across on the internet. Remember, nothing worth having comes around without putting real effort and if anyone says otherwise, then most probably they are in on the hustle. is a fake trading platform designed to loot newbie investors. Do not fall for their fake narratives and lucrative traps.

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