Global Fraud Protection Review – Truly Reliable?

Global Fraud Protection is a website that covers many interesting topics across various hot sectors in the market. They expose a lot of forex brokers, and they have in-depth reports about recovery agencies as well. Their business model is a mix of affiliate marketing and display ads. During our time on their website, we found many things about them that display the kind of skills they have.

Unfortunately, they do display high levels of conflict of interest, and that is one of the main reasons why you should be cautious if you ever land on their platform. We are not saying or suggesting that they are outright dangerous, but some of the things they are involved with are questionable and borderline unethical. The number of scams on the internet is rising almost exponentially, and sadly, the scammers have invaded the recovery sector as well.

End consumers have to be careful while choosing a reputable solution, or else they might get trapped in a different way. Many people are smart enough to check for online reviews, but they also are at the risk of dealing with platforms that disguise themselves as review sites but, in reality, are promoting the scams in a subtle manner. To know all the aspects of this website and the associated details, go through the following piece of content. 

Global Fraud Protection Review

Global Fraud Protection Website Details

If you are going to rely on data from any website, then it is always better to see the website statistics and details for obvious reasons. The Global Fraud Protection official website does not showcase any red flags from a technical standpoint. Due to their domain era, the trust score they have secured is low.

Nonetheless, it does not necessarily mean that there is anything wrong with their website. Their targeting data and other metrics are unavailable as there isn’t enough data to pinpoint their traffic. However, using, we did find some details about them. Note that their domain registration data is hidden for privacy concerns, and as far as transparency goes, they are not the best one out there. (Source – and

  • Domain –
  • Registered On – 25/06/2020
  • Expiry – 25/06/2021
  • Global Rank – 3,973,086
  • Target Audience – Currently Unknown
  • Estimated Monthly Visitors – Unknown

Registrant Details

  • Name – Withheld for Privacy Reasons
  • Address – Jakobsvegur 2, Reykjavik, Capital Region, 101, IS
  • Phone – +354.4212434

Sectors Covered by Them

As the number of fake platforms is increasing, tons of new sites aim to educate the masses by exposing the reality of new firms. While a single website cannot possibly cover all of the topics, they do try their best to provide enough fresh content regularly. Global Fraud Protection stays on top of all the latest trends, and they expose a ton of trading-related scams.

They mainly target fake binary options providers, fraudulent forex and CFD brokers, and certain Ponzi schemes. The way they cover emerging scams before they reach the peak of their popularity cycle is exceptional, and it shows the marketing abilities of the founders. Along with exposing offshore illegal entities, they also dedicate much time to creating detailed reviews on chargeback services.

There is a dedicated contact form available on their website, but we do not know the firm they forward the details. Also, know that they do not make any promises on the response time, and there are no contact details available. As far as the support team is considered, they do not have one, and as such, it will be an impossible task to get your concerns addressed at any point in time. 

Trading Scams – Many agencies in this sector concentrate a lot on fraud brokers, and their main intention is to enable people to get back their money from offshore-based entities. In other words, most firms act after the crime has occurred, and due to the vast number of fraud brokerages present, it is hard for them to publish reports and do their best to shut down their operations. This website talks about binary options scams, forex, and CFD scam brokers regularly.

Get in touch with our affiliated Cryptocurrency Forensic Specialists at CNC Intelligence for free by filling out the form below.

    They let people know the real nature of shady firms at the earliest so that people do not have to try them out to verify the reality of the situation. Thanks to the wide range of topics they cover, people can find information about the brokerages they are interested in by just using the search bar and knowing the real nature of the firms.

    Blacklisted Brokers – In the world of online trading, there is no shortage of offshore brokers. While some unregulated entities might be good, though there are only a few that belong in this basket, the majority of them are set up only to loot the clients. Whenever a broker does aggressive marketing and sales, they usually end up convincing a lot of retail clients to invest with them, and sooner or later, they will loot them.

    As soon as a broker flees the scene, the customer base will make a fuss as they lost a large chunk of their checking account, and the regulators will be monitoring the case from there onwards. Most of the time, the regulators won’t be able to act on every single complaint, and many crooks take advantage of the loopholes in the system to make a fortune for themselves.

    To protect retail clients, regulatory bodies worldwide frequently publish reports on popular yet shady platforms and advise people not to proceed with them. This website collects the reports and presents them in an easy-to-understand manner, and that’s a good thing. 

    Regulatory Warnings – Ponzi schemes are illegal in almost every country. Nowadays, Ponzi schemes or MLM frauds are getting smart, and they are constantly coming up with new narratives. Though the average platform might fool newbies, regulatory bodies can easily spot them from a mile and take necessary action against them. Financial watchdogs like FCA and FTC dedicate much of their time to raising awareness against investment scams that peddle get-rich-quick stories.

    Global Fraud Protection posts about the latest regulatory warnings and helps retail people navigate this space safely. In some sense, one might feel like they are parroting back the same information. However, as their intent is good and it helps government organizations indirectly, but in a good way, we do appreciate their efforts. After all, as long as they are working for the benefit of the public, it is impossible to find fault with that aspect.

    Recovery Agencies – We did find a lot of posts about recovery firms and chargeback services. While some blogs were up to the point and short, some posts were borderline misleading. They appear to have partnered up with a few unreliable services wherein they are indirectly promoting them for incentives.

    Simply put, they are indulging in the grey area of law and are causing a serious impact on their own royal audience. We will discuss more about this aspect in the next paragraph.

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    Global Fraud Protection Questionable Practises

    At first glance, Global Fraud Protection indeed looks like the real deal, wherein the core idea of the platform is to fight against scams. However, the conflict of interest is on the higher side, and that opens up room for a lot of concerns. They have promoted shady forex companies and unreliable chargeback services a lot of times.

    The only logical way to justify their actions from our perspective is to assume they did not check the authenticity of the platforms they promote, and that is a very bad sign. We are not against affiliate marketing in any way or form.

    Nonetheless, the presence of referral links combined with manipulative narratives is a recipe for disaster. We will do anything it takes to raise awareness about this kind of operational model. Furthermore, the absence of contact details and zero information about their employees does not instill confidence, and the trust element is certainly on the weaker side. 

    Too Little User Feedback

    Popularity and user feedback are something that highly correlates with one another. Any platform that genuinely helps people experiences a lot of engagement, and as a result, people will be more inclined towards interacting with the posts and leaving comments. On this platform, we could not find much user-generated content or comments. The reason behind fewer comments may be their domain age.

    However, it is indeed odd to see a popular website with no comments. On third-party forums, there are no discussions about them yet, and on social media platforms, we could not find any relevant data. Clearly, social proof is something they have not earned at the time of writing this post, and time alone can let us know their true nature. 

    Is Global Fraud Protection a Scam?

    This website is not a full-blown scam by any means. They actually help a lot of people through their writing and other associated services. Nonetheless, the main issue with them is that they are promoting both good and shady services simultaneously. On top of promoting unreliable entities, they also have an enormous degree of conflict of interest that might make one question their actual motives.

    If they choose to stop promoting shady platforms, then they would instantly be the perfect go-to place to check out the details about new viral schemes and scams. Unfortunately, as there is no way to reach them, we just have to hope for the best and be cautious for now. Remember, believing any report online blindly is a huge risk, and one should always cross-verify details for the best results. If you have lost funds to the fake agencies and fraud brokers promoted by them, then comment below your story.

    Alternatively, you can access our contact form to know the ways of recovering funds from the culprits. You can find all of our contact details below, and our team comprises experts that have been active in the sector for decades. We offer free consultations for everyone, and all of our services are geared toward empowering the end consumers.


    Global Fraud Protection is a good website, and most of its activities are good for the public. However, it is a fact that they are promoting questionable services and fraudulent brokers, and that is the reason behind publishing this post.

    Before joining any service they promote, ensure you do your homework perfectly about them. At the end of the day, being conservative is always better, and if you feel like you’re being pushed into making an immediate decision, then walking away from the offer is always the best solution. 

    Use the comment section to express your thoughts about Global Fraud Protection.

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    1. Gerald Gerald

      I payed PAYBACK LTD OVER A YEAR age and apart from doing out a letter that i got them to alter different times for the bank they did nothing else for me at all and i am very disappointed with them. They stopped replying to my e mail s and appear to have left me. Regard s Gerald.

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