Beurax Review – Nasty Ponzi Scheme

Beurax is a platform that claims to help retail traders make consistent money in the name of account management services. According to their narratives, they supposedly can generate anywhere between 1% to 4% on a daily basis. Note that they just like all the other ponzi programs have not provided any proof to back up their claims and the red flags we found across their platform were scary to say the least.

They also claim to be a regulated firm, but there is a huge twist in the story which we are going to discuss later in this post. We understand that many people find it difficult to make consistent returns from the market and as a result, they are pushed towards finding automated ways of placing the trades with some degree of edge.

However, that doesn’t mean that you should put up the funds without doing some solid homework about the company. This platform has done a lot of damage to many innocent newbies and the kind of blood trial they have left behind is shameful and merciless.

Though this platform at the time of writing this review has escaped from the hands of the law enforcement agencies, read the following paragraphs to understand their traits and to know the ways of recovering funds from them.

Beurax Scam Review

What is Beurax Scam?

Beurax scam is the name given by the victims to the platform. The number of flaws present in this firm is something that simply cannot be explained in a single post, but we will highlight some of the critical ones later in the post. In simple words, this website was talking a lot about the importance of making the right decision in the trading world and exaggerated their capabilities.

Their goal was to get retail people hooked on the idea of constructing an automated income stream. Sadly, they did succeed in their attempt and exited from the scene with a lot of dirty money on their hands. In reality, they didn’t have any real connection with the markets and from their legal status to registration certificate, everything about them was a well disguised lie.

Moreover, they didn’t even offer demo accounts or audited reports which means they were either not meant for the public or they didn’t have anything valuable to offer to their clients. Given the things we have exposed about them till now, it is clear that they aren’t the ones you want to get tangled with for any kind of time frame. Remember, the only way they could sustain themselves is by looting the user base and there are no ifs and buts in the equation.

Ponzi schemes are known to make the people at the top of the pyramids rich, built for the majority of the participants, the risk graph is going to be inverted and chances are people at the bottom half will never be able to break even on their investment. 

Management Side Information

There are a lot of things about human nature that cannot be changed regardless of the kind of changes that might occur as a result of technological advancement. For centuries together, one of the main things that correlates with the growth of a firm is the kind of reputation they have earned in the marketplace.

While figuring out things such as the trust score isn’t an exact science, there will always be telltale signs that will let the public have a clear idea about the situation of a company. On Beurax homepage, they talk a lot about their accomplishments and they have featured videos wherein the alleged CEO of the firm talks about the opportunities presented by them.

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    At first glance, most beginners will like this platform as they appear to be transparent, but there are few things about them that will change the entire perspective. For starters, they have just hired an actor to read a script. Apart from the CEO, details of all the other employees are never shared with the public and they have zero social media presence.

    At the time of writing this review, even their Youtube page is deleted and their website is also not active. The fact that they ran away with the investor’s money is undeniable and anyone that says otherwise is not in thinking rationally. Ask yourself, why would they hire an actor to pose as their founder unless they have hidden agendas?

    How does Beurax Trading Work?

    The actual parameters of the Beurax platform are not revealed by them. Firms that are active in the investment sector are always way too open about their process and are constantly publishing verified third party audits to adhere to today’s standard. This firm does not keep an open book with the public and most of their activities are not overseen by any kind of reputable authorities.

    They indeed have applied for the license from ASIC, but they were never approved. In other words, the investor’s money is not safe with them regardless of which angle you look at it. Cryptocurrencies are the next big thing in the financial world. Mainstream banks and firms are incorporating Bitcoin and the bull run appears to be gaining more momentum each and every single day.

    However, never jump on the trend when things are moving fast because the risks are going to be immense. Lastly, without having an edge or a well laid plan, trading any instrument will not be worth it and you should never dabble with it. Beurax might say all the right words, but clearly they have no link with the actual assets and that means anyone who invests with them will lose their funds eventually. 

    Profits Advertised

    We found numerous investment schemes on this platform and the returns promised by them range from 1% to 4% on a daily basis. As a rule of thumb, they advertise more returns if the client puts in high capital. 1% daily returns may sound reasonable for a lot of traders, but the markets are never that generous. 1% per day is something even the best quant hedge funds are not able to achieve and that’s just the reality of the situation.

    We did dig around their platform for a long period of time, but there weren’t any third party audits or trading history featured by them. The lack of evidence means that they have never touched the kind of profits they advertise and the exaggerated numbers are a huge red flag. Making money in the markets is all about finding a set of parameters that equip the trader or the investor with a good risk reward ratio.

    If you are not informed about the mechanics of the trading approach beforehand, then you should never entertain the trading program or algorithm that is being sold to you. Moreover, think for a moment, if anyone has a real formula that is picture perfect, would they really give it away for free instead of making a fortune for themselves? The greed aspect is strong, but if you cannot hold your desires, the odds will always be against you.

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    Red flags

    The number of things that are unacceptable with this firm are way too many. Though, we cannot go over all of the flaws one by one, we have made a list that covers the most important ones. Take a look at the following points and we are sure that it will enlighten you about the real agendas of this platform.

    No Transparency – From the management side to the trading equations, this firm has not revealed any information about any of the important aspects. Their CEO is nothing more than a fictitious entity being played by an actor. Their content is flimsy and doesn’t provide any value.

    On top of all the uncertainties, they are not regulated as well. In today’s era, if any firm has the signs we mentioned above, then it is certainly not worth it to invest with them. Transparency is also like a double edged sword, the reputable company flaunts it and the shady ones avoid it.

    No Evidence – The law around the investment sector is very strict and it was formed that way for a sound reason. If you look at the top investment banks or any other brokerages, they publish their balance sheet every year and it will be audited to ensure the accuracy of the numbers. This firm has nothing tangible or otherwise to justify their profit claims.

    The kind of shady behaviour exhibited by them by itself says a lot about them and as retail investors, we should never make the mistake of giving the benefit of the doubt to firms that are unregulated. Though it is possible to recover the funds from scams, being safe is always better than being sorry. 

    Fake Narratives – The business model of this platform is filled with fake narratives. They talk about trading volatile and hot markets, but the explanation they give about their approach does not make any sense. Most of the aspects they discuss are either exaggerated or outright manipulative. We at CSR, usually let time tell us the authenticity of the new firms.

    However, with regards to this platform, the facts are crystal clear and anyone that ignores our warning is bound to lose money at some point. So, keep an eye out for the narratives and if some things do not make sense to you, then walk away from the opportunity regardless of the way it is structured.

    Beurax Customer Reviews

    As Beurax was getting boatloads of traffic, the customer reviews about them were not hard to find. On trustpilot, anyone can easily find heaps of information about them. However, keep in mind that the comments found on the forums aren’t always legitimate. Sometimes, the owners of shady platform will utilize bogus profiles to spread false information.

    In order to save yourself, never associate with anyone that has conflict of interest and if something seems way too good to be true, then avoid interacting with the underlying platform or offer immediately. The average rating they have earned is categorised as poor and with time, more negative comments will pop up about them.

    Is Beurax Legit?

    No, not by a long shot. Beurax is the most corrupt and criminal platform you can find in the financial sector. They are utilizing the ponzi scheme which means they take in money from the new investor to pay out the old participants while keeping themselves a portion of the transaction. Clearly, the founders will make money and thanks to their referral structure, their promoters will make significant returns.

    However, the end customers or the people that joined the scheme in the later stage will lose all of their capital and it will be more than difficult for them to make the culprits pay on their own. If you have lost money to them, fill the contact form below and we will let you know the steps you can take to recover your funds from them.

    Remember, the forensic tools available for tracing the funds have improved, but sadly, not many people know about the ways of utilizing them. Also, all of our services are free and we will gladly assist you with anything relating to the recovery process.


    Beurax is a ponzi program that made a fortune in a short period of time. They tried to pose like a regulated entity, but couldn’t pull it off because of the obvious flaws. Now, as you are aware of the traits scam platform display, be alert when it comes to choosing any investment platform and help us spread the word by sharing this post via your social media handle. 

    Let us know your thoughts about the Beurax scam in the thread below. 

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