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Recently, we received the following complaint:

I got caught in the Forex5 trading scam. I have lost $62k in loans I took out, as they will not release any funds in the account.

So, what is, and is it a SCAM?

Forex5 Review was registered for 2 years on April 2, 2023, through NameSilo. and Cloudflare protect it.

It has a 5% SEMrush Authority Score with 532 backlinks from 184 referring domains. Its little traffic appears to come mainly from the United States, Spain, and the Netherlands.

Forex5 presents itself as a comprehensive trading platform, providing tools and services that facilitate forex, commodity futures, and cryptocurrency trading. The website includes features such as 24/7 free assistance, real-time market updates, and mobile application accessibility to provide a convenient trading experience. They have also included their contact number (+1-222-55-58-80) and offer an option for a callback request. The platform claims to connect users with various brokers, emphasizing the importance of safety and encouraging users to exercise caution and due diligence when choosing a broker.

However, there are several red flags that potential users should be wary of. The language used on the website seems promotional and overly reassuring, such as phrases like “Discover Your Anchor in Our Proven Stability, Trustworthiness, and Security.” This could be an attempt to build unwarranted trust.

Additionally, the website seems to lack detailed and essential regulatory information. Although they mention registration with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), no explicit detail validates this claim or helps verify its authenticity and credibility.

Furthermore, the legitimacy of their partners and the broad range of services offered, such as “Physical Mining Equipment,” is unclear and may require further investigation.

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    Lastly, the website seems to mix various generic images and text, which might be a tactic to appear comprehensive and detailed but lacks substantial and clear information that a user might require to make informed decisions.

    Let’s dive deeper.

    Contact Information

    Forex5 provides various channels for prospective traders or users to contact them. They offer a contact number (+1-222-55-58-80), an option for a callback request, a live chat feature, and an email address ( for communication.

    They also have provided a physical address, 191 Integer Rd, 2nd Street, LA 08219, USA, which is presented as their official business location.

    Additionally, the platform offers 24/7 assistance to its users, and there is a section where one can “Drop A Line,” allowing for direct messaging to the company.

    Several red flags emerge upon closer inspection of this contact information.

    First, the two contact numbers provided on different page sections are inconsistent. This inconsistency could indicate negligence or an intention to confuse or mislead.

    Second, the email address provided ( appears generic and non-professional, further casting doubt on the platform’s legitimacy. Using a placeholder email suggests either the website is incomplete or lacks attention to detail, which is concerning for a platform that handles financial transactions.

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    Lastly, the language used in the “Contact” section is vague and somewhat incoherent, such as “Deaching of the great explorer of the truth the builder,” which does not convey clear information or purpose. This sort of unclear communication may indicate a lack of professionalism or an attempt to appear sophisticated without providing substantial information.

    In conclusion, while Forex5 has tried to provide various contact options, the inconsistencies and lack of professionalism in the details raise questions regarding their credibility and reliability. Users should exercise caution and conduct thorough research before engaging with the platform.

    Markets page

    The Markets page from Forex5 exhibits several concerning aspects in its presentation and content. There is a noticeable lack of professionalism and coherence in the text, with vague and unclear descriptions under the trading options, which seem to be filled with placeholder text or irrelevant information.

    This, combined with generic images and a lack of detailed, meaningful information about the trading processes and what each market entails, casts doubt on the credibility and reliability of the platform, making it appear untrustworthy or underdeveloped for potential users or investors.

    History page

    The Forex5 History page presents a concerning discrepancy regarding its historical timeline and domain registration date. Its history dates back to 2012, with several milestones, including awards and trader acquisitions noted on the website.

    However, it’s alarming that the domain was only registered in 2023. This inconsistency raises serious red flags about the credibility and authenticity of the information presented on the site.

    Additionally, the webpage content, such as the historical milestones, seems generic and lacks specificity and clarity, potentially indicating that the information might be fabricated or exaggerated to appear more established and trustworthy to potential users.

    In contrast with the claimed lengthy operational history, the recent domain registration creates a significant credibility gap, making it advisable to approach the platform with heightened caution and skepticism.


    The blog section of Forex5’s webpage appears somewhat disorganized and lacks professionalism. The titles and content seem generic, nonspecific, and somewhat disjointed, making it hard to ascertain the credibility and value of shared information.

    Also, the post dates and frequency seem inconsistent, and there is a conspicuous lack of engagement features such as comments or shares, which are essential for a blog to gauge audience interaction and reception.

    These aspects and ambiguous authorship and content presentation raise questions about the blog’s relevance and reliability as a useful resource for traders or potential clients.

    Biography Pages of the Team

    These pages are obviously fabricated. For example, a professional’s (Joy Root) profile within the Forex5 platform lacks substantial content and detailed insights into the professional’s expertise or achievements. The text on the page is quite generic and vague, without providing actionable or specific information about Joy Root’s experience or contribution to the field. Using placeholder text like “” also detracts from the page’s credibility and professionalism, suggesting that the webpage might not be fully developed or regularly updated.

    About Forex5

    The “About” page of Forex5 presents itself as a robust and accomplished trading platform, emphasizing its diverse trading products like precious metals, stocks, and cryptocurrencies. The page showcases a blend of company missions, visions, and values alongside impressive statistical achievements and accolades to establish credibility and attract potential investors.

    However, there’s a noticeable use of generic “Awesome Image” placeholders and a lack of specific, verifiable details such as authentic contact information or detailed company history, which might raise questions about the completeness and current relevance of the information presented.

    What is Forex trading & How Does it Work Section

    There are a few red flags in this content. First, there are numerous placeholders like “Awesome Image” and generic or incomplete text (e.g., “Et harum quidem rerum facilis est expedita. officiis debitis aut rerum. Temporibus autem quibusdam et aut.”), which make the page appear unfinished or unprofessional.

    Second, the course description lacks specific, substantive information and clarity, which might make it challenging for potential learners to understand precisely what they will gain from the course.

    Lastly, the drastic discount on the course price and the urgency (“2 days left at this price!”) could be perceived as pressure tactics commonly used in sales, which might raise questions about the genuine value of the offering.

    Forex5 Reviews appears to be a forex trading platform that connects users with various brokers and offers tools for trading. However, several reviews and website analysis platforms like,, and others have given it a very low trust score, indicating that the website may not be trustworthy.

    Additionally, user reviews on Google Play seem to be quite negative, with a low rating.

    However, the Google Play apps are no longer available, and Google has probably removed them due to multiple complaints. Therefore, the Forex5 app is currently only available via direct download, which is never recommended due to the risks of downloading apps from untrusted sources.

    On ScamDoc, we find the following complaint:

    I lost over $4000 on the website/app. I attempted to withdraw funds, but the process was unsuccessful. Subsequently, three different transactions were made to trade spot gold without my consent. Customer service could not clearly explain and told me it was bad luck. I also tried calling the number listed on the website but received no response.

    Complaints We Received

    On January 9, 2024, we received the following complaint:

    I currently have my personal funds and trade earnings in my Forex5 account. The star trader on the Forex5 live chat platform is informing me that I must pay taxes to a global tax regulatory authority before I can access the funds in my account. They have offered to pay the IRS on my behalf. However, I declined this offer, stating that I would prefer to manage my tax payments directly with the IRS. I have been unable to find any information about a global tax regulatory authority and have refused to send any taxes to this third party.

    Forex5 Review Conclusion

    Our comprehensive review of unveils several alarming concerns and red flags that question the platform’s credibility and reliability. A myriad of issues ranging from inconsistencies in contact information, generic placeholders, and lack of professionalism in content presentation to discrepancies between historical timelines and domain registration dates highlight the platform’s dubious nature.

    User experiences and complaints further corroborate these findings, painting a picture of potential fraudulent activities and a lack of accountability from Forex5’s side. The removal of their apps from Google Play and the presence of multiple negative reviews underline the risks associated with engaging in transactions through this platform.

    Bottom Line

    While portrays itself as a robust and credible trading platform, the preponderance of evidence suggests otherwise.

    Prospective users are advised to exercise extreme caution, conduct meticulous research, and consider the red flags and user experiences shared in this review before deciding to interact or invest in the services offered by

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    Engaging with platforms that exhibit such a substantial number of questionable attributes may expose users to significant risks, including potential financial losses.

    Please comment below this review if you have fallen victim to online scams. Did you suffer a substantial financial loss? Do not despair. We are here to assist you in recovering your funds!

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