Southwest Air Fans Scam – Fake Giveaway Swindle

Southwest Airlines at the time of publishing this post is aware of the fake giveaway conducted by the scammers. Southwest Air Fans Scam indeed received a lot of attention and the kind of reach it had was huge. However, as many people expected, this giveaway was a fake one and in reality, there are no discounts being offered by them.

The crooks just used a well known brand’s name and convincing narratives to get the attention from the public. As the fraudulent pages and posts were taken away swiftly, there is no damage reported yet.

In this hustle, the scammers did not succeed in spreading phishing links or malware, but they were very close to creating chaos. Go through this post to know why you should never believe random Facebook posts or any other thing present on the web blindly. 

Southwest Air Fans Scam

Southwest Air Fans Facebook Post

Southwest Air Fans Scam post promised people airplane tickets at bargain prices. There were many so-called packages present ranging from dirt cheap prices to low round trip charges. Of course, all the offers displayed by them were enticing and many people rejoiced at the situation.

Sadly, the enthusiasm of the people quickly faded when the truth came out. Southwest Airlines have issued a warning against the latest hustle that is tarnishing their name. The fake giveaway post got millions of likes in a short period of time. Plus, the kind of traction it received was too unique as well. 


Every scammer has only one intention and that is to make money off of the people by deceiving them. It may be through key logging software, phishing or directly stealing your sensitive information. Crooks that run fake giveaways usually rely on creating a buzz and impersonating known businesses.

Once the post gets viral, they will edit it and use phishing links to manipulate the people into inputting their personal information. Facebook does detect the malicious links, but there will be a delay in most cases.

People that fall for this trap might not even realize it until it is too late which is why this scam is so deadly. As the dangers present are plenty, you need to be on your toes and keep a close eye on your online activities. 

How to stay safe from Southwest Air Fans Scam?

As a general rule of thumb, do not trust any post that claims to offer too good to be true things. Free tickets or goods is something we all want, but if you are getting it easily within a few clicks, then take conservative approach towards it.

Communicate with the official support team and never share your personal information over texts, emails and phone calls. Keep your device updated and follow the latest trends to know what kind of dangers are lurking around on the web.

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    If you are overwhelmed or confused about anything, then it is better to avoid the underlying entity until and unless you have done proper research. Also, do not forget to check forums and social media platforms about new updates. Generally people will help each other gauge things better. 


    Southwest Air Fans Scam Facebook post and other similar incidents shows the flaws present in the social media platforms. While we do agree that it is hard to eradicate them, Facebook should do better when it comes to controlling the reach of that kind of misleading posts.

    This trap has fallen to pieces, but the trend is not dead yet. So, keep an open eye out there. 

    Did you see the Southwest Air Fans Scam post firsthand? Let us know your answer via the thread. 

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