Techobc Review – Surprise Message Scam!

Just like the financial markets, many scams on the internet reach their peak during certain peak seasons. For example, during holidays and special promotional events from reputable brands, the number of fake platforms explodes and they try their best to piggy back the virality factor. Techobc is a platform that helps people send personalised greeting cards to their friends and family.

During our investigation, we couldn’t find any concerning details about them at first. However, the main change in our perception occurred as we saw the unverified user feedback on social media platforms which were very alarming. Moreover, given their traits and anonymous profile, we couldn’t ignore any aspect blindly. After all, one wrong move online can burn a hole in our pocket, right?

The surprise message link which is considered as malicious by many people does have a sneaky operational model. To know more about the nature of this platform and their goals, continue reading this detailed post.

Techobc Scam Review

What is the Techobc Scam?

Techobc scam is the title given to a surprise message link which is floating on many social media platforms including Facebook and WhatsApp. There is a lot of conflicting data about them. For starters, some users have mentioned that they were prompted to only input their name and link it to their social media handles to share the message.

On the other hand, a set of users said that they were pushed towards downloading unwanted apps, giving up their personal information and installing shady browser extensions. Note that, none of the claims by the users are verifiable. Nonetheless, people should never download or link any unknown software solution on their systems or social media profiles as the consequences might be severe.

We checked the details of their website, but as their details are masked, there is no way to know the people behind this application. Due to the lack of transparency and grave concerns associated, we do understand as to why the majority of people are against using this service?

How does Techobc Operate?

Techobc traffic sources are something which we can’t figure out due to its domain era and lack of data. For the most part, we strongly believe that the majority of their traffic is coming from social media platforms. The intentions of the owners of this site is unclear and the kind of traits they exhibit is not only vague, but also concerning.

On the bright side, they do offer a quick way to express our gratitude towards our loved ones and their interface is pretty much straightforward. Their website design is very similar to a lot of fake websites which used to spread malware and misinformation. So far, there aren’t any obvious red flags present on their site, but we can’t be sure of it either.

Always be cautious while interacting with new services and unless you are sure about the authenticity, do not share any confidential information.

What are the Threats Involved?

The online world is ever-evolving and to navigate this reality an individual needs to follow certain methods. First and foremost, safety should be your top priority and to achieve it, you always have to deal with established and reputable platforms only. Remember, not to take any malicious platforms or sites lightly, because they have the potential to cause havoc to your entire financial situation.

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    From creative phishing attacks, to embedding your system with keyloggers and spreading malwares, the number of things a hacker can do is unlimited. If you start noticing any abnormal behaviour or things on your system or profile, then take action immediately.

    Remember, the longer you wait, the more harm trojans can do to your system. For any reason, if you believe your details are compromised, then enabling secure login methods like the 2FA would be the best way to tackle the issue at hand. 

    Safety Precautions

    By now, we are sure that you realise the kind of power scammers and their threatening software has. Sadly, a vast majority of the public do not know the ways of protecting themselves. While there is no sure shot thing yet to prevent hacks, the available methods do a good job of encrypting your data to the maximum extent. 

    To ensure safety, always use the best in class antivirus software and along with that perform regular backups. Most antivirus programs cost less than $100 yearly and they do a good job of alerting you as soon as a problem is detected or warns you about malicious platforms.

    If you have adapted to the laptop lifestyle, then it is a must have thing for you and there is no way around that. After all, safety is our utmost priority. 

    Some sophisticated programs like keyloggers can work in the background and will deliver all your passwords to the hackers. Usually, the only trait it displays is making your system slow. Nonetheless, if you suspect anything, then you should change all your login credentials and use the 2FA method in order to ensure the ultimate degree of security.

    Lastly, remember not to input your details on websites which don’t have an active SSL layer. Also, always make sure that you are dealing with official platforms only and avoid clicking on suspicious links you come across through emails or social media platforms. 

    User Feedback

    We tried our best to find any real victims who have suffered because of this platform. Sadly, we couldn’t get in touch with any of them. Apart from the comments on social media platforms which are not backed up by any solid evidence, there isn’t much to talk about. As this website is new, it still hasn’t earned its spot on forums too.

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    So, as far as user feedback goes, we just have to wait and let time tell us about their actual nature. On the flip side, if you have anything to say about them, then feel free to share your thoughts with us by gracing us in the comment’s section below.

    Techobc Review Conclusion

    Techobc is a very controversial website, they do offer some fun features. However, given the risks involved and the lack of transparency, we strongly advise our readers to stay away from them. If you have encountered any other issues while using their service, then mention them down below and help others make an informed decision.

    Have you received any messages from Techobc? Do yourself a favor by ignoring the text and don’t forget to delete it ASAP. 

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