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On August 27, 2023, we received the following complaint regarding

Grossccats is a scam, and the person behind it, Brandon Erickson, is a scammer.

So what exactly is Grossccats, and is it a SCAM? Review was registered through Hostinger on December 11, 2022, for one year. protects it and has just one backlink from

Let’s take a small tour of their website, starting with their homepage at


Gross Cryptocurrencies Automated Trading System presents itself as a one-stop financial investment platform. The site claims to offer services ranging from cryptocurrency and forex trading to real estate investments. The platform seems designed to cater to various investment appetites, boasting options for everyone irrespective of their “Wallet Sizes.” Gross Cryptocurrencies touts 100% profit guarantees and describes itself as a fully automated trading system that allows you total control over your investments.

It further claims to be a legal entity registered at 16 Beaufort Court, Admirals Way Docklands, London, E14 9XL, UK.

Their email address:

We found several red flags on this page:

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    1. Overblown Guarantees: The site guarantees a 100% profit, a glaring red flag in investments where risks are inherently involved.
    2. Grammatical and Spelling Errors: The website text contains various grammatical and typographical errors, which calls into question its professionalism and legitimacy.
    3. Ambiguous Information: The platform claims to operate in ‘0+’ countries and mentions ‘0+’ for average daily deposits and withdrawals, leaving potential investors in the dark about its reach and reliability. Moreover, the site claims to be a legally registered company in the UK. However, there is no mention of a registration number or any links to regulatory bodies that oversee its operations.
    4. Fake Address: According to Google Maps, at this address sits a Chartered accountant called “RBSCA Accountants” (

    About Gross Cryptocurrencies Automated Trading System

    Gross Cryptocurrencies Automated Trading System, as presented on their “About Us” page at, claims to be a fully automated trading platform that provides total control to the investor over their capital and profits.

    The platform states it was among the early adopters of cryptocurrency investment and has since expanded its services to include the stock market, natural resources, and real estate. It boldly claims to offer 24-hour support, a reliable platform, swift withdrawals, and “massive” profits. While it touts an experienced team and risk management software that purportedly minimizes risks, no team member names or software details are provided.

    Several red flags immediately call the platform’s credibility into question. First, “massive” profits is a speculative term that no responsible investment platform would guarantee without a corresponding risk disclosure. While the site promises “minimal risk,” the absence of quantitative data or verification makes this claim suspect. Next, the website doesn’t require identity verification. It assures that all your activities are private, a claim that runs counter to regulatory norms of financial services, which often require detailed know-your-customer (KYC) processes.

    Moreover, the platform’s mission of acting “as a catalyst for universal adoption and blockchain innovation” is broad and doesn’t provide a clear strategy for achieving this lofty goal. They also claim to have a “world-class team” and “expertise and experience,” yet offer no biographies, qualifications, or any identifiable individuals who stand behind these claims. This is especially problematic given their supposed wide range of investment services, from cryptocurrencies to natural resources and real estate. No single team can be experts in all these fields without showing some credentials.

    Additionally, the absence of company registration details or affiliations with financial regulatory bodies is a significant concern, casting doubt over the platform’s legal status.

    Privacy Policy and FAQ

    In their privacy policy, the terminology around “responsible trading” is somewhat vague and could mislead users into thinking that trading binary options and derivatives is risk-free, which it is certainly not. The company also fails to specify any third-party auditing of their security measures, and the use of “high-grade 128-bit RC4 encryption” is questionable, as RC4 is now considered a weak encryption algorithm. Lastly, the name “Paul J Patterson” is given as a Security Agent without any additional credentials or background information, making it difficult to ascertain the credibility of the website’s security measures.

    Finally, the FAQ page leads to a “Not Found” message: “The requested URL was not found on this server.”

    Grossccats Reviews

    There are no reliable reviews of Grossccats as of writing this.

    ZenGo Wallet Banner has a very low trust score of 12/100, according to Scamadviser, making it highly likely that the site is a scam. Although the SSL certificate is valid and some other filters suggest it’s safe, multiple negative factors raise concerns:

    • The owner’s identity is hidden.
    • The website has a low rank on Tranco.
    • A high number of suspicious websites are hosted on the same server.
    • Offers high-risk cryptocurrency services.
    • Has anonymous payment methods.
    • Has received negative reviews.
    • The website is very young, being only 8 months old.

    Given these red flags, the site is considered risky, and caution is advised when dealing with it. It was reported to have advertised a 75% profit via a Facebook post, but the address provided on the website belongs to another company.

    The ScamDoc analysis of the website “” also indicates a very bad trust index and suggests caution. Although the site uses the HTTPS protocol, the report warns that it doesn’t guarantee security. The domain name for the site is very recent, having been created on December 11, 2022, and has a short life expectancy with an expiration date of December 11, 2023.

    Complaints We Received

    On March 5, 2024, we received the following complaint:

    I was scammed for 10,000 US dollars by the platform GrossCCats. Their website is

    Additionally, an individual claiming to be the customer service manager on this GrossCCats platform scammed me, and they are associated with this Facebook profile: Brandon Erickson FX (

    Moreover, I was scammed through the following customer service phone numbers purportedly representing the GrossCCats platform: +1 (585) 205-8469, +1 (309) 603-0033, and +1 (513) 593-9054.

    November 2023

    I contacted a trader named Ahsan Pascal FX after reading a review in the comments section. He directed me to the website and advised me to sign up for an account and subscribe to an investment plan. I created an account and subscribed to a plan for 500 USDT. Later, he requested an additional 55 USDT to enhance the plan. Three days afterward, he insisted I add another 500 USDT, which, despite my reluctance, I transferred from my Binance wallet. When it was time to withdraw my funds, support from, as well as their management, reached out and demanded a priority stock exchange fee of 1100 USDT, which I paid. The following day, they requested 1400 USDT for trading fees. After extensive arguing, I paid this fee as well. However, they still refused to process my withdrawal, claiming I needed to pay an additional 2500 USDT for withdrawal fees. Unable to meet this demand due to a lack of funds, I am now unable to retrieve my investment. I want my hard-earned money returned.

    In total, I have transferred $3,700 USDT to, and it turned out to be a scam. Individuals such as Ahsan Pascal FX, Preshy Nasir, Brandon Ericson, and Roscoe Ares are all associated with this fraudulent activity related to


    In light of our comprehensive review of, several serious red flags emerge that call into question the legitimacy and credibility of this online investment platform. The site displays multiple warning signs typically associated with online scams, From overblown profit guarantees to glaring grammatical errors and ambiguous or incomplete information.

    One of the most alarming issues is the website’s lack of transparency. Whether it’s the absence of concrete information about the team behind the platform or the mysterious location that doesn’t align with Google Maps, the secrecy surrounding is concerning. Regulatory standards in the financial industry often require transparency and adherence to know-your-customer (KYC) procedures, both of which seem lacking here.

    Furthermore, the platform’s low trust scores from third-party review sites like Scamadviser and ScamDoc, coupled with the absence of any verified customer reviews, amplify these concerns. The very short life expectancy of the domain and the dubious details surrounding the site’s security measures add another layer of skepticism.

    While the promise of high returns with low risk might be enticing to unsuspecting investors, our analysis strongly suggests that is, at best, an incredibly risky venture and, at worst, a scam operation.

    Please comment below this review if you have fallen victim to online scams. Did you suffer a substantial financial loss? Do not despair. We are here to assist you in recovering your funds!

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      1. I’m sorry to hear about your experience with Grosscats trading platform. It’s crucial to remember that many online trading platforms can be fraudulent, and it’s essential to stay vigilant. Since the amount involved is significant, I recommend reporting this incident to the relevant financial regulatory authorities in your jurisdiction. Additionally, you can also file a complaint with local law enforcement. Keep all communication and transaction records, as these can be vital for any investigation. Stay safe and vigilant in the future.

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