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FxPro review - Screenshot of was registered through NameCheap on December 12, 2023, for one year. Withheld for Privacy protects it, while Hetzner Online hosts it.

It has a SEMrush Authority Score of 2% with 4 backlinks.

On Google, only one page is indexed, the homepage, titled “FxPros: Home.” The description is:

Trade CFDs on a wide range of instruments, including popular FX pairs, Futures, Indices, Metals, Energies and Shares and experience the global markets at your …

So not only is a very new domain, but it also does not get much traffic, currently. Review

The content from the website you provided,, presents a detailed overview of an investment company offering trading and investment services in various instruments like FX pairs, Futures, Indices, Metals, Energies, and Shares. The website lists several investment plans, including Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Premium plans, each offering different weekly and monthly returns, ranging from 5% weekly in the Silver plan to 100% monthly in the Diamond and Premium plans.

The website claims to have over 22,609 members and a total deposit of over $500k across more than 80 countries. It also emphasizes features like instant withdrawal, SSL security, 24/7 support, and a referral program. The site lists Denish Sukhotin and Avril Millar as key team members, holding positions of Leader and Director, respectively.

Contact details provided include an email address ( and an option for live support. The website is multilingual, supported by Google Translate. Payment options listed include Ripple coin, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Light coin. The site also offers a tab for viewing the latest deposits and withdrawals by customers, along with customer testimonials praising the platform’s efficiency, range of tools, and customer support.

Regarding company and regulatory information, the website does not provide specific details such as business registration or licensing information. However, it asserts being a registered company with secure investment options.

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    Red Flags

    Now, considering the critical aspects and potential red flags:

    1. High Returns Promise: The investment plans offer unusually high returns, which can be a common characteristic of Ponzi schemes or high-yield investment programs (HYIPs). Returns like 50% weekly or 100% monthly are exceptionally high and unsustainable in standard financial or trading environments.
    2. Vague Descriptions: The descriptions of services and benefits, such as “secure investment” and “SSL Secured,” are quite generic and do not provide substantive details about how security or investment strategies are implemented.
    3. Lack of Regulatory Information: The absence of specific regulatory or licensing information is a significant concern. Legitimate financial service providers typically provide clear information about their regulatory status and the jurisdictions in which they are licensed to operate.
    4. Uniformly Positive Customer Testimonials: The testimonials are overwhelmingly positive without presenting a balanced view, which can sometimes indicate that they are curated or fabricated.
    5. Website Source Mirroring: The mention of “Mirrored from” in the site’s source code might indicate that the site’s content is not original and has been copied from another source, which raises questions about the legitimacy of the site.
    6. Lack of Detailed Team Information: Although the site mentions team members, there is no detailed background information or professional profiles provided, which is unusual for a legitimate financial services company.
    7. Payment Options: The focus on cryptocurrencies as a primary mode of transaction, without more traditional banking options, can sometimes be associated with scams, given the difficulty of tracing and recovering cryptocurrency transactions.
    8. Broken Links to Social Media: The links to Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, and Instagram do not work. The same is the case with the About, Terms & Conditions, and Privacy links at the footer.

    Trading FXPro Reviews

    The Google search results for “” reveal a small number of entries, with key highlights including a listing on This site offers a tool to check if is legitimate, with suggestions that the website may be a scam.

    The Scamadviser review of indicates it’s likely a scam. Key points include a very low trust score, the use of a service by the owner to hide their identity, a low Tranco rank, and high-risk cryptocurrency services. The site is identified as a potential High Yield Investment Program (HYIP) known for high risk. It has a valid SSL certificate but is associated with a registrar known for spam and fraud sites. The domain is very young, with only a few weeks since registration. The review suggests caution when using this website.

    Another relevant result includes a Reddit user recommending for Bitcoin savings/investment accounts.

    There are also references to the site on Fake Website Buster, listing it among other potentially fraudulent websites.

    The overall implication from these results is that is likely to be untrustworthy and potentially involved in fraudulent activities.

    Complaints We Received Regarding TradingFXPro

    On January 5, 2024, we received the following email:

    I’ve researched FxPro for trading CFDs. However, I was contacted by someone on Telegram and added to a group called “FX Pro Investment.” They shared a link to Is this a legitimate trading platform? They claim the group administrators are Avril Millar and Denis Sukhotin, but they refuse to accept calls or provide a contact number. The FX Pro site’s AI bot indicated that was blocked. Can you investigate this and offer advice? Many South Africans seem to be investing, but I’m skeptical. Please advise, as they instructed a relative to deposit $2,800 using the CoinMarket Cap app and provided an address for crypto payment before permitting withdrawals.

    The concerns about are valid, especially given the red flags, such as the group administrators refusing to accept calls or provide a contact number and the AI bot’s report of the site being blocked.

    ZenGo Wallet Banner

    The request for a substantial deposit without clear communication channels is concerning.

    Direct Communications with TradingFXPro: A Closer Look

    creenshots from a live chat with an agent from reveal a policy requiring withdrawal methods to match deposit methods, typical of legitimate trading services. However, when probed about using the Coin Market Cap app for withdrawals, the agent explicitly denies any such practice.

    The plot thickens with images from a Telegram group named “FxPro Investment,” boasting over 8,000 members and purporting to offer trading opportunities. The group features admins with names matching those on the TradingFXPro website, urging members to register on their platform and submit screenshots as verification.

    Such a request is unconventional and potentially risky, as legitimate platforms use secure, automated verification processes without needing manual screenshot confirmations. The group’s size and the direct involvement of supposed company leaders in customer onboarding are also atypical and suggestive of a scheme to entrap unwary investors.

    Adding to the concern, the alleged ‘Leadership Denis Sukhotin’ on Telegram actively instructs new registrants to provide personal details, a hallmark of phishing attempts.

    The gathered evidence from these interactions points to a stark warning:’s practices deviate significantly from industry norms, suggesting potential fraudulence.

    But is a SCAM?

    Trading FXPro Review Conclusion

    Our investigation into raises several red flags, suggesting it may be a scam. Key concerns include its very recent domain registration, lack of traffic, and suspiciously high returns offered. Additionally, the site’s ownership is hidden, and it’s linked to a registrar known for fraudulent sites. Customer testimonials are overly positive, and the site’s content appears not to be original.

    These factors, combined with ScamAdviser’s low trust score and warnings about high-risk cryptocurrency services and HYIP traits, advise caution. The lack of regulatory information and non-functional social media links further undermine its legitimacy.

    Hence,’s credibility is highly questionable.

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