Harrison Funding Scam – Relief Program

The Pandemic isn’t over yet and already it has caused us damage in every way imaginable. Many businesses are wiped out and according to a lot of Wall Street estimates, the trend is not going to disappear anytime soon. In these tough times, people are searching for ways to minimize their stress with regard to finance and that is where Harrison Funding steps in?

Presently, there is tons of speculation about the legitimacy of this organisation and there are a lot of conflicting opinions on the internet. We understand that finances can get a little confusing and overwhelming if you are not familiar with all the terms involved.

So, to make your decision making process easy and quick, we have crafted the following post which will answer all your questions. Free yourself from all sorts of distraction and continue reading to understand the way this firm works and whether it is beneficial for you or not?

Harrison Funding Scam

Harrison Funding Business Model

Harrison Funding is an organisation that offers credit card relief programs. They are a type of debt consolidation service, but as of now, they only focus on dealing with the credit card debt exclusively. If you need help with any other form of debt, then this is definitely not the platform for you.

On the bright side, if you are a business owner or an individual who is experiencing financial problems and are unable to pay the credit card bills and need extra time to clear it off, then this firm might offer you the way out. Credit card debt is no joke and if you ignore it unintentionally, then the compounding effect will cause havoc and just like a quicksand, it will consume you in time. So, create a budget early on and stick to it for your own good.

Thanks to several relief programs and the support by the government, a lot of lenders are open to negotiating the terms and it is your duty to reach out to them at the earliest for best offers. Note that the terms for each and every business is going to differ, so you should not jump on any offers blindly without doing proper research.

What is the Harrison Funding Scam?

This is the question which many people on the internet are asking us. Given the popularity of this platform, their weird policies and their aggressive marketing approach, we do understand the concern exhibited by the public. For starters, you need to understand a few things about them in order to know their real nature.

The interest rate offered by them which ranges between 3.03% to 3.09% is too low and unbelievable for a lot of people. However, to avail this rate there is a catch and to qualify for the offer, applicants must have a near perfect credit score of above 700. In simple words, the majority of the people who need assistance will not be able to avail low interest rates and they are at the risk of getting tossed around with change in policies and payment structure.

This platform is also investing heavily on ads and that’s exactly why they seem to be everywhere? Naturally, people are inclined towards thinking about them as a potential new threat and that’s the reason behind adding the word scam next to the organization’s name on search engines. 

Can Debt Consolidation help you?

Once you have officially become an adult, there are a lot of things which need to be taken care of immediately. One of the most important aspects to give utmost attention to is the credit score, because it will go a long way to make your life better. However, remember to always respect debt, because it can make or break your financial wellbeing.

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    In simple words, debt consolidation means taking out one loan to clear off all the other current liabilities. The main advantage is that the interest rate is going to be a lot less and it will be easier to track the flow of funds. However, one should never take on loans without analysing the time period involved and don’t forget to read the fine print as well. 

    How to apply for the Relief Program?

    To apply for the funds on Harrison Funding, you need to have a Personal Reservation Code. Most of the users would have got the code through email. However, if you haven’t received it yet, then you can call the support team for more information on the status.

    Once you have the code, you have to fill a short form wherein you have to input your full name, email address, phone number along with household income, credit card payments and debt information. Strangely enough, they also ask whether you rent or own where you live?

    After filling the form, you just have to press the “Continue” button and then wait for the dedicated team to contact you. 

    Is Harrison Funding a Scam?

    As this firm is young and has alleged connections with other debt scams, a lot of people are scared to interact with them in any way. During our investigation, we didn’t find any grave concerns, but their policies do seem vague and the credit score requirement is way too high. Few review sites have mentioned some strong points against them, but as we didn’t personally find any hard evidence, we can’t comment anything on them.

    Our advice to our readers is simple, look for reputable debt consolidation schemes which offer lowest interest and take advantage of them. If you want to continue with this firm only, then at least wait for more testimonials and user feedback to pop up on the internet. Remember, truth cannot be hidden for long especially when it is about an online based service.


    Harrison Funding is a new firm offering unbelievably low interest rates for a select category of people who have near perfect credit scores. Due to their young domain era, lack of mass following, aggressive campaigns and little to no testimonials or user feedback along with biased policies, it is better to avoid them for the time being. As a general rule, do not sign up with any debt consolidation programs unless you know all their terms and conditions well.

    Are you planning to indulge with Harrison Funding? How do you feel about their policies? Share your answers with us below. 

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