Hermes Delivery Scam Text – August 2021

Hermes Delivery Scam Text >> With so much personal information distributed over many websites and inboxes, it’s reasonable to worry about the security of personal information and the safeguards email place to preserve privacy.

Since the Covid pandemic started in March 2020, an automated phone call, a strange text message, or a dubious email have virtually become a part of everyday life due to shifting purchasing habits.

Hermes Delivery Scam Text

Be Alert!

Criminals’ efforts to defraud delivery firms such as Royal Mail, Amazon, and Hermes have increased, warning consumers to be on the lookout for phishing attempts.

Scammers are targeting Hermes consumers, and the company is the latest to provide assistance.

This article will explain how to identify a Hermes scam SMS, as well as what to look for and what to do if you or someone you know gets one of these messages requesting money through a link.

What is the Hermes Delivery scam?

Scammers posing as Hermes are texting consumers to inform them of a package delivery concern.

In the newest phishing scam, customers are urged to click on a link and pay a little charge (between £1.50 and £2) to have their items redelivered.

Cybercriminals often utilise similar pictures and words to the business in order to get your personal information, such as a login, password, or bank account number.

Social media users quickly noticed a Hermes scam SMS was circulating, with one user characterising it as “identical to the Royal Mail one.”

Additional examples of fraudulent SMS messages are provided.

“Hermes: We tried delivery of your item today but were unable to; please visit this website to reschedule delivery,” one of them states.

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    “We apologise for missing you,” another said. Our shipment has been rescheduled until tomorrow. Kindly reschedule your appointment at this location and pay the £1.45 service charge.”

    “We apologise for the inconvenience; our driver will try redelivery tomorrow,” another screenshot said. Kindly reschedule your appointment and pay the £1.99 GBP service charge.”

    Hermes assures customers that it would never call or email them to seek money.

    How to Identify a Fraudulent Hermes Text Message

    Unlike some other fraudulent messages, the Hermes scam SMS may be difficult to detect due to the use of numerous templates, as shown above – all of which are fake.

    Customers of Hermes are advised not to click on the link.

    The firm cites four characteristics that are often seen in phishing schemes, such as the one now circulating in the United Kingdom

    •  Incorrect grammar and spelling — Look for sentences that are poorly written and include spelling and grammatical mistakes.
    • A generic email address – the email address will often be different from the one associated with the service you are using; – An absence of a personal greeting — you may be addressed as ‘Dear Customer,’ ‘Dear Sir/Madam,’ or ‘Dear [your email address],’ rather than by your given name.
    • Link or button — in emails, links or buttons that entice you to click on them.

    “Hover over any buttons or URLs before clicking to verify they take you to the intended location,” a Hermes representative said. If it returns an address that is not recognised, it may be a fraud.

    To assist you in remaining secure online, use your preferred search engine to access and Emails from Hermes are often sent from the domains and

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    What should I do if I get a Hermes Delivery Scam phishing SMS?

    Scammers often slip through the cracks because victims are ashamed to admit to being duped into giving critical information or money.

    Scammers may be very persuasive, so keep in mind that their actions are immoral and illegal – it is not your fault if you believe what you read.

    By calling Action Fraud, Cyber Aware, or Get Safe Online, you can protect yourself and others from fraudulent behaviour such as the Hermes SMS scam.

    Suspicious Hermes scam SMS messages should be reported to your network operator by forwarding them to 7726 or by emailing

    Hermes advises notifying your bank and the police if you have given financial information.

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