Action Refund Review – Israeli Based Scam or Not?

Action Refund is an Israeli-based Fund recovery service that is gaining a lot of popularity in an astounding amount of time. They have good reviews all over the place, and on Trustpilot, the user feedback about them is way too positive. The client comments are certainly encouraging, but some of the statements appear borderline manipulative.

We are not saying that they have intentionally spread false narratives, but one does have to be careful while navigating this space for their own good. Their website is very user-friendly. However, they peddle a few conflicting statements that do not make much sense. Moreover, we did not find any case history on their platform, so we cannot fully believe the success stories featured by them.

Being a victim of online fraud is frustrating enough on its own; though recovery agencies can help you get your hard-earned money back, you should be careful while choosing the right kind of platform to achieve your goals. Remember, there are many scams in this sector as well and you cannot trust anyone blindly.

Before you approach this platform with your problems, go through the following content to understand all the processes and aspects involved.

Action Refund Review

What is Action Refund?

In simple words, Action Refund is a recovery agency. The firm has a team of well-trained experts that help victims of online fraud get back the money taken by them using false pretenses. Though they claim that their services are free, the process is not as straightforward as it seems and the fees charged by them are certainly on the higher side.

The recovery field is an extremely lucrative opportunity for lawyers to make boatloads of money. While there is nothing wrong with earning big revenue, it is borderline shady to hide behind cleverly designed terms that are biased in their favor.

In other words, this platform makes their clients sign a Fund Recovery Services Engagement and the document compels the client to pay at least a $5000 non-refundable retainer along with 10% of the recovered funds. Technically speaking, their platform isn’t free, and that is a fact. 

Process and Success Stories

For any reason, if you have your heart set on proceeding with them, then you can do so by filling out their contact form or requesting a call back from them. Their contact details are listed below in this review. First, the clients must explain the incident to them and provide relevant accounting information.

As each case is different, it takes a considerable time for them to assess the situation and get back to you. Once the assessment is done, they will help you in collecting the necessary evidence to back up the chargebacks, and then they will approach the companies involved on behalf of you. Generally speaking, the chargeback process should be utilized within 120 days, but for some cases, the timeline is extended up to 500 days.

However, for best results, clients always should take action at the earliest. The time period required for the entire process depends upon a lot of variables, and as a result, there cannot be any guarantees made about it. On its website, this firm boasts about its accomplishments so far. According to their narratives, they have helped 1,200-plus people get their money back.

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    The numbers shown by them are, without any doubt impressive, but the evidence is not present. If they really managed to help so many victims, then why aren’t they documenting their achievements? We understand that no one can reveal the private details. Nonetheless, they could have at least published a few case histories, right?

    No Evidence to back up the Claims

    On this platform, you can find a lot of general information about how this recovery agency works. They talk a lot about the different types of scams on the internet and their ways of analyzing them. The material and the explanations provided by them are not something that can be categorized as exclusive or valuable, but it does the job pretty well.

    Our main frustration about this platform is that it does not document any of the claims they make. Apart from a few testimonials featured on their site, there is no verifiable user feedback about them. Note that there are a few clients that found this platform to be way too expensive, and they allegedly did not hold their end of the bargain.

    Many fake platforms will create fake social proof only to engage the audience and build a strong truss element. So, to ensure the best possible treatment, always check for details and do not forget to say no to any company or firm that outright refuses to reveal it. 

    Contact Details

    One of the good things about Action Refund is the customer support aspect. They have provided a lot of ways to get in touch with them. Moreover, the call-back feature is also available. Some people have mentioned that the staff of this firm are way too aggressive in their approach and will supposedly create a sense of urgency. Though the reports are unconfirmed, we suggest you be cautious while dealing with them.

    • US: +1 917-283-4460
    • UK: +44 203-885-0601
    • AUS: +61 24-203-2464
    • AT: +43 720-778-857
    • IL: +972 3-375-1816
    • NL: +31 202-628-491
    • Address – Tuval St 19, Ramat Gan, Israel, 5252234
    • Email –

    Action Refund Customer Feedback

    Anyone that has witnessed the customer feedback of this firm on popular forums will be highly likely to proceed with them due to the high ratings they have got. Certainly, their ratings are too good, and the kind of user base they have built is phenomenal. Nonetheless, keep in mind that some of the comments appear to be exaggerated and borderline manipulative.

    Moreover, there is no way to verify any of the things mentioned by the users; as such, we just have to give them the benefit of the doubt. A 90% positive rating is a high score for any firm, especially on Trustpilot. Below, we have gathered a few top comments. Take a close look at them and share your opinion in the comment thread below.

    Since I started with them, they have demonstrated a big commitment, a very professional attitude, and determination.

    Action Refund Testimonials
    Trustpilot Action Refund Comments

    I have worked with 3 officers- Vicky, Olesia and Alice. In fact all the staff in this company is totally professional and highly educated. My case is still in progress, last stage and Alice Furdman( my case manager) is a fighter, always helpful, answers on time and navigates me step by step.

    I believe I will succeed and you can trust this company 100%.

    I have used this company and their service was sympathetic respectful understanding and extremely professional.

    I cannot rate them highly enough.

    How do they reach the Victims?

    Every business online needs a solid marketing strategy to reach its goals. In today’s time, no firm can survive for long if they follow the traditional word-of-mouth approach, so they have to look for alternative and more updated ways. This firm pours in a lot of money and runs aggressive marketing on social media platforms and on Google.

    ZenGo Wallet Banner

    Though there is nothing wrong with running paid promotions, one of the main flaws they feature is the conflicting policies. Moreover, they have clear known connections to other alleged scammers in the sector, and even their firm history and creator’s records are not as clean as they could have been.

    Our best advice to you is to take it slow with them and not proceed until you clearly understand their terms and conditions. At any point in time, if you feel like you are being rushed to make a decision, then chances are you already are starting to see their real side.

    Connections with Financial Firms

    Action Refund is owned and operated by Red Hot Holdings Ltd. The owner of this Israeli-based company operates many brands in the Consumer Finance sector. Though there is nothing wrong with running multiple businesses, the way things are set up by them seems suspicious. On one hand, they create the demand for a particular service; on the other, they only pose as problem solvers.

    Note that the marketing funnels that promote are also known to promote other forex brokers with a questionable past. In reality, they are creating an operational model that creates victims in the first place and then goes on to sell them expensive services.

    Their plan is a type of self-fulfilling prophecy that only benefits the people at the top of the chain. As the connections between this platform and other associated entities are somewhat obvious, one must be very tacky while dealing with them. 

    Action Refund Area of Expertise

    Generally speaking, recovery agencies will be familiar with every type of online scam. After all, their whole job is to stay on top of trends in order to assist their clients and provide the best service possible.

    The data about the most common scams on the internet put up on this platform is helpful. They have done a great job of touching on basic concepts and shrinking the most basic and common traits of a fraudulent firm. Below is the list of the main niches they are active in. 

    Binary Options Scams

    Binary options originated almost a decade ago, but to date, it is one of the most notorious hustles ever. The scams that used the binary options narratives mainly originated from Israel and it swept across all over the world. For those who aren’t familiar with this type of derivative, here’s a short introduction. Binary options are all-or-nothing types of investments that have an enormous amount of time decay.

    Though it may offer enticing amounts of money in a short period of time, the odds are massively set against the buyers. As the profit potential is huge, many scammers create fake stories around this type of trading and loot the public. If you have invested in any new or offshore binary broker and cannot recover the funds, then going to the recovery experts might be the best option for you. 

    Forex Scams

    Forex is a trillion-dollar market, and thanks to the volatility it experiences, the potential to make money is huge. However, the retail side has to be very careful while choosing the strategy, and as a rule of thumb, they should not deal with unregulated entities. We are aware of the fact that unregulated brokers offer a ton of incentives.

    Things like deposit bonuses and so-called risk-free trades will surely capture the attention of the newbies in the sector. However, all of the added benefits come with a catch that is designed to favor the house in every way imaginable. Moreover, compensation funds are not available with unlicensed firms, and they can and have literally disappeared overnight.

    While reporting the fraud to the financial watchdogs might help in a few cases, they won’t take any firm action on every complaint. Scam brokers will use hidden terms and conditions along with misrepresentation to manipulate the clients into depositing with them.

    Once they have access to your funds, then they will do anything it takes to prevent you from making a withdrawal and eventually, shut you down by giving some vague reasons. Note that though all unregulated brokerages are not necessarily a scam, most of them are. So, to ensure the security of your capital, it is better to deal only with regulated firms and exchanges.

    Cryptocurrency Scams

    Cryptocurrencies are the new wave in the financial sector. Many scammers love this sector as it allows them to take money from naive people in the name of investments. Every day, there are new fake ICOs popping up, claiming to be the next big thing in the field of finance.

    With so much noise and chaos, it is not hard to understand the reasons why many beginners lose money on them. In early 2017, the crooks quickly shifted to this industry as it was new, and enabled them to move money anonymously.

    Now, the situation is different, and thanks to all the latest forensic tools, tracking the culprits with a push of a button is possible. If you have lost money recently to any ICOs or trading scams in this sector, do not give up hope just yet and know that there are many options available for you to get back your money. 

    Other Types of Frauds

    This platform also deals with romance scams, phishing, and other online-related frauds, such as fake shopping websites that are getting a lot of traction on the web. Criminals always evolve with time, so sometimes it might feel a little difficult to list everything they might be involved with.

    However, at the end of the day, it is always possible to make them suffer the consequences of their action, and people just have to take quick action. Regardless of the ways cybercriminals use, always report the incident to relevant authorities and never shy away from asking for help. 

    Action Refund Revew – Verdict

    Action Refund is a popular recovery agency with good ratings but also links with alleged scammers and firms. The user feedback appears to be great, but as the details are not verifiable, we cannot fully trust them yet. Lastly, their policies are contradictory in some aspects, and the fees they charge are way too much compared to the rest of the competition.

    The lack of negative comments, along with zero constructive criticism is strange, and time only can tell us the reality of the situation. If you have any experience with Action Refund, comment below without fail and help others get a glimpse of the real nature of this organization.

    In case you have suffered a substantial financial loss, do not despair. We are here to assist you in recovering your funds!

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    1. I’ve just coughed up the introductory fee to instigate recovery on funds with the now defunct broker called infintix. I agree the amount of positive information is almost overwhelming causing me to now have serious reservations about a relationship with Action Refund. Indeed I want to contact another recovery agency to recover recover my $2000 upfront fee and look for someone or agency more transparent.

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