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My Quick Refund is a platform that has earned a lot of popularity in a relatively short period of time. They claim to have solved roughly 3,000 cases and their success rate is said to be 90% plus. Obviously, their statics are impressive, but something about them is not exactly transparent or inspiring. First and foremost, they are not completely upfront about the fees involved.

The retainer amount they charge for their services is not mentioned. Moreover, user feedback is very scarce about them. If they really helped 2,000-plus people get back their lost funds, then wouldn’t they have a lot of happy customers experiencing their gratitude on various forums? Moving on to the small details, there is no social proof or hard data to back up most of their claims and even the information regarding the owners is hard to come by.

On the bright side, they do offer free consultation and the average time taken by them to resolve a case according to their website is around 40 days. Clearly, there seems to be a lot of confusion regarding the way they operate and that is a concerning point for many people. To get a good idea about the way their business works, stay with us till the end and you will understand their operational model more thoroughly. 

My Quick Refund Review

One of the main things recovery agencies have to get right is the team they hire. In this sector, every case is unique, though certain repeating patterns can be found, in most cases, the situation will never be identical. In order to function smoothly and efficiently, the ideal team needs to be composed of lawyers, financial analysts, and other related field personnel.

My Quick Refund claims to have a well-rounded team with years of experience under their belt. However, our problem is that the details are not clear and for all the obvious reasons, we cannot believe their words blindly. For the time being, we have to be silent on the matter due to a lack of data. Nonetheless, in the near future, their real nature is going to be exposed in one way or the other.

There is a photo of the alleged CEO on their website, but we couldn’t verify his real identity and that is just another dead end. The information about their legal aspects is also nowhere to be found and the uncertainty surrounding this organization is worrisome, to say the least.

Note that they do put out all of their contact details and other related information, but from a user’s perspective, there isn’t anything about them that instills a lot of confidence. Years of experience have taught us that the absence of transparency is not a good thing and that is why we suggest everyone proceed with them cautiously. 

Success Rate and Statistics

Successful businesses always thrive because of the way they go after their targets. For recovery agencies, there will never be any kind of shortage of projects because of the number of frauds happening through online portals. One of the best-proven ways of gauging the real abilities of a firm is by looking at its numbers and metrics.

Keep in mind that a lot of fake platforms artificially inflate their numbers just to make themselves look good and their end goal will never be in the best interest of the clients. Though most claims on the internet cannot be verified, always try your best to make rational decisions based on the numbers. If you notice something way too abnormal or out of the league, then odds are you are dealing with a scam.

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    This platform claims to have helped more than 2,800 clients. They apparently serve 50-plus countries and their success rate is said to be 94%. As far as numbers go, the figures showcased by them are impressive and flattering at the same time. 94% success rate is a huge accomplishment, but as there is no way to verify the claim, we advise our readers to swallow this information with a grain of salt.

    In other words, if they have helped thousands of people, then why aren’t there any forums or user feedback about them on the web? We strongly believe that time parameters alone can define the true intentions of this firm and we have no other options other than waiting for the truth to unfold. 

    Contact Details

    This platform has one of the most simplistic contact forms we have seen in a long time. People that want to get a free consultation from them just have to fill out their contact form and give them a little basic information. The incident details preferably should be short and to the point. The strange thing about them is that apart from a New York address on their website, they have not shared any other contact information.

    The average time taken by them to respond to the queries is also unknown and an almost non-existent support team means they are either low on manpower or simply do not care much about this aspect at all. If anyone has to speak to the agents of this firm to get an immediate answer, then he or she will be disappointed and that kind of user experience is not a good sign for their business. Taking chances with non-transparent firms is always a big gamble and we strongly advise against it all the time.

    • Address – 223 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn NY 11211

    My Quick Refund Services

    Below we have made a list of the kind of niches this firm specializes in. Go through them to know the different angles they work on and it will enlighten you about everything you need to know before contacting them. 

    Trading Related Scams – This is the most common category that every recovery agency focuses on and this platform is no exception. They claim to be specialized in dealing with fraud brokers of all kinds. Trading by far is the niche scammers love because of the popularity it has and in most cases, a lot of participants are never educated.

    It does not matter whether you have lost money to forex, CFD, or any other form of trading platform, this firm will come to your rescue. To make things go smoother, gather as many details as you can about the broker and collect evidence regarding the transaction details as well. 

    Romance Scams – Online dating is a booming field. Unfortunately, it has not been able to keep scammers off their sector and the opportunities the crooks exploit are increasing day by day. In this type of scam, the crooks approach victims through bogus profiles, cozies up in a very short period of time, and eventually will ask for money in one way or the other.

    ZenGo Wallet Banner

    To ensure your safety, always cross-verify the details you come across on the website and never get involved with financial transactions unless you have met the person in real life. If You have already made the mistake of sending money to a stranger, then it is not a bad idea to hire an expert to recover the funds immediately. 

    Online Banking Scams – Due to phishing many times a lot of people’s confidential information is exposed. Scammers that go after your bank account are skilled and it is quite hard to make them pay for their actions. Nonetheless, you should act quickly if you have been hit, and do not forget to inform your local authorities as well. Bank accounts are generally hard to crack, but one wrong move on the internet can flip the situation which is why you should never deal with unknown sites or even answer emails from unknown persons. 

    Credit Card Scams – This type of scam has been operational for decades now and for some reason, the crooks always find themselves one step ahead of the authorities. Vast data breaches are a relatively common occurrence nowadays and whenever scammers get their hands on stolen credit card data, the things they can do is unimaginable.

    From harming your credit score to wiping off a vast amount, anything can happen. If you are convinced that your data might be at risk, then immediately block your card and request your bank for a new one. In case, if you have already suffered the damage, then contacting the recovery firms is your best bet. 

    Cryptocurrency Scams – The craze and huge surge of demand for cryptocurrencies is something a lot of people in the world of finance are appreciating. However, as this whole asset class is new, many people are not familiar with the entire protocol and the theory. Lack of knowledge from the retail investors creates heaps of opportunities for the cyber criminals to exploit and they all make a fortune from using fancy and hot topics of the current era.

    Thankfully, cryptocurrencies now are easier to trace, and using proprietary forensic tools, the actual culprits can be caught in a matter of weeks depending upon the nature of the underlying case.

    Fees and Pricing Model

    A lot of recovery platforms charge high amount of retainer fees and commissions. Before you use or sign up for any service, always get an estimate from them and if they refuse to give it to you, then it is not a good sign. This platform does not disclose the fees they charge or the commission percentage. We do understand that the end percentage of the commission depends upon a lot of factors.

    However, almost every platform gives an estimate on their site so that people can decide whether to proceed with them or not. Rolling the dice without knowing the costs involved is a bold move and chances are it might not end well for the end consumers. The pricing model is a crucial factor when it comes to narrowing down your options and making a decision without it is certainly not a wise move.

    Online Reputation and User Base

    The current generation is obsessed with seeing social proof and it is almost like a basic human instinct to look for user feedback before dealing with any platform online. My Quick Refund boasts about their numbers and accomplishments all over the place, we were hoping to find a lot of input from their user base. Surprisingly, when we checked for reviews from customers, there wasn’t anything relevant present on the internet.

    Simply put, no forum talks about them, and though they have a social media presence, there is no interaction from the client’s side. The lack of comments from the customer base is a disturbing factor and for that very fact alone, it might not be worth it to indulge with them. After all, there are tons of options available in this space too, right?


    My Quick Refund might look attractive from certain angles, but the flaws present with the way they work are enormous and cannot be taken lightly for any reason. Proceed with them only if you get a solid answer from them on the pricing front. For any reason, if you do not get answers to all of your questions before making the payment, then save yourself from a ton of trouble by looking for other options in the same space. 

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