Georgie Morris Gofundme Scam – 2022

Thanks to the internet, fundraising has become too easy over the years. Sadly, even the number of scams have increased in this niche and you have to be careful before making any move. Recently, “Georgie Morris Gofundme Scam ” has become a viral topic and many people are trying to assess whether the whole thing is legitimate or not.

During our deep dive into this case, we did find a lot of details. Unfortunately, we could not find any solid evidence to make fully informed decisions.

In other words, take the information available online with a grain of salt. To know more about this event, continue reading. If you have any questions, leave them in the thread below and we will get back to you within 24 hours. 

Georgie Morris Gofundme Scam


Fundraising is an activity that has been around for a long period of time. Reputable portals have made it easy for the community to come together and give money to projects that win their heart. From helping individuals personally to funding business projects, everything can be done faster.

Georgie Morris was diagnosed with stage 1 cancer in the brain and she needs 50,000 GBP to get the treatment. While the entire thing is covered by many channels, there is no data to backup most of the claims made by the underlying portal. 

Georgie Morris Gofundme Scam Explained

According to online sources, Danielle Stevenson is the organizer. Danielle organized the fundraiser on behalf of Georgie Morris. The goal as we stated before is 50,000 GBP which will be used for her cancer treatment.

We did a lot of digging up, but unfortunately, we could not locate any information that can help us verify the legitimacy. As the chances of finding adequate proof is a big question mark, we suggest our readers take a conservative approach.

Do not put in a huge amount unless you have done your own research. All fundraisers are not a scam, but sadly most of them are. So, doing research would be of utmost importance and to be on the safer side use e-wallets. 

Latest Updates

On April 21, 2022, Danielle, a fundraiser, shared a new statement. She said Georgie Morris underwent a new scan in which her tumor did not shrink or grow, but there was inflammation in her brain.

She needs to be treated with Chemotherapies, and that is why more money is needed for her treatment. Despite all these statements, some skeptical sponsors in the United Kingdom questioned whether the Georgie Morris situation was real or not.

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    Is Georgie Morris Gofundme Scam or Not?

    The Gofundme platform is legitimate and it has helped thousands of people all over the world. However, not every cause showcased on their platform is going to be a legit one. Bluffing to get funds from the public isn’t a new concept by any means and countless scammers have taken advantage of people’s emotions in the past.

    Due to technical limitations, we cannot verify the accuracy of every cause. As the legitimacy in this type of case can never be determined accurately, you should do your own research before donating money.

    Also, never share your banking information on unknown platforms regardless of their reputation. Be on the conservative side of the equation and never let your guard down.


    Whether Georgie Morris Gofundme Scam is a creation of pure speculation or not is the real question. As the answer isn’t likely to be found anytime soon, the only logical choice is to proceed with caution.

    After all, you cannot trust anything online without doing research, right? 

    Share your thoughts on the Georgie Morris Gofundme Situation by commenting below. 

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