Halifax Text Scam – Deadly Phishing Trap

Warnings have been issued to Halifax customers about the spread of fake SMS across the UK.

According to Express, millions of Britons have Halifax accounts.

Sick con artists pretending to be bank employees hunt down people with savings accounts.

Halifax Text Scam

Customers are misled into believing that they are safe because the brand name is associated with ‘Improvement’.

It alerts users when their bank account is accessed through a new device, indicating a security breach.

“Halifax Warning: A new device has been registered,” the notification said. “If you have not verified your device, please visit service-removal.com/halifax.”

It can mean worrying about access to someone else’s bank account.

As a result, Britons can be sent to the site to solve the problem and save their money.

However, by doing so they can increase their risk.

This is because, as many people rightly think, the SMS message is fake. Hackers often use the text-based version of “phishing” to get information. Fraudsters use legitimate websites and SMS to persuade victims to take action.

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    People who are taken to this website are likely to provide personal and financial information with the false impression that their accounts are secure.

    The British, on the other hand, become victims and unknowingly pass on important data to hackers. Phishing Websites can be used to gather this information quickly and efficiently so that hackers can escape.

    On the other hand, some claim that their bank accounts have been emptied or that their identity has been stolen and that large purchases have been made in their name, with consequences that could be devastating for savings.

    Halifax confirmed that the letter was a hoax and issued a public alert via social media.

    “Looks like a batch of these fake emails was sent,” the team said. As you can tell, this is not the real deal. Our security team was informed about the problem. I urge you to ignore the warnings and not to click on the links. We appreciate your efforts to provide us with information. “

    Report Halifax Text Scam

    According to the bank, Britons can report fake SMS to 7726 for free using their mobile phone.

    On the other hand, those who disclose personal information should take immediate action.

    Individuals should contact their bank to check whether pending transactions can be stopped, as well as action fraud to report the full incident.

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