Review – SCAM or Not? at the time of publishing this post is a little more than 1 year old. Their online reputation is damaged and their website gets a moderate amount of traffic. Though they claim to cater to most countries around the world, they mainly get traffic from Pakistan which is odd to say the least.

Founders of this firm are unknown and in the past, many people have highlighted their flaws pretty clearly. User feedback about them is mixed, but it does paint them in a weird way. All in all, their profile is not something that would instill confidence among the potential users. Their platform is also pretty basic, but guess what?

There is no information about the creators and their pricing strategy is not discussed anywhere. If you are determined to proceed with them, then the only way to know the costs involved is to get in touch with the support team.

To know whether they are worth it in the end, read the following paragraphs. Review

Who is behind

There are thousands if not tens of thousands of fake recovery companies. As the internet is becoming more monetised than ever, one needs to be very careful. While being a victim of a scam hurts, there is nothing worse than losing money to a recovery hustle.

So, you need to be aware of the ground reality at all times. does not reveal any details about the way they are structured and there is zero information about the management side.

As information about their employees is hard to find, we are not inclined towards trusting them. Moreover, even their domain era and authority are not huge.

The lack of transparency is an issue especially with new firms like this one. So, be conservative towards them and never make any kind of payments before reading all the terms and conditions. 

Contact Details

This firm has provided a lot of contact details. Just like all the companies in the sector, they offer telephone and email support. People can contact them via contact form as well.

The only issue is that their working hours are not specified and response time is not outlined. Anyways, if you want all of their contact details, then refer to the section below. 

Get in touch with our affiliated Cryptocurrency Forensic Specialists at CNC Intelligence for free by filling out the form below.

    Email –

    • IL – +972 77 9725636
    • AUS – +61399173198
    • CAN – +1 226 828 9879
    • Toll Free – 1 833 954 2251

    Services offered

    The top firms in the recovery space offer a lot of relevant services such as private investigation, intelligence gathering and so on. This firm claims to offer recovery services only. However, the catch is that they have not explained their process or approach well.

    For example, we do not know how many teams they coordinate with to get to the bottom of an average case. The way they handle the formalities are mysterious. Even the pricing is a big question mark. With zero transparency and red flags found across their business model, how can anyone trust them?

    As the people running this firm have skipped over every crucial factor and parameter, it is better to maintain distance from them. After all, you cannot hire strangers and expect quality work from them, right? Fees and charges

    Fees in the recovery space is a grey area. Most firms including this one offer a free consultation. However, this one unlike others has not mentioned anything about the charges associated and the success fee. Regardless of whether a case is successful or not, all firms need to pay a certain cost which is why they charge an up-front fee.

    Moving forward, if the recovery is successful, firms usually take a certain percentage for themselves as success fee. While there is no such thing as standard rates, you need to be careful and know about the fees beforehand. does not cover the fee aspect in any way, form or manner. They are totally silent about pricing and for customers that is not a good thing. Given every trait we came across on their platform, the silence about key aspects are beyond concerning. User Reviews has received good ratings on Trustpilot. However, you need to understand that the sample size stands at less than 50 which means it is not big enough to blindly trust the data. Moreover, it is next to impossible to verify the customer’s testimonials.

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    While the ratings look good, they have got quite a bad reputation and few comments made by alleged clients are outright scary. Currently, we cannot comment anything about their way of handling people.

    Only time can help us figure out their real agendas and until then we are forced to patiently wait for things to unfold on their own. Remember, nothing can be hidden or artificially inflated in the digital era. Eventually, truth has to come out in one way or the other. 

    Can you trust them?

    Probably, you should not. Right now, there is no solid evidence that would paint them in a bad way. Nonetheless, they are shady and they act in a mysterious way. From costs to policies, everything seems to be incomplete or broken. The kind of leverage they have over others is huge. Plus, there is nothing about them that is verifiable.

    If you have lost money due to a scam, then we advise you to sit down for a consultation with reputable firms. More importantly, make sure that you understand the real odds of recovery and then proceed.

    At any point, if someone is pushing you to make a decision, then it may not be worth it to indulge with them. Legitimate companies will never push you to the spot regardless of what happens.

    Verdict is an extremely suspicious business that is led by anonymous people. Nothing about them gives them an edge and as far as credibility goes, they are not your best best.

    While the future is not bright for them, we strongly advise you to maintain a healthy distance from them until more data comes out. At the end of the day, playing it safe should be your first priority. 

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