Forsage Review – Is a Ponzi Scheme?

Forsage is marketed as an online marketing opportunity that has little to no risk. The website itself received a ton of traffic and eventually the popularity caught the eyes of the regulators as well. At the time of publishing this post, the alleged creators are being monitored closely by law enforcement agencies and the kind of things that are coming to light are nasty to say the least.

As usual, the retail side is getting hit badly due to the crumbling user base and we strongly believe that it is just a matter of time before this firm goes down. If you are yet to receive money from them, then make sure to collect it at the earliest or else you might never ever get your funds back. Their homepage might look simple and their explanations that involve blockchain technology might blind you from seeing the reality.

However, before you feel overwhelmed, go through our post to know their true nature and we can assure you that you will never dare to proceed with them once you know the facts. According to our sources, the traffic of this platform is going down rapidly which means they might not be able to sustain themselves for long. Sit back, relax and read the following information to know the truth about their activities.

Forsage Scam Review

What is Forsage?

Forsage in simple words is a self serving ad platform. Unlike all the other Paid to click sites, this platform has a different operational model and the cash flow is dependent upon the number of members a participant recruits. Certainly, this platform is being transparent when it comes to showing the health of their business model, but they are not legitimate by any means.

As the cash flow and longevity of the project is dependent upon the number of new members, they are bound to go down hard sooner or later. All of the MLM schemes will have enticing packages and the benefits they display are going to blind most participants. However, know that only the creators and the people at the top of the pyramid will make money and the bottom half will always lose funds.

If you are situated in the United States or the United Kingdom, then it is illegal to invest in schemes like these and the regulators along with the financial watchdogs are doing their best to protect the retail side from firms like these. We understand that for many beginners, saying no to an opportunity that appears too good might be difficult, but do keep in mind that the scenario is never straightforward and most of the time, the underlying scheme will just be another trap on the internet.

How does this platform generate Cash flow?

This is the interesting part of the project. If you take a look at the explanation provided by them and their FAQ section, things will get more confusing. People behind this platform have cleverly disguised the ponzi operational model and have infused it with blockchain technology. After looking at their target audience and their marketing campaigns closely, we believe that they featured the crypto narratives only to mask their real nature and to make themselves look sophisticated.

They stress a lot about decentralisation and peer to peer technology, but at the end of the day, it will never benefit the ones that joined the program last. So, do not fall for their fancy terminologies and if things seem way too easy, then understand that you are being exposed to immense risk in one form or the other. Cryptocurrencies are a very hot product in the realm of financial world, but they are not a sure shot way to the riches.

They indeed bring some unique advantage, but in the end, it doesn’t guarantee success in any way. Coming back to the cash flow aspect. They clearly don’t have an independent source and as such, they will bite the dust eventually. However, until they run out of new participants, they might make huge noise on social media platforms and try their best to keep the buzz going, but do not fall for the gimmicks.

After all, they have made enough money for themselves and they are keeping their funnel open only to see how long it can last for and the kind of money they can make before the whole scheme collapses?

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    What is the deal with Forsage and Blockchain technology?

    The connections with Forsage and blockchain technology is a flimsy one and the more you look at it, the less sense it is going to make. Each and every payment into their system is recorded via blocks and the payments are made through Ethereum. However, the story provided by them still doesn’t reveal the actual source of the cash flow in literal sense.

    Numerous reputable blogs have exposed their true face and combined with the fact that even the regulators are issuing warnings against them, it is time for the customers to be aware of the reality of the situation. Many crooks nowadays are creating false narratives involving cryptocurrencies to loot the masses.

    For some reason, people are more enticed than ever to get into cryptos, but one should not venture into this volatile asset without understanding the basic mechanics of the industry. Though, there are derivatives available to hedge the risk, sadly many people do not have enough knowledge about maintaining a well rounded portfolio. 

    Real Earning Potential

    Technically speaking, the earning potential of the members are unlimited. The more people one recruits, the more money he or she is going to earn. Note that, recruiting members is not enough to create consistent income, the people introduced to the platform must also do the same and continue the chain for the one at the top to make money. Each participant is required to put in 0.05 ETH in the beginning.

    As soon as they recruit new members(around 4 people), they will be able to make 0.2 ETH which means they have basically tripled their money. If you are an affiliate marketer, blogger or someone that has access to a lot of traffic, then this program might be beneficial for you. For the people on the other end of the equation, it will be very hard to get new clients on board and eventually they will give up and lose the initial deposit made by them.

    In the initial days of the project, the scheme created by the founders of this platform might pay well, but sooner or later, the whole model will become unsustainable and it has to fold and collapse.

    Social Proof and Testimonials

    On Forsage there are a lot of things that can be categorised as social proof. They display a lot of alleged profiles of the users which shows the kind of money they made over the last few months. The numbers shown by them are huge and certainly aren’t typical results. If you are promoting them without having any experience in the digital space, then six figures is something that is unattainable and that’s just the truth.

    We were shocked to find so many testimonials about them on sites like TrustPilot and Reddit. There is a high chance of fraudulent activity with the testimonials, but since the profiles cannot be verified, we have to give them the benefit of the doubt for the time being. The users appear to be extremely happy with their decision and the kind of comments we found were little too good to be true and exaggerated as well. We suggest our audience to take the user feedback with a sack of salt and wait for a bit longer for the truth to be revealed.

    ZenGo Wallet Banner

    In the bottom section of their website, this platform has linked out to all of their social media pages. They are active in all the mainstream channels and that means the management side of this firm does know their way around digital marketing. At the end of the day, as the evidence gathered is not sufficient enough, it is wise to skip investing with them or else the consequences might drain your bank account.  

    Regulatory Warnings

    Regulators in most cases are late to react to the situation. In the past, after every big scam came crashing down, the regulators have spent a lot of time and resources to investigate the matter and make the culprits pay up for their mistakes. The internet has made it easy for the crooks to operate in a much more relaxed manner.

    Nonetheless, it doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone can get away after committing a crime. The SEC has taken action against the creator of Forsage and the number of rules this platform violated was numerous. While we do not have any update about the latest proceedings in the matter, it is safe to assume that the end time may be near for the firm. 

    Is Forsage a Scam or not?

    Forsage is without any doubt a sophisticated scam that involves cryptocurrencies. Their website might not contain the outrageous income claims like the other ponzi schemes, but the underlying model is the same. People might perceive this portal as a means of earning passive income, but unfortunately, it doesn’t offer anything like that. Moreover, if you ever run into problems on their platform, they do not have dedicated customer support too.

    Simply put, the number of unanswered questions are more and the traits they display does not instill confidence in any way. The user feedback for the time being is positive, but there are few things about them that aren’t exactly transparent. Ponzi schemes and make money opportunities are like a plague, the masses will eventually understand the reality, but by then it will be too little too late.

    Remember, the internet does open up a world of opportunity to us, but to make considerable or significant returns, an individual has to put in a lot of efforts. While buying some educational program or investing in a certain platform might accelerate the process, the end result is never guaranteed.

    So, stop chasing wild dreams and easy money opportunities and run away from anyone that claims to make the passive income generation process easier. Building assets is a long term process and if some stranger on the internet is claiming to show you a shortcut to success, then it is most likely a hustle.

    Forsage Review Verdict

    Forsage is nothing more than a ponzi scam that uses cryptocurrency narrative and blockchain protocols. The authorities are already after the creators and the longevity of the firm doesn’t look bright by any means. If you were able to make money from them, then consider yourself lucky, but don’t be naive enough to give them another try.

    On the flip side, like the majority of the people if you have lost funds to them, then fill out the contact form below and let our experts assess your case for free. We will trace the transactions for you and update you on the list of legal options available at your mercy.

    Do you still believe in Drop your thoughts in the comment’s section.

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